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Grand Cherokee CRD diesel



  • Update on my 2008.5 Grand Cherokee diesel Laredo, I have had it for 5 months now and around town it gets 20 U.S mpg or 24 Imp mpg, now has 3,420 miles on it 5,503 k/m absolutely no problems so far on the whole vehicle.
    Note to you guys/girls with 2007-08 diesel GCs the oil change schedule for 2008.5 models is 12,500 Miles (20,000 km) or 12 Months (Not to be exceeded!!) there is no service "A" or "B" schedule. engine computer monitors engine use and will notify you by the EVIC (dash computer read out) if you should change your oil sooner than above schedule.

    2008.5 GC Laredo diesel.
  • Thanks for your update. I have the 2007 2X4 Limited and the mileage is 18/22 with something like 8,000 miles on the odometer. Had a transmission leak and the dealer said that they have had problems with a plug in the tranny. Was repaired under warranty. Really have enjoyed the vehicle but the gas mileage should be much better for a diesel. As other have stated the Jeep needs one more gear. Still for a price of $19,999.00 it was the best vehicle for the money.
  • Mercedes is now using a 7 speed automatic with the 3L diesel, but we are stuck with the 5 speed Mercedes transmission, that 7 speed would have upped our fuel mileage. Also we have 3.73 ratio rear ends, a lower number there would have helped mileage to.
  • dan224dan224 Posts: 1
    I have a 08 diesel with a cooling system vibration. when the fan module kicks into
    high, it vibrates through the whole car. Dealer replaced the module, but it still
    shakes. Dealer says he can't do anything else as per chrysler. Car has 14000 miles. I really like the car. It's still under factory warranty. Any suggestions? Dan224
  • Good Evening:
    I'm looking for some assistance with the above codes. They are the result of the Electronic Throttle Control warning and check engine like coming on. I've been able to reproduce the codes and warnings with hard acceleration, but also with steady city cruising.
    I've reset the codes, numerous times, and also had the codes and check engine light reset themselves!
    I've run fuel dryer, and fuel conditioner twice, because i thought I picked up a tank of bad diesel, without results. Latest has been to replace the fuel filter. The codes apparently refer to high and low pressure at the solinoid on the fuel rail. Of course Chrysler won't just sell the solinoid and would prefer I spend $1000 for a new fuel rail.
    Has anyone run into this issue with the diesel?
    your assistance is appreciated.
  • coolridercoolrider Posts: 84
    Sold it back under lemon law.
  • We have also just got the Electronic Throttle warning light and then the check engine light came on. Just prior to this happening the engine RPM was surging slightly similar to a TPS sensor failure on a gas engine. We bought our 2008.5 Grand Cherokee diesel in April, 2009 and it now has 110,000 kms of highway driving on it.

    The dealer says the turbo failed and that there is a wiring harness that runs through the engine that has suffered water damage and shorted out.(Service writer may not have provided accurate description). the only water this JEEP has ever seen is from rainstorms. Anyway I am getting a little nervous. I bought the 5 year / 160,000 extended warranty. Looks like this would have been a big bill to swallow without warranty coverage.

    We also had a transmission solenoid replaced recently(about $800 if not on warranty) and a front axle shaft splined section was not fully seated in the front differential and it spun leaving my wife stranded. that was also close to a $1,000 repair had warranty not covered it.

    so I expect we will be somewhere in the $5,000 - $7,000 worth of warranty repairs in the last 8 months.

