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Kia Sedona Transmission Problems



  • I own a 2002 KIA Sedona. 170,000 miles.
    From a cold start sometimes the forward gears will not
    engage. It seems as if the linkage from the shifter lever is locked out from the transmission. When is dose engage everything runs fine and the transmission shifts as normal. I never know when it is going to happen. One
    day it will connect and run fine, the next it will not.
    No bangs, clangs or slippage just no connection. Reverse always works. I am scared to death of taking it to a transmishion shop when it could be a simple fix. HELP !
  • Is that the orginal trans.? 170,000 I wouldn't take it to a the shop either. Mine from new takes a second to shift from R to D. Sorry I can't help
  • fred121fred121 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I own a 2002 Sedona that is experiencing erratic transmission behavior. I believe that the problem is related to the "input" and "output" speed sensors which are mounted on the automatic transmission, under the air cleaner assembly.
    I have located them, (on the transmission) but I am unsure how to disconnect/separate the electrical connectors that lead to them. I don't want to break them by doing it the wrong way!
    Does anyone know how to separate them on this vehicle?
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • i own kia sedona 2007 auto ls problem is when kickdown is used it kicksdown but sticks in lower gear but will not gear back up also warning light on in car two check transmission
  • Hello,

    I have an automatic with 140,000 miles on it. This morning it was almost impossible to shift into any gear. It is so stiff it takes two hands to make the shift. Feels like I'm trying to shift through peanut butter. There was no indication of this problem prior to this morning.

    Any idea what this is all about?


    George Teachman
  • 1moggy11moggy1 Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    Hi there, I have a 2004 Kia Sedona 2.9 Manual. The gear lever as become floppy as though it as become detached. How can this be fixed? Thanks
  • I have the same problem. I feels like the cable is binding but that is not the cause. When disconnected from the control lever the shifter moves smoothly. Something inside the transmission is binding. Any resolution before I gather bushels of money and go 30 miles to the dreaded dealer?
  • In reply to my own posting. Harms Kia in Janesville told me They said there would be a $80 diagnostic charge. OK, go ahead. Then I learn the powertrain warranty covered only parts inside the transmission. OK. They would not cover any warranty because I did not change the transmission fluid at 30,000 miles. Gimmie a break, transmission fluid should be inspected at 30K but doesn't break down unless you do abusive towing. Their maint schedule is just a way to get people to return to the dealer and drop big bucks. They wanted $240 more to determine if the problem was inside or outside the transmission. I declined, thinking if the outside switch/lever is bad I can easily replace it myself. If internal, I would go to an independent shop that works on Mitusbishi transmissions.

    Well at least they sprayed WD-40 type stuff all around the shift lever on top of the transmission and several weeks later the stiffness is mostly gone. I'm not complaining about the dealer, just telling a story.

