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Lexus RX 350 Rattles



  • navio : lexus cars are normally unaudible ( quiet ). you said you drove 25 miles . if you have less than 200 miles , i would (myself) , take it back to the authorized lexus dealer and ask for another car . try not to sweat the color . a car that won't annoy you is worth more to the owner than color . for some reason , which i am not privy to know , the 2012 rx is either perfect , or a rat . the 2011's with few exceptions , were bulletproof ( trouble free ) . if you'r's is a 2012 , go ask for another one until you're happy . Lexus wants you to be happy . the car is NOT built in Japan .It is built on the canadian side of , above detroit . There are Lexus freaks like myself who feel some of the 2012's were built with parts shortages due to the earthquake . All the other lexus models , like es 350 , ls 460, etc. are real lexus cars ... built in japan . {the aforementioned is pure speculation on my part} we bought a 2011 and a 2012 e350 ( 2 cars ), both cars are similar but not the same . However both the 2011 and 2012 ES 350 are going to be known as "the best of the breed "
    the 2013 is going to change bigtime . the es 350 is a bargain . we can't tell it from our LS 460's .
    good luck trying to be happy with your dealer . more than 200 miles , they arenot going to swap you out .
  • navionavio Posts: 8
    Thanks Mitchellrowe, I just emailed the manager at the dealership. Have you ever dealt with Lexus of America?
  • do not know your dealer . we live in south new jersey . our dealer is lexus of cherry hill . ... sending an e mail will not do much , even if he/she reads it . meanwhile , you are putting miles on the rx 350 . the more miles , the less chance you have of an exchange . you also want to catch the motor vehicle work , so the vehicle is not titled . once it's titled to you or tmcc , it is a used car . a used car has diminished value compared to new . i forgot to ask yesterday : did you check to see if there is enough oil in the crankcase ? { check the oil } . the engine will run without damage because lexus uses a synthetic blend of motor oil . low oil level will show itself in a noisy engine . has the dealer shop foreman listened to the car ? have you listened to , and driven another 2012 rx 350 ?
  • I purchased a 2011 Lexus RX 350. It currently has 26,000 miles on it. Since purchasing the car I have had many of the rattle issues that have been reported on this site. I have spent literally hours trying to isolate the source of the rattles. I have tightened down the spare tire and placed insulation around it. I have taken out all of the PLASTIC compartments in the rear area and have put foam insulation tape - like you use around doors and windows - where all plastic edges meet. This remedied some of the rear noise. However, the cable that goes to the gas tank cover rattled inside the rear left side panel. The service department had to place heavy insulation inside the panel to stop the rattle. I have also had a very annoying rattle under the glove compartment. I can't resolve this rattle and neither has the service department. In addition, the PLASTIC cover under the glove compartment continues to come unsnapped. In fact, a screw fell out from under the compartment and landed in my floorboard three days ago. I have never had a car where a screw fell out on to the floor. All in all, considering all the rattles I have had to deal with, I think the RX has been one of the worst cars I have ever owned. I am wanting a new 2013 SUV. I will not be going back to a Lexus for an SUV. Let me just say, I am not bashing Lexus. I just purchased a new 2013 Lexus ES 350 after trading in our 2011 ES 350. There is no comparison between the two cars. The new 2013 rides and drives like a dream.
  • lexusunsatsfd : a question ...
    are you trading the rx 350 or breaking a lease _________________________
    -------------- if you have roof racks ( 2 long bars on a slider ) : REMOVE THEM
    -------------- use 93 octane ( premium fuel for 2 tanks ) ... ( some of the engines need higher octane to create enough vaccume on down strokes ) this lack of vacume causes engine vibration that you cannot feel , but the poorly assembled canadian - american plant feels at the joints . also thelack of enough vacume causes the xmission to shift late - which causes more subliminal shakes .
    does the rx350 drift left or right ... or vibrate in the seat or steering wheel at certain road speeds ? __________________________
    does the vehicle have bridgestone tires ? ________________
    please answer the 3 questions and remove the roof racks and run 93 octane !
