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Hyundai Tucson Transmission Problems



  • sierra22sierra22 Posts: 2
    edited November 2010
    I've had my Tucson for 5 months. At about 6000 miles the transmission locked up at 50 mph. It has since happened twice more. It feels like you hit something in the road, the vehicle lurches and there is a loud noise. Luckily nobody was hurt when this happened but I am afraid of this car now. It is currently having the transmission replaced!!! I can't believe that my transmission failed before my first oil change. Now I'm reading that several others have encountered the same problem. This is absolutely a safety issue and needs to be addressed by Hyundai with a recall. Also, I'm not sure if this is related or just another problem with the car but the indicator lights have stayed on for the duration of a trip twice and didn't go off until the vehicle was turned off and restarted. I don't recommend this car for those of you looking right now! :lemon:
  • We have a 2009 Tuscon and we had the transmission replaced at about 9000 miles. We are now at about 28,000 and the transmission is slipping again. Anyone else having transmission issues like this?
  • xmechxmech Posts: 90
    "Anyone else having transmission issues like this?"

    Nope. My wife's 2005 V6 has a little over 40k miles and no transmission problems. Only had a leaky oil pan early, and a leaking strut. Both repaired under warranty.
  • Read your owner's manual. My 2010 Sonata manual states specifically that the color of the fluid does not indicate the need for change. Furthermore, my manual also states that SPIII "Diamond" or other brands meeting the SPIII specification may be used. Changing your transmission fluid is one of the best things you can do to insure your transmission lasts the life of the car. Hyundai calls for 30K mile intervals under the severe schedule. Another word for severe is I'm taking care of my car!
  • Our 2006 4 cylinder 2.0 L Tuscon now with 92k miles has recently begun with a jerking/banging or hitting feeling while driving at low speeds. No leaks, no instrument lights flashing, no unusual noises.Vehicle still drives fine except for these intermittent hesitations. You can definitely feel this in the steering wheel and it seems to be coming from more up front of the SUV than in the back end. Would appreciate anyone's experience, suggestions.
    Thank you.
    Anthony G Smith
  • jme42jme42 Posts: 1
    We purchased a new Tucson in May of 2005. The transmission had to be replaced in July 2006 at 22688 miles. This replacement transmission failed in July 2008 with only 34112 miles on it in exactly the same way as the original. This third transmission is failing in exactly the same way after only 38800 miles.

    The transmission will either shudder or slam into gear. This only happens when the car has been coasting (no acceleration) for a distance and then even slight acceleration is applied. This can occur when you are going down a grade and then need to maintain the speed on a flat section or on an uphill grade.

    This will be the last new transmission I will get under the 100,000 mile warranty. This shows why Hyunadi replacement parts should carry the same warranty as the original part. These parts are after all new.

    Got any suggestions?
  • macysmacys Posts: 2
    I never, ever had a single issue with my 2005 Tuscon. Then, on October 23rd of 2010 I hit a deer and took a big hit to the front. The dealership and body shop made it look 'like it never even happened'. Then on February 25, 2011 I got hit by a semi (terrible, bad, snowy day) and the insurance company completely totaled it :sick:

    I'd get another one but now Hyundai's gettin' so big for their britches I can't even afford a new one off the lot. If I could I definitely would!

    MY personal review - GREAT car, NO problems at all. If you avoid deer and semi-trucks you'll be glad you bought one!
  • haroldwharoldw Posts: 8
    I also own a Tucson GLS, which I purchased new in January 2005.I have only 22,800 miles on it, and last week while coasting to a stop sign, it just died. After the second try I restarted it. The trouble light came on, and I drove it that day about 5 more miles without any problems, except the trouble light remained on.The next day when I started it up in the morning, the trouble light was off. I took it into my local Auto Zone, and they connected the checker and it showed a P0335 trouble code. The printout said the code related to the crankshaft position sensor condition, and gave these probable causes: Crank sensor defective; Check connector and wiring to sensor; and Check trigger wheel for damage.

    I do remember hitting a pothole shortly before the engine died.
    Auto Zone suggested that I disconnect the negative battery cable for about 2 or three minutes to reset the onboard computer, and get rid of the trouble code, which I did. I then had to reset all my radio station pre-sets.
    My local mechanic suggested I just drive it, and if the problem happens again, to have the sensor replaced. Hope this helps someone.
  • We have a Hyundai Tucson 2009 and our transmission went at about 8000 miles. We now have 35000 and we are hearing increasingly loud whining noises from what could be the trans. WHo else hears this? :sick:
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    edited June 2011
    Hyundai is known for Transmission problems. Just check out the Sante Fe Forum and listen to all the problems with the 2010-2011 models.
    Seems they try to correct them with updates to the vehicles computer.

