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Mitsubishi Lancer Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just wondering if any has any price quotes on a 08'
    lancer GTS with the sun and sound & Navigation
    and Technology packages. I'm actually a canadian
    who wants to buy one in the states cuz ours here
    sucks the big one. I don't need financing because I will be paying cash for it. I'm looking for either maine or michigan dealerships. :

    Thank you to anyone who can help me
  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    From what I am reading here, the ES and DE models can be had for right at invoice, but the GTS cannot, due to its popularity???

    I am looking at an ES that the dealer has stuck a rear spoiler on, and added side window deflectors. One of the things I have noticed is locally there are very few "unmolested" Lancers. All these dealers have added stuff to them.

    My dealer has 2 Lancer ES with leather interior - I had no idea leather was even an option.
  • All Lancer Models can be negotiated closer to invoice. I have spoken with several people where the sticker price for their 08 Lancer GTS was $22K, but the negotiated and got it down to the $17K range. It all depends on the local areas demand the what the dealer has in stock. If it is popular in the area you are buying and the dealer can only get its hands on 2, they won't be as willing to "wheel and deal". Opposite that, if the dealer constantly has 10 or more Lancers available and they are selling in that area, the dealer will be more willing to negotiate to move old inventory for new inventory, even if it is the same vehicle. It also shows well to Mitsubishi if the dealer can sell more cars than other Mitsubishi dealers in the area.

    As to Lancers that are bare stock at whatever trim level, the dealer purposely adds stuff as well as B.S. things like "Additional Rust inhibitors and Fabric sealants" to be able to justify a raised price. The thing to keep in mind is that dealers are trying to make as much money out of you as possible. Also, they have the ability to negotiate for cars with specific setups from other dealers in the state. The best way to get what you want is to know what you want, even if that is a trim level base bare from the factory, and request that one. If the dealer you go to doesn't have it or won't work to order from Mitsubishi or negotiate one from another dealer, take your business elsewhere. It is your money, don't compromise what you want.

    As for the leather option, it is NOT a standard option for any level of 08 lancer, however, many dealers have connections to local body shops and upholstery makers where can get customized leather seats installed. This is generally a bit of a pricey add on, again, that the dealer wants to put on there to be an incentive to a certain market of people where they can get away with charging more and not compromising on the sticker price as much.

    Hope this helped to answer your questions.

  • 1racefan1racefan Posts: 932
    The dealer has about 16 total on their lot. 2 have leather (both ES models). 1 is an ES with leather, but no sunroof. The other is an ES with leather, and a sunroof. They have several DE models, some with sunroofs and custom wheels. There isn't a single ES that hasn't been gussied up with something (either a rear spoiler, custom wheels, side deflectors, leather interior, etc...).

    I just thought it was odd to see a whole slew of ES Lnacers on their lot, and everyone has been modified to some extent.
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    You might find some aggressive pricing in the Boston MA area,
    if you wish to travel further south. Also, why not upstate NY? You share a common border there as well. Syracuse area,
    or Buffalo area. Go to the Mitsubishi USA website. I would suspect more aggressive pricing would be found towards Boston.
    More competition there.
  • I am just looking to buy the lancer gts something soon. Does anyone have any new buying experiences.
  • Picked up my first Mitsubishi and also - first NEW car [fifth car though] last night. Amazing experience. I was between the Lancer and a Scion but it was in the end easy to decide after reading raving reviews online and seeing close to NOTHING negative anyone (yet) had to say!!! First 5 hours so far, wonderful!

    Got to work 20 minutes early :P (was so excited to drive it, left too early!) Boss is happy I have more inspiration to get to work!!! Total cost after my trade-in w/ sun & sound (includ. tax, etc.) - $20k I am financing (+ worth it!!!!!!) - Located on Long Island, NY.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Posts: 5,675
    congratulations on your new '08 Lancer! I have stated on the net a few times before that this new body design on the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer is my favorite car body design ever, along with the '65 Ford Mustang (which was my first car).

    I have no complaints after 7,600 miles of driving and 5 months of ownership. An uplifting car to own and fun to drive.

    I love that menacing SabreCat front's awesome! :shades:

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • The wife and I went car shopping today and came home tonight with a brand new Tarmac (Black) GTS w/ NAV/TECH and SUN/SOUND packs. We absolutely love it! Saw it for the first time just 2 days ago...and couldn't stop thinking about it. We are going from a 2 car household down to 1 and this is the one...

    The Nav system is tremendous. Beats the heck out of the after market Pioneer Nav system that I had put in my truck. Much much better!

    You get a lot for your $$ w/ the Lancer...we have been looking at cars for the past several weeks and this one by far was #1 after we finally found it. We even went as far "high end" as an Audi A3 and still preferred the Lancer over it! Maybe we are crazy though...and I surely never thought I would own a Mistu vehicle myself...but so great!

    My only question is how do you get the free 6 months of Sirius? What if you are a current subscriber? I may just cancel my current account completely (instead of adding this one to it) and have my wife start up a new account. Any feedback?

