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The Future of Volkswagen in the U.S.



  • andys120andys120 Loudon NHPosts: 16,385
    oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, DIESELS will be back at VW when the Jetta wagon arrives, and that's a 50-state diesel making 140 hp apparently.

    Now they're speaking my language! :shades:
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,730
    even as much as I like the diesel idea knowing that VWs spend so much time in the shop will keep me away. And I will be needing another car by then. VW simply isn't a car for people who aren't interested in knowing the service manager by their first name. Like one other poster mentioned they reminded them of Lucas electrics.

    I will admit they are often good looking machines and they seem to handle pretty well. But what good does that do you sitting on a flat bed or waiting in the shop for parts. VW has got to be happy that Land Rover and Kia make vehicles so they aren't all alone on the bottom of the JD Powers list anymore. In another twenty years maybe they will catch Hyundia.
  • harrycheztharrychezt Posts: 405
    2010 VW Beetle hatch(sporty looking car)....
    I'd seriously consider a VW(as long as it is not 20K+ msrp, that is).

    Only sketches, etc... still, very intriguing.
    take care/not offense.
  • harrycheztharrychezt Posts: 405 -
    Not as far down the chart as they used to be, Kia.
    This was from 2006.
    I know, JD Powers...
    Still, some people like to see charts ;)
    take care/not offense.
  • drfilldrfill Posts: 2,484
    Give America what it expects out of them, fun, sub-$30k vehicles, with an alternative German style.

    Scirocco needs to come back with V6 for around $24k.

    Touraeg needs to be brought back to reality, get bigger, yet lighter, and stay between $25k and $35k.

    Passat is getting too expensive as well. It should compete directly with Camry V6, and not exceed the low 30's.

    Imagine a cap at $35k, then build cars that will fit under that cap, without seeming decontented.

    Improve quality, if they have to leave Mexico to do it, so be it.

    I know there is a currency problem, all the more reason to trim their lineups so their customers don't have to pay for those issues.

    Just some ideas off the top of my head. :blush:

  • texasestexases Posts: 5,424
    Here are two good discussions from a mechanic on VW's design issues:
    article 1
    Article 2

    PS - I wish VW was better, I owned a '79 Scirocco and '83 GTI for 15 years total, great cars, no problems.
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,730
    I have often considered the IQS studies to be interesting but I prefer the three year reports myself. IQS is a bit like looking at a car on the lot. Absolutely nothing looked better than a old Jag on the Lot but as far as quality goes? VW and Kia are in the same quality boat and unless you plan on getting a new one every two years you will have to deal with VW service sooner or later. And that experience will keep me away for a very long time.
  • harrycheztharrychezt Posts: 405
    well, I have a Sonata, 04, 42K miles, nearly 3 years old. it's running. It does the job that was advertised: get me from point a to b, without any major issues.

    Spouse's Scion(a Toyota)... tC, 05, 33months old, 80K miles. At 74K, the thermostat died... 200 dollars to be replaced,at Scion.
    2 weeks later( about end of March this year) at 75K....
    throttle body got stuck closed, and needed repairs. if not for our long term warranty we purchased... we would have paid around 1,100 dollars(on top of the 200...1,300 dollars, at around 75K miles).

    Still like the car, but... it's a Toyota built car,thus
    , it should never break ;)

    To be honest, without sounding like a jerk: I believe what I can see daily... either what I owned, or my neighbors own, or whatever.
    If I see them driving their car every day, 5 years in a row, never towed in, gone for week.../o explanation ...etc...
    I figure it must be a decent car.
    Like me, turn the key, Sonata goes.
    Been going 3 years nearly, 42K+ miles.
    I expect it to keep going another 3 years, 42K+ miles, w/o any major issues(no problems with the engine, electrical, tranny, wheel bearings, axles , etc).

    My 99 ran almost to 120K, and engine was fine, as was tranny.
    It had issues... but it ran, daily. 5 years.
    24K miles per year.

    I saw a old rio( before the new one came out in late 05?).... guy has had it 3 years.. owner's name is Dean(first name)... 56 years old(the guy, not the car,lol).
    Anyhow, he used to live by us(3years, his car is an 04, iirc)...and for 3years straight, he drove his 80
    miles a day, to work,..20K per year ...and he had 67K on it when he left last Summer, moved closer to work).

    He had no issues. Car did not sound loud, like muffler fell off, no smoke of any kind coming from the tail pipe,no rust, nothing.. He put the key in, started up every time, and off he went.
    It may not be everyone's "cup of tea"... but it worked for Dean.
    That's only 1 car I can verify, daily, with my own eyes, for over 3 years( 3 years, 47 days),
    and my cars.. yeah... 3 years, 5 years(99 sonata), etc..
    I can verify Nissan 200sx(97) or 90 Nissan Sentra xe, 3 speed automatic,87 Spectrum, 77 Camaro....

    Surveys mean little to me, to be honest.
    I want to See, Hear the thing, daily, like my neighbors car, my car, etc.. even in-laws vehicles.. they say what is wrong or not.
    I can see, drive, etc, the cars after 3 years.
    Survey may say junk... reality may be different.

