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Acura TL 2009



  • I saw those numbers too. What I read implied that the sales of the TL increase was because of the 09 but I think it's all the dealers dumping the 08s on sale. I have only seen one 09 on the road so far and that was a dealer demo with the dealer's name on the windshield.
  • lax29lax29 Posts: 42
    It should be interesting to see what happens in the months to come when all the 08 are gone.

    Not knocking the 09. Still interested in one, just want to see them come down in price.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    I have yet to see one '09 TL on the road, not even a demo. I've even seen a couple of '09 RL's, which is saying something since we all know how popular the RL has been. :sick:
  • First the base TL w/ tech package is under $40k and a fully loaded ES350 MSRP is well over 40k. The TL is much sportier than the ES350 hands down. The TL corners nicely and the steering wheel has a nice feel. Both cars have nice interiors just different, The ES has the wood while the TL has alum. I'm getting 20 mpg in city driving the same as in the ES. The exterior of the ES is nice looking just a little plain IMO and the TL is not plain. The TL also has a back up camera and hard disk drive that can rip music from your cd's so you don't have to lug cd's around and the 440 w sound system sounds great. And finally 90% of the people I see driving the ES350 are little old men and women and while I know one day I will be one of them, I'm not there yet. :)
  • lax29lax29 Posts: 42
    What was your opinion on the 08 TL or was that not even an option for you? I have the 04 TL and do not really see any reason to do the same generation again.

    I am also looking at the 09 TL. Nice breakdown of the 2 cars. Thanks
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The '08 does have some nice features not available on the '04 --- fully automatic headlights, tire pressure monitoring, updated Nav, rear-view camera to name a few. IMO, there may be some justification to upgrading to the Type S, but I know what you mean about ponying up the extra cash to get essentially the same car, albeit a newer version.

    On the other hand, if you like the model enough to deem it a "keeper", you may want to get the best version. I had bought the first version of the CR-V when it came out in 1997. And I still lament the fact that I didn't upgrade to the 1999-2001 version after they tweaked it with more power, etc., because if I had, I liked the vehicle enough that I probably would have hung on to it and passed it down to my kids, and/or as a foul-weather runabout.
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Thanks Bishop4,
  • Bishop4, did u look at the G35 or G37? That to me is the closest competition.
  • I have had an 05 TL since November 04 and love it. I am in he process of getting rid of it and talked to Acura about the 09s. They were trying to get me into an 08 TL because of the discounts but, like you, the idea of driving the same car for another 3 years didn't excite me.

    What i did find was that the 08 was much improved from 05. Quieter and smoother being the biggest differences. So I wouldn't be driving the same car as i had been.

    I drove the 09 and that improvement was even more noticeable over the 08 and it feels like i am driving a completely new car.

    We'll see if the numbers work out when it comes time to pull the trigger. BWM is giving 08s away at great rates although I liked the TL better.
  • I used to own an '04 G35x and while it was a great handling car it rattled like crazy and the dealer could never fix it. I know the new G37 is a different car but I didn't want to chance it. IMO you take the handling of the G and put it with the quality of the ES350 interior and wrap it in a fresh exterior and you get the TL.
  • Hello:
    I have been driving my '09 TL with Tech package for a week. Trade up from an '07. I have to say it is really an awesome and awe-inspiring car. Yes, it's all techno-geeked up, but that's one of the things I really like about it. Second, the Ipod connection is the best in class, period. It really rocks through the 10 speaker 440W system - though fresh ripped CDs right to the hard are at a level of incredible crystal clarity. Third, my car is my mobile office and the cell phone blue tooth telephony system is heaven sent. No more squinting at my Blackberry trying to voice dial a number in bumper traffic going 75! Scrolling through address book so fast, that it makes voice dialing ala the '07 TL feel positively ancient.

    I like that Acura softened up the ride, quieted the cabin somewhat, and switched tires. I only have 750 miles on it and I am already getting 27.5 mpg on the highway and 20+ around town.

    Wishes: 1) Power rear sunshade and manual sides shades (Acura's pretty dumb to hold these back on a $40K vehicle.) 2) Heated & Cooled Ventilated Seats - at least for the front. Acura are you listing?
  • sweendogysweendogy Posts: 1,108
    congrats on the new TL --and your mpgs are terriffic.. I agree with you on the wishes for this car but let me add a couple more-- rear bias (instead of fwd), better weight distribution (rear bias would help), and the most important thing bring back the old front end -or change it quickly --car not flattering from the front.
  • I agree with you. Not only is it a great car, but its functionality is second to none.

    There is no other luxury car out there that is intriguing as the all new TL.

    For sweendogy, I will do my best to take a picture for you of a 2009 TL with a color-matched grille.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Well, thank you so very much for that completely unbiased endorsement. I'm completely sold on the TL now. Send me your business card so I can put my order for 6, mrsalesman. :sick:
  • Just took deliverie of my 2009 Acura TL Tech in Silver!

    Purchased from Acura of Thousand Oaks in Southern California.

    Did my internet emailing and found them willing to work out a price even thou they would not do it via email I talked to there General Sales Manager JC and he met my numbers.

    I paid 36500.00 plus tax ttl and doc.

    I got the pro pack and emergency kit thrown in for that.

    They are a new dealer and looking to build a client base (at least thats what he said)

    They were easy to do business with and no games to be played.

    I would recomment to friends or family.

  • Thought I had narrowed down to the new 09 Audi A-4 Quattro 2.0 and the 09 TL. Had loved my friends 07 TL both exterior style and interior. Had read Car & Driver raving about the TL as long as you could get past the exterior styling, but thought no they are wrong. Oh my god, when I saw the TL in person I thought, I could not do this for $10grand off sticker. I know looks are subjective, but I went to two Acura dealers today (on Sunday, in Colorado they have to be closed), one dealer must have had 30 new '09 TL's sitting there and only 4 or 5 TSX's. Sorry, but I really believe this new TL is a mistake for Acura.
    Now am between the TSX and the Audi. Love the looks of the TSX, will drive one nest week.
  • To each his own, but I have to say the 09 Audi A4 in person does not look as good as the photos. Outside of the LED eyeliners it's a bit pedestrian as well. I think all auto sales are screeching to halt due to the economy, so it's a bit of bad timing for the 09 TL to debut now....but hopefully that will translate into good deals for those of us who don't mind the exterior.

    Personally, I'm still debating whether the darkers colors (blue, grigio, gray) is a better fit for the grille vs the silver.
  • rnmomrnmom Posts: 32
    My husband and I have a 05 Tl and we went to see the 09. The lease on the 05 is up in Febuary My husband loved the car, he didnt drive yet. Loved that it had a great grill very different then most cars on the road. THe dealer di saw we should wait until Feburary we should get a better lease then. The lease was 3500 down and 36 months 419 a month. WE may look at the new Mazada 6
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    The lighter colors are a better fit for the grill, because the darker colors accentuates the grill, which is the ugliest part of the car. But that aside, Polished Metal with the Taupe interior, for me, is the most attractive combination.
  • lax29lax29 Posts: 42
    Now that's a reasonable price. I had a dealer ask me to make a reasonable offer on a 09 TL TECH and that is the exact price I offered. If they said yes I was going to buy it. But they came back somewhere around 37,600. Going to wait and see. I still get emails from them asking if I had reconsidered. In Maryland, so no chance of going to your dealer.
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