    You can get these for below don't pay too much! This was in SoCal (Norco Mistu on I-15)...
  • I just called the toll-free number for Sirius that came with the paperwork. They'll activate it for you when you call them. We are now at the 6-month point where Sirius is trying to get us to sign up for good. $12.95/month and I don't think I will, we have so much good music on CD and the AM and FM work great on this Rockford Fosgate 650-watt stereo.

    Congrats on your new Lancer GTS for 2008, we love ours at the 7,665 mile mark! We got a '08 Rally Red w/CVT automatic and the Sun and Sound package. Sometime in September we'll go to the dealership for our 'Auto Butler' polish and protectant application. That comes free of charge with our deal. Beautiful new car from, you're not crazy! :D

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Thanks...activated and good to go now with Sirius.

    Almost (only) 400 mile son the Lancer and everything is going great. Getting lots of looks...just need the windows tinted and I should be set.
  • factory or the dealer did for us. Our windows are tinted really dark...seems like it shouldn't be legal it's so dark. But we're glad since the hot Arizona sun needs to be muted as much as possible. That seems like something the dealer would do...tinting like that. At any rate it's something we don't need to go have done...this car was ready with what we wanted and we were set right at the dealership at the get-go.

    Anyway, go get 'em'll be happier I know.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • Congratulations mbunting

    I am actually looking to buy the same car. would you please share with us how much was your deal?

  • My deal probably wasn't the best deal anyone out there got, but it was acceptable to me under my specific circumstances (lots of negative equity on my trade in / much of it subsidized by a large down payment)...I have heard on other Lancer discussion forums of people getting them for up to $1500 below invoice...but I cannot verify that could have just been someone fibbing...

    If you don't like to haggle...and aren't already a Costco member, just sign up for an Executive Membership ($100) - and use that to get a decent deal on the Lancer ($100 over invoice)...the dealership I bought from didn't even ask for my card (which I had brought with me just in case they did). You don't even have to keep your Costco membership after getting the car, they will give you a full refund on the price you paid for the questions asked.

    Also, check with your bank and see if they have any auto buying service, my bank (USAA) offers something very similair to Costco, at the same price ($100 over invoice for most dealers).

    All that being said, here is what my deal consisted of:

    2008 Mitsubishi Lanser GTS (Tarmac Black Pearl)
    w/ NAV & TECH
    w/ SUN & SOUND

    $100 over invoice (Costco Member) = $21438
    -$500 Rebate (Active Duty Military) = $20938

    So, $20938 + TTL + what was left from my negaitive equity trade-in :)

    As I mentioned earlier, I had alot of negative equity on my trade-in, a 2006 Nissan Armada, but I put down $9k in cash to make up for the majority of the negative equity amount.

    I also had trade-in quotes ranging from $18k to $23k for my Armada, and so I asked the dealer that ended up buying the Lancer from for $24k for the Artmada (and this was after I got the car for $20938). They countered with $23.5k (which I knew they would) for the Armada and I agreed to that with them being asked to give me my first 3 oil changes for free (I know - not much...but oh well) and they agreed. I was going to sell privately if I could, asking $25k, but the $23.5k was close enough to not have to deal with waiting 2-3 months to get something done. Plus, I wouldn't have to do the DMV paperwork and deal with potential buyers either - so...done deal, let's do it now!

    I'm so happy to be out of the Armada...GREAT truck...and I do miss the POWER...but again, I will not miss the $90 fillups a couple times a week...and that is completely worth it to me.

    BTW, got the windows tinted yesterday afternoon and what a difference. Car is even more beautiful now...
  • I knew you'd dig the tinting. Beautiful car this new Lancer GTS for 2008.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

  • j12j12 Posts: 6
    Can anyone tell me if paying $20,900 for a GTS with S&S,Nav & Tech packages is a good deal? I am dying to get this car they stated it is 500 under invoice. I know they are not going to lose any money but is it a good deal or not? Please help!!!!!
  • j12j12 Posts: 6
    Can anyone tell me if $20,900 is a good deal on a GTS with Nav and S&S package. I went to other dealers in Miami area and they will only go 500 under MSRP please help!!!!
  • That seems like a decent deal to me...I paid $20938 for mine just last week...that was using the Costco $100 over invoice program and also includes a $500 Military rebate.

    And did you mean $500 below INVOICE or MSRP?

    $500 below Invoice would be: $20838

    So, to me, $20900 seems decently good, just make sure that you don't let the finance guy tack on any bogus fees/charges
    and don't buy the extended warranty unless you really want it. And if you do buy that, don't just accept his first price quote....
  • For those that have gotten your windows tinted in your 08 Lancer...did you have any problems with it getting scratched after you rolled down/up your windows a couple of times?

    This morning, I noticed a tiny scratch or line on my tint that I did not notice after having it done. I need to investiage it further, but it looks like a scratch to me...very small though (at least right now)...

    I know I have heard of some vehicles needing to be lined w/ felt (the window area anyway) to stop tints from being scratched...could the Lancer be one of those that need this extra protection to safegaurd the tint?
  • but they're not enough to bother me.

    2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS

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