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Chevy Cavalier LS brakes



  • You may have to bench bleed your master cylinder since you replaced it. It should make no difference if weight is on the vehicle or not.
  • hams1hams1 Posts: 4
    when I press on the brake pedal a noise is coming from the read brakes, as if it was a bearing noise. The noise is only there when I apply the brake pedal hard enough to stop the car. it's a 2004 with 37,000 on it..Thanks Hams1
  • krsatcomkrsatcom Posts: 1
    edited February 2010
    I have a 94 Chevy cavalier and the brakes are acting up. This started about 3 months after replacing the rear pads. When you drive forward and tap the brakes the rear brakes lock up. It relly only seems that it is the driver side that is having the most problems. In the pedal I feel the pressure then a sensation of pressure release and the rear brakes lock up. If I ride the brakes for about 30 feet then I have no problems with the brakes till the cool off. The car has been inspected since and all the parts seem to be installed correctly.

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