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Infiniti G35x

patpat Posts: 10,421
Here's a place you can talk specifically about your G35x - or the one that you'd like to be yours! ;) Since the 07 G35x utilizes a unique combination of new engine, chassis and AWD, it seems like it deserves its own discussion.



  • ddnyddny Posts: 20
    Been driving my '07 G35x, it's pretty nice, feels/sounds like a race car, but...

    My question - what RPMs does yours run at at 60 or 70? For instance, mine runs 3,000RPMs @ 70mph, which to me seems preposterous, as if it's running in 3rd or 4th gear.

    I want to know if these all do this, or is my car broken?

    Thanks all!
  • My G35 6MT coupe is in the shop for a headlight recall and they gave me a brand new 2007 G35x loaner. What an improvement over the old G sedan! It is very nice. Just my quick two cents:

    The looks are so much better. Both in and out.

    The interior has really improved over the older model, but I am not sure if I like the styling any more.

    The ride seems much smoother. But that may just be the tires.

    The shift points on the auto were a little off for me, but I am sure the car adapts to the driver/conditions.

    Unfortunately, my right leg rubs on the bulging center console in all the wrong ways and I still cannot get the driver seat set "just right".

    Also, I think maybe the center console and dash may overwhelm the feeling of the interior. The car feels smaller.


    AWD, Leather, 300 horse v6, decent stereo, power everything, key fob/keyless ignition, and too much more to list... all at a great price point no one else can touch.

    Maybe when i get ready to trade in my Coupe next year the G35 sedan will be on my list of cars to test drive.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    I think he'd like to hear from other G35x owners as well. ;)
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    You mean other opinions count as well?
  • ddnyddny Posts: 20
    hehe. Yes, the msg was kind of moved to the "G35x" forum, the X being a separate beast from the Coupe/Sport, with its 306HP/AWD combo...

    Love the car of course, just wish it had a "granny" switch so I could actually get > 20mpg sometimes :)
  • dafinmandafinman Posts: 8
    These cars have the VQ35HR. Infiniti say's the HR stands for High Rev and High Responsiveness. This engine is low friction, high reving and smooth so driving at 70 at 3,000 RPM is effortless; we just aren't used to seeing those RPM's. What are the 6 MT's turning at 70?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • ddnyddny Posts: 20
    Yes, smooth is the word. My first inclination was to because it's so different drivetrain-wise from my quietly speedy Accord V6.

    After taking a few spins over the weekend, I now conclude that the problem exists in the driver's seat (me). The thing is just damn awesome, and sounds like a race car when properly wound out... :shades:
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    How about the downshifts? Coming into a turn at 60, drop it to second and the sound is AMAZING! then push it out of the turn and "swell" back to 7500 and it blows you away.

    This car's is an absolute thrill to drive, especially when you keep it in the sweet spot of 4500-7000 RPM.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    This car's is an absolute thrill to drive, especially when you keep it in the sweet spot of 4500-7000 RPM.

    Thanks, Mr. "my car's already broken in" :mad:
    I try to keep it below 4k, but I'll admit, I cheat sometimes. :blush:
  • nos684nos684 Posts: 4
    For all of you that already own a 35x, what was the pricing that you recieved on it...i currently am trying to haggle for 36 even w/o taxes, on a black on black, navi, prem and wood trim. Any pointers on how low I should try to go before i give in?...I am residing in the North Jersey area.
  • dafinmandafinman Posts: 8
    I'm in Oklahoma my dealer had a large stock of Sedans and the one I wanted on the lot. They knocked 1.5 K off the price but I also added $700 for the urethane film and had XM added so there was some fluff for them to work with. BTW, mine does not have Nav.

    I was looking for an X in Houston and they don't stock them because of the mild weather. The RWD stock was very low because they are in such demand so they were not dealing at all.
  • ddnyddny Posts: 20
    Yes, the tailpipe growl is awesome, more like a small 8 cyl. I'm a big chicken, so since mine's still only at 1200 miles, I'll wait until 3-4K miles before purposely redlining it :)
  • ddnyddny Posts: 20
    I did the lease thing, $359/(24)month @ 12k miles for , 3800 down, $25K residual, it was a national deal for the X w/sunroof+splashguards, wish I tried to swap the sunroof for the convenience pkg (nav/blutooth), only about $1K difference. The residual seems reasonable, for a car that keeps its value pretty well.
  • wes_888wes_888 Posts: 38
    Hey Guys -- is the G35x as tail happy as the RWD counterpart?

    I test drove the RWD and I easily had the tail come out on a sharp right turn.. but I dont recall being able to do that on the X version..or maybe I just didnt drive it hard enough..hmmm...

    I have yet to see that for myself when I get my G35x in 3 weeks time.. Im very excited!!
  • ripmasterripmaster Posts: 11
    Hi all,
    New to this forum but already have learned quite a bit so thank you!

    I got a new 07 G35x AT yesterday but have noticed something when hard accelerating: when the car is shifting from first to second, the dash lights up a "Wheel Slip" light and the engine cuts power momentarily, then resumes. Of course the roads have been perfectly dry....

    This has happened on the test car I drove, my car and my friend's car.

    This doesn't happen when I change the gears manually via the "manu-matic" shifter.

    I searched the forums but didn't seem to come across this exact same issue - anyone else experiencing this and/or know about it?

    Thanks and regards!

  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    VDC. (Vehicle Dynamic Control)

    Your car is sensing wheel slippage and it's cutting engine power to regain control.
    You can either calm down a little or turn the VDC off. There's a switch near your left knee.

    More importantly is is that you have a brand new G35 which is a day old and your already flooring it?
    Read the manual and the break-in schedule.

    There should be no hard acceleration or braking, and no holding RPMs for a long time in any one position, like highway driving for at least 1,200 miles.

    Calm down! Your G will thank you.
  • ripmasterripmaster Posts: 11
    Hi Scottm123,
    Thanks for the reply. Yup, I get that that the car is sensing slippage...but the fact is, there is none... it's my opinion this is a small problem with the G35X automatic I said, it's happened in 3 different cars, all on perfectly dry, debris-free roads. The problem does not happen when shifting gears manually (from first to second at least, I have not gone full throttle from second to third).

    On another note, please don't think that all I'm doing is driving with my right foot planted all the time :blush: ...I know the break-in guidelines for this car and have owned many other new cars as well, but I can tell you that a VERY infrequent full run from first to second will not harm the engine in any way.

    Matter of fact, it was the salesman himself who first noticed this "anomoly" when he drove a demo car off the lot and I was in the passenger seat and he was showing off the acceleration. My friend was on that test drive and when he got his own he noticed the exact same behavior...

    So anyway, back to the original intent of my post: do you think this could be a true quirk for these cars?

    Promise my G35X will be just fine too! ;)
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    There IS slippage.
    The reason you do not feel it is because the VDC is doing just what it was designed to do.
    You'll also notice it if you're doing about 30 in the right lane, floor it and change lanes. As the wheels are under that torque and hit the little painted lines in the road, the VDC will flash.
    The wheels are not full-on slipping because the VDC is doing what it's supposed to do.

    There is no quirk with the tranny.

    Turn your VDC off and test again.
    After 1,200 miles, of course. ;)
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