    Might have to get rid of it while the warranty still has 20-30 k left on it.
  • toad74toad74 Posts: 1
    I am in the same boat as you are fitzdicksn, I bought my 2008.5 back in May of 2009 (because of my escape being a POS), and just the other month the ETC warning light began to flash along with the check engine light as well.
    Difference in my situation was that the Chrysler said it was the fuel intake actuator, and wasn't covered under warranty and I also bought the extended warranty too, but no dice.
    After getting it "fixed" and a significantly lighter waller, 17 days after I got it back, it is starting to act up again! The ETC light has come on and off twice and the check engine light is now on. This is actually making me quite fustrated. I can't wait to hear what Chrysler is going to tell me on this one!
  • brevansbrevans Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    My turbo also failed recently. Mine was a 2008 Diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee

    The problem was originally linked to the Positive Crankcase Ventillation (PCV) valve being clogged. However, what was discovered was that it is more likely that the turbo failed due to over servicing of the oil during oil changes, which then destroyed the PCV valve and blew out the seals to the turbo.

    I've only had the vehicle serviced by Chrysler, but it's not a common car to work on. It is an easy mistake for a mechanic to over service a diesel engine, and if they do, it is worse than underservicing the engine! The engine oil will build up too much pressure and will blow out seals, not be allowed to cool properly, and will not lubricate your engine as designed.

    I always check my engine oil level now immediately after an oil change, even by an authorized Chrysler mechanic. Don't let them tell you that more is better. More is worse and less is bad. Insist on proper maintenance.
  • Well we finally dumped this vehicle. It had 134,500 kms with warranty to 160,000 over the next 2 years. We loved the fuel economy, the towing ability, off road ability was great but would have improved with a lift kit and it was confortable. But after huge warranty repairs on the swirl valve, turbo and wiring harness due to a minor oil leak we decided we could not take the risk of keeping it. A crate engine is about $35,000 for this thing.

    We concluded that the Mercedes engineers who designed the 3.0L CRD V-6 engine had consumed far too many Schnapps and Pilseners while designing this engine. There is just no excuse for some of the blunders they made when they put this one together.

    In addition to the other noted problems in my earlier post we also had to rebuild the rear differential at 120,000 kms. My Oil sampling program showed it was going at about 90,000 kms but of course they would do nothing until it actually did fail.

    That extended warranty I bought paid off in Spanish gold bullion. So now we stuff gasoline into a 2011 Ram Hemi truck.
  • winter2winter2 Posts: 1,796
    I own a 2005 Jeep Liberty CRD and put a K&N air filter on it at about 17K miles. The first thing I noticed was a significant decrease in turbo lag. Fuel economy did not change and the filter needed to be cleaned yearly.
  • 10speeddiesel10speeddiesel Posts: 1
    edited May 2012
    I have a 2007 Jeep grand cherokee diesel, 49.000 miles. The chrysler service center tells me I need to replace the turbo, that it is getting ready to fail. Thay showed me the intake side of the turbo and ask me to put my finger on the end of the shaft and try to move it. I did and the shaft did move slightly. Was told there should be no movement at all. Dont know! Other than that it all looked good. It is a $5,000.00 repair. Should it be replaced, the jeep runs good and no sounds.
  • Did they find the problem during servicing or was there a problem? What was the result? Do you have any idea why the turbo failed so early. I am considering buying a used CRD and wondering what issues I should be looking for.
    Any help would be appreciated,
  • Well its 2013 and my 07 GC CRD is doing great. Never been to the shop for anything. Everything still works which is saying a lot in Fla and the corrosive salt environment. All the trim still shines along with the paint. Fuel economy has paid for the diesel and then some. Can tow anything on wheels. Much better experience than my Liberty CRD, still miss it though. I was reading about turbo failures and that's scary, mine has no leaks so far. I have maintained its oil carefully with only the prescribed Mobile One Turbo Diesel Oil now at some Walmart thankfully. Never had an all wheel full time system before and have grown to appreciate this great feature in sand and ice/snow as well as wet oily highways. Once left an Escalade 4x4 at the bottom of a long snowy incline, it made me proud of my oil burner Jeep. Wish I had waited for an 08' with the fancier nav system but I will trade that for a trouble free vehicle anytime. Now here comes the 13' GC Diesel again by Fiat. I have never liked Fiat because of the X19 and overall cheap look of older Fiats. If Hyundai and Kia can change then maybe Fiat can too!
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