    Lots a Luck.
  • buerkletucsonbuerkletucson Posts: 21
    edited June 2011
    So just how many vehicles is "known for transmission problems" or "listen to all the problems with 2010-2011 models"?

    A forum of a small group of owners (and many trolls) is hardly a gauge of how many problems there are with a model or manufacturer. One person posts an issue and it's blown into a catastrophe.
    Fact is it's a very small percentage of the total number of owners.
  • wizeonewizeone Posts: 5
    I have 8000+ miles on my 2010 tucson. It was just towed today to the dealership. The transmission locked up. Couldn't get it out of neutral. Service lights have been going on and off for a while (the skid and the steep grade lights) I scheduled a visit to take care of a recall for the reflector lights but roadside had to tow the car a day early as it wouldn't budge out of neutral so I couldn't even get the key out. The car had been 'racing' since i purchased it as if it was having trouble changing gears...then it self corrected. It would do this on and off. I reported the problem but they dismissed it as 'that's the way the cars are made'. I don't know how long it will take to replace or fix the transmission problem but after reading the other review where his car locked up going 50mph....i am not sure i ever want to drive this :lemon: again!
  • Quote 1
    "Service lights have been going on and off for a while (the skid and the steep grade lights)"
    Quote 2
    "The car had been 'racing' since i purchased it as if it was having trouble changing gears...then it self corrected. It would do this on and off..."

    Hummm..........seems like the owner is part of the problem here!
    You had these issues and you didn't take it to the dealer immediately and demand warranty work? Then your tranny locks up and you wonder why?

    I wouldn't accept the vehicle back from the dealer until these issues are fixed, period. If the dealer won't do anything contact Hyundai and take it to a different dealer.
    To continue to drive a new vehicle like that is ridiculous and something I just don't understand at all.

    Good luck on the repairs.
  • wizeonewizeone Posts: 5
    I did take it in to the dealer for the 'racing' issue on more than one occasion fyi. Was told that's the way the car is as they show no problem with the computer codes.

    Not an owner problem here. If issues are dismissed because it does not happen when it's in for service what can one do. If a light does not come on when they test drive it...then there's nothing to fix as far as they are concerned.

    I don't think anyone would not take advantage of warranty. No dummy here.
  • broilerbroiler Posts: 1
    i have this same problem and the dealer is unable to identify what is the cause have you been able to get the problem solved? my vehicle is a 2009 diesel 2 liter
  • chucko6chucko6 Posts: 81
    Must not be a major Tuscon issue since the last complaint was almost 6 months ago.
    You might want to check the problem with the Sante Fe's transmisson issues. They keep hoping to solve it with computer updates.
  • wizeonewizeone Posts: 5
    The issue was not the transmission. They replaced the brake switch as this is what the code showed. The gears are not stuck anymore. I hope it lasts. It was a relief know that it wasn't the transmission
  • sdivine7sdivine7 Posts: 1
    Has anyone other than me had their car transmission go 4 times in 5 years??? That's my story, the latest breakdown was June 25, 2011. I complained to Hyundai consumer affairs and was instructed to have it towed to a dealer for inspection ( which by the way he charged me for even though I already knew what the problem was). They had my car from 6/25 to 7/15 to finally tell me their was nothing they could do for me. I know the car has 100,300 miles but this to me is extreme circumstances. Plus now I am stuck with the cost of a rental for all this time.
    When I called consumer affairs to request a written explanation for why they would not offer assistance I was told it's not their policy to offer explanations in writing. When I asked the representative to tell me the reasons she said she was unfamiliar with the case and would leave a message for the case manager to get back to me, well that was two days ago and I have heard nothing. All this seems suspect to me.
  • ct6559ct6559 Posts: 2
    A small group of owners may not be a good "gauge". However, when it is "you", you'll feel differently. It is not a safe feeling to be going 70mph on the highway and suddenly your 2 mth old HYundai Tucson makes a loud bang with a big jolt. I read post #22 and my experience is identicle only my 2011 has 1,300 miles and is only 2 mths old. I knew something was wrong and immediately turned back to take it to the dealership and it's still there. They said they had to order a part for trans. that broke(some sensor for shifting). If this is an issue with other Tucson's why aren't they recalling the part. Let me say, that it is not a safe feeling to know that could happen again and could cause a wreck.
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