    TO NOTE : THE RX HYBRID IS BUILT IN JAPAN ( not canada ) , AND HAS EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION DUE TO THE ELECTRIC MOTORS AND LI ION BATTERIES . ... the all wheel drive is not exactly smooth running as riding on glass like the 2 wheel drive of the es 350 you had and just bought .
    the rx 350's sold in states like florida are mostly front ( 2 wheel drive ) .
    i own ls460's with all wheel drive , and they run like butter spread on toast (smooth) ... even weight distribution (especially the "L") , and like your es350 built in japan by people who care .
    the mercedes suv's with awd run poorly also .
    awaiting your replies ...........
  • lexusunsatsfdlexusunsatsfd Posts: 2
    edited October 2012
    Will be trading in the RX 350. It's not a lease car. I had a 2013 RX 350 picked out that was still in Japan but decided I just didn't want to take the chance with another RX. We searched and searched for an RX 350 with a J in the Vin number, meaning it was made in Japan. We found only a few. They are now making most of the RX's in Canada. The sticker on the new RX's state that approximately 60% of the parts on the new 2013 RX are made in the US and/or Canada and they are assembled and painted in Canada. I think that is the major issue with the RX. I will never purchase another Japanese auto that is not make entirely in Japan. If I wanted an American made car, I'd go back to buying a Ford. By the way, I owned a Ford Explorer and it was a great auto. Since I am leaving Lexus and the RX, I might just try another Ford Explorer. At least if it rattles, I didn't pay an arm and a leg for it and expectations will be a lot less.

    I don't have roof racks. Don't feel any vibration from the engine. That has never been a problem. Also, the RX handles fine, no drifting. It does not have Bridgestone tires on it.
  • bob0121usbob0121us Posts: 1
    I just bought a Certified 2010 RX350, with 20K miles, and the noise coming from the back seat area was really annoying. I found after I raised the headrest on the middle seat, so it didn't touch the other seats, the noise was much better and almost gone. I can't believe for the amount I paid for this car that the back seats would rattle so much. The salesman said I wasn't used to an SUV and they make more noises than a car. The steering column was also broken and had to be replaced two weeks after I purchased it. So much for the certification process. And, I had a mechanic check out the vehicle before purchasing it as well. I'm glad I found this forum and realized it wasn't just my SUV. I bought it for reliability, so I hope it lasts a long time. My friend has one that's 12 years old and has 206,000 miles and is running great.
  • to lexusunsatsfd : here is a tidbit that should beat with the rhythym of your great happiness in the Canadian built rx 350's . LAST MONTH , LEXUS ANNOUNCED THEY WILL BE BUILDING A GREAT PERCENTAGE OF THEIR LUXURY TIN LIZZIES HERE IN THE STATES . ... really !
  • 100 k km ? you'll love it ! ... you'll have a motor home to pull it .
  • simple fix .... turn the rx around , and drive backward . the noice will be on the opposite side and you won't hear it . I know a guy who took out the back seat , and mick'd a porta potty in the center . now all hears is swish , swish . as far as odor goes , the smell of the real leather covers the sewage odor . besides , sewage does not rattle . his porta potty is warranted for 10 years , unlimited mileage . ok ... to empty the potty , there is a lever on the left ( driver side ) ... when you are atan lot or driveway of a guy you don't particularly like ... for example a sales mgr. or used car mgr. at your lexus dealer , pull the lever next to their car .
  • New message posted in Lexus RX 350 Rattles
    #34 Lease Mazda cx5 by dcfak Nov 14, 2013 (10:56 am)
    Whats the cheapest monthly lease I could expect to get on the 2014 Mazda cx5 touring model with moon roof Bose add on and tow package, no leather seats or navigation. Leasing 36 or 48 months with 1200 miles per month? Can this be done at $230 per month no money down in NC?
    Small World Mr. DcFak ; as I was talking to an owner / mgr. at lexus of cherry hill in mt laurel who drives a mazda cx 5. he told me the lease is probable , as he pays about the $ 230 / month for 36 months on his mazda . he finds it quieter than his rx . his lease though is for 18 k miles per year ( more than your 1200 miles a month ... to note : I believe leases are quoted as miles per year not per month ).... give him a call to check out your mazda deal .
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