    Now the battery light came on and the alternator is not charging. More fun.
  • dennbo49dennbo49 Posts: 1
    2002 sedona with 130k suddenly won't go after loud pop when taking off from stop. No noises or vibration leaks or check engine light before. Now won't go into park. Transmission, axle cv joint or differential?
  • madukes13madukes13 Posts: 1
    My daughter (who is 6 months pregnant) and I were out in my Kia Sedona (2002). It was running just fine and nothing seemed to be wrong. All of a sudden it was like the transmission just wasn't working any more - like it was low on tranny fluid or something. I nursed it into a parking spot where I was going and went in to do what I needed to do. I came out about an hour later and hoping that the vehicle had cooled down and would work enough to get me home, I started the Kia and it starts just fine. I put it in gear and it really didn't want to move, but I got it going and went down the road about 2-3 blocks and the transmission just didn't do another thing. It coasted to the side of the road and that was all the further the transmission would pull the vehicle. AAA came and took us home and my husband thought it might have been a hose to the transmission that might have come loose, so he hooked it up and went to put more fluid in and it was full - didn't take even a half of a quart of fluid. Please, does anyone have any ideas? Someone mentioned a transmission sensor. Does this sound like that is the solution to my problem and if it is your opinion that it is, does anyone have the cost of such an animal. Thanks for your help.
  • gmc66gmc66 Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Kia Sedona LX, 85,000 miles. The transmission jerked while I was driving then the veh. wouldn't shift into gear. I took it to dealer. They ran the code and stated the Input sensor had to be replaced and was not covered under warranty because it is located outside of the transmission. I took it to a trustworthy transmission shop and they replaced the sensor. The vehicle drove fine and they did not experience what I had. I drove the vehicle home and it worked great for about 3 days. Then it happened again. I took it to another repair place since prior transmission shop where sensor was replaced was too far. He did not experience what I had and told me that it could be a wiring issue, but trying to find the exact problem with the wiring could be costly. It was working fine and I took it home without having him look at wiring. This issued happens on and off and I don't know why Kia would not cover this under the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty since it does affect the driveability of the vehicle, the transmission. I am trying to find if anyone has had this problem and if they fixed it, what the issue was. I can't afford to pay thousands for a diagnostic on wiring.
  • My 2002 was at 158000 and had been to a mechanic because the check engine light was on. it was cylanoid code and I was told to drive it and see what happens..bad stopped moving..nothing..had to get the transmission re-done because it burned up the trani..cost $2100..Wish I went to a mechanic who could give me better advice, found out later he did not work on automatic transmissions. there are several sensors and if one is not working it can possible cause other things to happen. My speed sensor was not working at 100% and it caused all of this..Good luck! It drives like new now!
  • our 2005 kia sedona did the same thing last week and has been at the shop since then. aamco has done all diagnostic work for free. we also replaced a sensor and had all wiring checked only to find out it was the main computer,we are now trying to find out if this will be covered under warranty. will try to keep you posted!
  • peteg527peteg527 Posts: 1
    I own a 2002 Kia sedona I just purchased, it ran great the first few days and then all of sudden it starts popping into 3rd gear and wont leave the gear unless I pull over put it in park turn the vehicle off and restart. It has been constantly doing this. Is there an easy way to fix this problem or am I going to have to spend thousands......
  • jcarrerajcarrera Posts: 2
    ignition coils
  • Need your HELP......I just experienced the same problem, what was the outcome on your tranny?
  • hi people can you help me out just bought a kia sedona 0n a 2004 plate.When driveing it there is noisy liks a grinding sort of niose while the car slow's down and once you press the break and put the clutch pedle in it stops. I have put on new breaks and disks yesterday, thinking that was the problem.So as i am not used to a kia i took it to them and they wernt sure but it gould be the gear box and told me to drop the oil and replace it. So two things 1st is has anybody had and solved this problem, and can anybody tell me what type of gear box oil should i put in it and there is a product you can buy that like moly slip can anbody help me. I am new to this site i normaly go for ford's
  • hi people can you help me out just bought a kia sedona 0n a 2004 plate. When driving it there is noisy likes a grinding sort of noise while the car slow's down and once you press the break and put the clutch pedal in it stops. I have put on new breaks and disks yesterday, thinking that was the problem. So as i am not used to a kia i took it to them and they went sure but it could be the gear box and told me to drop the oil and replace it. So two things 1st is has anybody had and solved this problem, and can anybody tell me what type of gear box oil should i put in it and there is a product you can buy that like moly slip can anybody help me. I am new to this site i normal go for ford's
  • I have a 2007 Kia Sedona and had a similar problem that I'm not 100% sure was fixed. On our first long drive after buying it used with about 48k miles, after about 1 hour driving on a freeway with some incline up, it felt like the transmission was slipping. At times it was serious enough that we had to pull over to the side because we slowed down so much, usually on a hill. It also seemed to go away after "resting" for an hour or so, and then the problem would return. Eventually things got so bad that the van "gave out" in an intersection immediately after exiting the freeway and an engine light came on. We managed to coax the van out of the intersection, not until after the light had turned red and cars were swerving around us. We then pulled over and kept the engine running and heard a klunk as we stopped and put it in park. We managed to limp home that evening (a Sunday with shops closed).

    The dealer said the problem was a cracked fuel vacuum tube or something like that.

    However, after it has been fixed, the van feels like 1) there is a lot of engine or transmission drag (my main motivation for being on this site), 2) seems to get poor gas mileage (need to verify with measurements) and 3) sometimes seems to slip or be sluggish when putting the foot on the gas at low speeds.

    I'm just starting my research on this, but wanted to get this down "on the record" for what it might be worth to others.
  • hi i have booked my car in to my local garage to change the gear box oil as my long term frend surgest that it my be gear box oil could be low or none as my car is a manel i post my finding tomrrow kia surgested the gear box noise droping oil to see if there is any filing in it if so i have to change my gear box.
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