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Lexus RX 350 Rattles

jean53jean53 Posts: 1
I have an RX 350 with dashboard rattles that have only gotten worse after being "fixed." Does anyone else have this problem with the 350? Was it resolved to your satisfaction? Any helpful hints for when I take it in again?


  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Sorry, jean53, about the rattles. I've had no
    dashboard rattles in my '07 RX. I've had it since August of last year. I did have one rattle that turned out to be the map pocket on my passenger front door. It was opened out a little bit and after I closed it, the noise went away. Other than a loose bolt for the spare tire which the dealership tightened up, I haven't had any problems. Although, since I
    do have satellite radio, the radio is cranked up most of the time, so, who knows? I might just not be hearing any of it 'cause I'm enjoying my XM too much. :shades:
  • stephie1stephie1 Posts: 15
    I have a 1999 RX300 that has also mysteriously started rattling..first it was in the front near the dashboard...or maybe over the passenger wheel...I never can quite place the location. Anyway, now the whole vehicle is rattling and the engine light is on. There is definite vibration in the rear near the license plate area. Strange. Disturbing too.

    So, I am not too happy with Lexus right now...the car only has 50k miles on it and shouldn't be acting like this. I am afraid it is turning to junk very quickly. I was expecting it would last me another 75-100k miles with proper maintenance...but I think the quality isn't going to meet my expectations and I should unload it while I can!

    Also, initially when I got the vehicle, I had a problem with the lock in the tumbler sticking, apparently this is a problem with the lexus models...if you take it to the dealer to get the tumbler unstuck so you can turn your vehicle on, they charge you $1600 to replace the tumbler and make new keys and new locks on all the doors because it is all connected to a fail-start on the engine some how and is very specific and delicate. Well, I didn't want to pay $1600 for a defect that LEXUS should fix for free because it is a common fault with the models, so I was able to get a guy (a locksmith) who is contracted by Lexus to do it, to come out to my home and fix it for $150. So imagine the mark up from Lexus to its customers! And my insurance reimbursed me for the locksmith's fee.

    I do like the luxury feel of the Lexus though.... I contacted a dealer regarding getting a new RX350, asking if they could find me a new 2006 left and they were pretty rude and said they could not help me, that no more new 2006 RX 350s existed. IS this possible? What do you think?
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Stephie, I'm sure you meant the '07 RX350, right? The '06 would have been the RX330. I saw on another post somewhere (I believe it was "prices paid"), and the person who posted said that the dealership where they were looking at RX's had sold all of their '07 RX's.

    Not too shabby for a car that's nearing the end of its four-year cycle as far as sales of the RX goes.
  • stephie1stephie1 Posts: 15
    Opps, sorry, I ideally wanted to find 2006 RX if it was a 330 model only in 2006 that would have been fine.

    But I guess there aren't any 2006 models of the 330 on the lots anymore that are not preowned. In my post I forgot that it was a 330 in 2006 and not the 350.

    And I am having a hard time now finding just a 07 RX350 with the features I want also, so you are definitely right, they seem to be doing quite well in sales! This probably means they are not as willing to haggle as other manufacturers I'm thinking?
  • tleevtleev Posts: 2
    I have a 2005 RX330 with about 28,000 miles and mine has been rattling since very early on. I have rattles in the dash and in the hatch. They are very annoying and what I think unacepatable since it is a Lexus and it should be a solid vehicle. I have had them repaired on numerous occasions only to have them come back or to have never gone away. And, the last time it was in and they attempted to repair the dash rattle, the car ended up being in for about a week, since they messed up the entire electrical system. I like my car a lot, but am thankful I leased it instead of buying it, since I can't wait to give it back and get a car with out the annoying rattles.
  • Yeah, it's a shame that a car that is otherwise great in most other aspects can be plagued with these noise and rattle issues. I've been dealing with a rattle issue for a while now on my '07 RX350. I finally isolated pretty much where the noise was coming from. It seems that when the "60-part" portion of the rear bench seat is folded down, the rattling noise stops. So the next time I take it in, I'm going to bring this to the Lexus service department's attention. Right now, I'm driving with the seat down to avoid being annoyed!

    By the way, I don't know if anyone has experienced this on their RX or not, but just starting today, I've been having something weird going on with the power liftgate. It will open when I push the button on the dash, but no sooner do I get to the back of the car to get my things out of the back, the power door starts to beep and come back down. That's without me touching anything. At first I thought maybe I was accidentally touching the remote key, but I'm not, so I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden. Hopefully, someone out there may be familiar with what's going on here. Thanks.
  • jbl85jbl85 Posts: 49
    I have an 05 Rx330 and have gone through the ringer with my dealership on this issue. First I had the knocking above my head in the sunroof, then the Data Dot brackets in the engine compartment, then the hood needed adjusted (very easy to do - could have done it myself if someone just showed me), and the rattling in the hatch. The dashboard rattle was only when it was cold, and they fixed it by stuffing more insulation in between the windsheild and the point where the dashboard meets the glass. I still hear it sometimes (again only when it is cold out, say less than 30 degrees). All of the other irritants were fixed, although it was very frustrating during the process...the dealership is a 2 hour round trip for me and the service manager would not honor the salesman's commitment to come pick the vehicle up for service for me (don't even get me started).

    ANYWAY, with regard to the hatch noise...I think this is a real poor design on Lexus' part, but you need to buy some felt pads and put them in between where the cargo holder brackets meet the rear hatch, and the noise will go away. OR, if you are not using the cargo cover, just cock the brackets back manually so that they are not engaged, thus not making contact with the rear hatch. Hope this makes sense.

    Like I said, poor design...we have an 06 Prius with the cargo cover and it makes ZERO noises...much better design. Just my .02.