    I dunno.
    Some say Toyota had sludged up engines ...and Toyota is taking care of any issues now.
    Our tC engine did not sludge up, but it seized(throttle body) up.
    Yet, survey says Toyota #1 quality, forever ;)
    My Sonata might have engine issues too at 75K. I can't say. My 99 did not.
    To each their own,ya know?
    take care/not offense.
  • fezofezo Posts: 9,195
    What's it made of? Plutonium?

    I would not be surprised if VW got me to nibble again. I've held out for 27 years now PR (post Rabbit).

    It's a shame they don't get it on reliability because their cars are a ball to drive.
  • harrycheztharrychezt Posts: 405
    well, the spouse was on her way to work, and the car was acting up. She had to call off of work , and swing by Scion... to get the 20 dollar thermostat replaced.
    180+ for service, 20 for part, plus taxes... over 213 dollars.
    Another negative for owning a Toyota is their high service costs!
    They recommend , *every 5 thousand miles, to rotate your tires and oil change= 49.95 plus taxes!
    *I don't think so.

    Like I said: 33 for oil change at Toyota, Hyundai is 21+, or about 12 dollars difference.
    Sometimes $19 or $16 at Hyundai, if there's a special.

    Best for Toyota? Around 30 dollars ,with taxes, for oil change.
    VW... what shocked me, we test drove the Rabbit with automatic last July.... 20K, fairly loaded, and not even a sunroof added to the bill! It was decent 0-60 times, maybe 9 seconds or less.
    Handling was ok. But, spouse and I both thought the gas/brake pedals were too close. I hit the gas, when I meant to hit the brake, and so did she,(in a empty parking lot, of course,where we were checking out turning radius, etc).
    15-17K? Maybe. 20K? No Thanks.

    take care. not offense.
  • fezofezo Posts: 9,195
    Years ago I remember replacing a thermostat on a Saab. It stays in my memory because Saabs were quirky to work on before everyone got taht way. First experience with not be able to name things under the hood. "It over there by the thing that looks like a one pound coffee can painted black."

    Anyway, total cost of repair $10. Buy thermostat at auto parts store, drop it in and tighten. You might like doing taht when the engine is cool...

    I'm not sure if I know where the thermostats are in my cars. That's scary.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    They are not easy to find anymore. Theromostats I mean.
  • fezofezo Posts: 9,195
    Yeah, and they used to be the easiest thing in the world.

    Must have gone the way of the visible oil filter.
  • british_roverbritish_rover Posts: 8,476
    I ran a service shop for about six years, I worked there for a total of eight years, that got well over half its revenue from oil changes.

    Just in that short time span the evolution, I might say devolution, of the oil filter shocked me. We have gone back to cannister filters... :mad:

    You can't find anything anymore and the housing the filter is surrounded by is made of plastic in many cars. It is so easy to round off the plastic housing on the cars even if you are using the right special tool. All you have to do is have the tool missaligned slightly to screw it up.
  • boaz47boaz47 Posts: 2,730
    I understand what you are saying. All of the surveys I ever read told me not to get a Ram Charger in 89 but that turned out to be one of the best trucks I have ever owned. Yes I took it off road and used it to tow a boat and for 11 years it did that without fail. Still the Dependability surveys can be used as a tool to help someone when their choices get down to two or three. Kia and VW have been at the bottom of the JD powers list for a very long time. VW is also known for poor parts and service so if you have a car that has been down in dependability for as long as VW it takes a great leap of faith to ignore the odds. However I agree almost all cars have gotten better so it is a comparative thing. Still, VW sales and service have had a bad reputation for some reason?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,946
    It depends on which JD Powers survey you look at, but Kia has been right up there with Toyota in the initial quality survey in recent years.

    My sister had a problematic 2000 VW New Beetle that finally started running ok after 100,000 miles. VW of America must have talked to her dealer, because their service improved about 180 degrees about three years ago. It was almost enough to convince her to take a flyer on a 2005 or 2006 Passat.

    Almost, but not quite - she wound up with a Subaru for now.
  • fezofezo Posts: 9,195
    If you're not going for a Passat a Legacy isn't a bad alternative. They drive more German than Japanese. A lot of fun. I'd own one now but bet wring on how much my kids would grow.

    The Legacy isn't as big. I figured they'd top out about my height but they are around 5'1". Who knew?
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,946
    Guess I should have mentioned she wound up with a Forester.

    "Just like mine."

    Then I had to tell her that mine was an Outback. :P
  • fezofezo Posts: 9,195
    Well, she was close anyway..... ;)
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,669
    VW takes it to a whole new level, which is what turns me off. Not only do they have lots of problems, but sometimes even AT THE DEALER, even UNDER WARRANTY, your car cannot be repaired! That was the case at first for all those poor folks with failing ignition coils a few years ago, for instance. Can you imagine being without your car for six weeks or more waiting on a fix, then waiting on the parts pipeline to fill up?? It blows my mind that people will put up with that, regardless of how great the car itself is.

    Needing lots of warranty service is one thing, having unserviceable problems is quite another.

    2013 Civic SI, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (stick)

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