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Hyundai Santa Fe Keys and Locks



  • bannodbannod Posts: 24
    It only re-locks the door if you haven't opened it.
  • js06gvjs06gv Frisco, TXPosts: 178
    Correct. I believe they lock if you haven't opened any door within 20 seconds of unlocking with the remote. Once you open a door, the feature is cancelled so there would be no risk of locking the keys in the car because of it. Strange that this is the second vehicle in a row I've owned that did this (other was a Suzuki Grand Vitara) but I've yet to come across another with this feature.

    2014 Kia Optima SX Turbo, 2013 Ford F-150 King Ranch, 2011 Ford Mustang GT, 2000 Pontiac Trans Am WS6

  • enrico202enrico202 Posts: 5
    My 2003 VW GTI works the same way. Doors lock after 20 seconds if you do not open any door.
    Haven't tried it on my 2007 Santa Fe SE yet.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Same with my 2007 Santa Fe.
  • bnberniebnbernie Posts: 20
    Thanks to this forum I found out about the auto door locks when the SUV gets to 15 mph. Its called "Rolling Lock" The dealer turned it on, And it works Great.


  • fred63fred63 Posts: 23
    I want to know the options you have with the auto door locks. What I mean is Can the locks be programmed to lock when you put the car in drive and unlock when you put it in park? Can they be programmed to lock and unlock when the ignition is turned on and off? I need a list of options for this because no one seems to know. I have called Hyundai customer service with no results and have called two dealerships and no one seems to know. I want them to lock and unlock with the ignition or the drive and park positions. Can anyone please help? Thanks, Fred.
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Posts: 88
    See TSB 06-90-022 on -- "Options for the auto lock feature include 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 kph (13, 16, 19, 22, 25 mph). There is no auto unlock feature."
  • fred63fred63 Posts: 23
    Thank you for your reply but there is a guy on another forum that his locks when he starts the car and unlocks when he shuts it off.
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Posts: 88
    When you say other forum, do you mean a forum for another car? I know other cars have that or similar features (my daughter's Pontiac Grand Am, for example, locks when you shift into drive and unlocks when you shut it off), but I don't think the Santa Fe has any similar option. Personally, I like the fact that the doors stay locked when you shut the engine off.
  • bnberniebnbernie Posts: 20
    I asked my dealer the same type of question, and was told the 15mph rolling lock was the only feature available.

  • pelican19pelican19 Posts: 323
    My Limited 07 AWD is set to 5 mph. ( First Generation 07 ). My wife's 07 is set to 15 mph ( Second Generation 07 ). Not sure why the option for lower speeds was removed in later production runs...
  • 93fd0793fd07 Posts: 2
    When Unlocking the doors with the remote, the driver door unlocks with the first press of the button and the other doors unlock at the second press of the button within 4 seconds.

    Question: Is there a way to reprogram to have all doors unlock at first press of the button?

    08 SantaFe Limited
  • drwoodrdrwoodr Posts: 88
    I don't know if this is possible, but I think the reason it works the way it does is for safety. Depending upon where you are parked, you may want to unlock only the driver door. Unlocking all doors could allow someone to get into your car from the passenger side.
  • How do you reset remote door locks?
  • slateblueslateblue Posts: 110
    Your dealer will have to do that for you.
  • I have had a 2008 Santa Fe crdi for 3 months and I miss the "beep" when locking the doors remotely. Is there a way to add a beep to the locking mechanism. Could I fit a 12 volt beeper of some sort across the door locking line. Its so handy to be able to lock without looking - not to mention finding a vehicle in a car park when you cant remember where you left it!! Help please from New Zealand
  • My 2007 Santa Fe beeps if I push the lock button a second time, perhaps 2008 or others built outside of the USA are different. Talk to your dealer if that does not work.
  • On the Remote, first press to lock should flash the blinkers, second press should sound the horn. If this is not happening, dealer will have to check operation/program of locks.

    If you mean the "beep" of the type of after sales locking devices instead of the horn sounding, then that's a different matter. Probably means a re-fit at your expense.
  • AugAug Posts: 2
    my keyless remote will not lock the doors. I have 2 remotes and it will not work with either. If I lock the doors manualy. and press the remote unlock the lights flash, but the doors stay locked. I can hear a clicking, like a relay sound under the dash. when I press lock I do not hear anything. Is my prob a relay under the dash, and how is it accessed. tks for any help
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