    JBL in Pittsburgh

    ...Happy Thanksgiving to all!
  • jdw48jdw48 Posts: 4
    On your RX330 you talked about the rattle above your hed in the sunroof. I have one on the left side of the sundroof along the edge. i just bought this a short time ago and it is driving me Crazy. What did you or the dealer do to fix it?
  • cecartercecarter Posts: 7
    I had a rattle in the back of my 06 RX330. It turned out to be the tonneau latches at the back of the slider rail. push them down to latch them and my rattles went away. I dont use the tonneau cover much. It is sitting on a garage shelf. The rattles drove me nuts on a long trip. I had my son drive me around until I located the rattles and fixed them on the spot. Now the car is quiet. No dash rattles at all.
    Good luck.
  • I got exactly same problem and its driving me nuts, did you find the solution for this ?
  • stephie1stephie1 Posts: 15
    I finally got an answer on what was causing my the rattling on my vehicle. It was the struts that were loose and needing to be replaced. (How they got that way, who knows..) The mechanic showed me that the struts were located on either side of the hood and controlled the bounce and quietness of the ride. It cost me about $500 to repair both (replacement), although I suspect that I probably only needed to have one replaced. Oh the joy of dealing with auto mechanics. :/
  • Hi, I was wandering if any of you are earing some cracking noise from your RX350. I've own mine since almost two years now and it's getting worst. I have some noise coming from the dash, not always. I had to remove the vinyl trunk cover, "SORRY don't know the english word for that one" it was making such noise and I still ear some noise coming from the cargo space. I've check all the part from the jack and nothing is loose. I'm not very happy with Lexus right now, my RX have just over 32000KM. I'm trying to imagine what is gonna be when I it 100 000KM...
  • The rattle seems to manifest itself at speed over 50mph. It sounds like it is coming from the left roof if you are driving the car. It is NOT over your head. The rattle you hear is a baffle under the car for one of the exhaust pipes. If your car is still under warranty, the dealer will put some insulation on the metal baffle at no charge. I thought it was the roof rack.. etc. This is a known rattle and an easy fix.
  • I have a certified 2007 RX 350, noise came from driver seat on steady highway speed at 60mph. I brought back to the dealer to have them found out. They said they could not duplicate the noise. The sound was so annoyed on the trip to Washington DC to see cherry blossom. May be this is the reason they should take a look. The noise never sounds on local street.
  • i purchased a 2012 rx350 awd , and it makes more noises inside the car ( dash - etc ) t, than my grandchild in the crib . i have a 2011 ls 460 that you can hear your eyes blink . for $ 50 k the lexus rx is a noise machine joke . it does not even have a spare tire on a full size rim ( has a doughnut ) , For another $ 20 k get an ls 460 which is $ 30 k cheaper than an s class mercedes , and better . the rx350 awd , built in canada is trash on wheels .
  • kwbuggykwbuggy Posts: 11
    I can't imagine that any changes over the summer have made the RX become noisy, mine (2011, 17,000km) was made in April and is as quiet as any car I've ever been in, including A6s, A8s and BMW 740/760s . I would suggest that you take it back to the dealer after emptying the glovebox and all the storage areas, including the one in the centre rear armrest. Having just visited the factory, I know that they test every one of them for rattles before they leave the plant.
    On the subject of spares, BMWs don't even have a spare, just super expensive run-flats.
    The LS460 is a great car but in totally different class than an entry level SUV like the RX. Everyone should take a weekend to test drive whatever vehicle they intend to buy to be certain that it meets their needs and has all the equipment they want.
  • mr buggy : i know you are canadian , as you quote your meter in kilometers . like a hockey game , you wish to defend your canadian junk plant for lexus meat wagons . ..... FACT IS ; I HAD A 2011 AND SHE WAS QUIET AS COULD BE EXPECTED BY A LEXUS . ONLY NOISE I HEARD WAS THE MICHELIN'S WHISKING FDOWN THE ROAD . THE 2012 IS A RATMOBILE TO THE N'TH DEGREE . i didn't ask for your suggestion , which you graciously volenteered to "take it back to the dealer" . I will reply to your suggestion , and reply : THE DEALER DID NOT BUILD THE CAR , THE CANADIANS DID . MORE THAN LIKELY THERE WAS A PART SHORTAGE , OR THE LINE MEN WERE STILL RECOVERING FROM THE NIGHT BEFORE'S HOCKEY GAME . my suecond suggestion is : KEEP YOUR 2011 , and DOM'T TRADE IT FOR A NEW ONE UNTIL LEXUS GET'S IT'S PARTS IN ORDER , GOES BACK TO BUILD THE MODEL IN JAPAN .
  • We had the same problem and I fixed it. The crossbars on the roof rack have some clearance inside the termination housings on either side. It will vibrate because of the wind at higher speeds. You can loosen the wingnuts on one side of the crossbar and slide the rack rail slider about 1/16" forwards or backwards to "wedge" the crossbar into the housing. The rattle will stop.
  • took the crossbars off completely . that eliminated wind noise ... the rattles are , in my opinion due to the engine and transmission mis communicating , and causing the vacume necessary for shifts to act like a tin lizzy . i did have a 2011 RX 350 , with zero problems . this one is a 2012 . I SOLD THE CAR BACK TO THE DEALER FOR AN $ 800 LOSS OF PRINCIPAL .
  • navionavio Posts: 8
    We just purchased an rx350 awd and have driven it 25 miles. At an idle position stopped at lights the engine sounds appear to be quite loud. Much louder than our 2006 outback at idle. Is this normal for this car? has anyone else experienced this? is it possible it is loud because it's new. I can't really describe the noise but we both were surprised at how loud compared to the Subaru. This is our first Lexus and we always heard they were quiet but this is not quiet, any comments would be appreciated. Thanks
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