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Acura TL 2009



  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    The size of the TL gives people who would like a car with room to carry 4 full sized adults comfortably an opportunity to have a premium, high performance car at a reasonable price without having to apologize to their rear seat passengers.
    My garages stored all of the things mentioned plus much more, including a full workshop, and my cars were always parked inside. These included full size Blazer, Chevys and at one time my Father in law's 1978 Caddy. I always could get around the cars and stay clean.
  • Could'nt agree with you more in regards to fitting a family of four.
    My daughter has claimed the center backseat has her own beacuse she hooks her IPOD and gets to see the information on the NAV screen.My sons interest is the back up camera voice commands.
    MAN this car is sweet.
  • Well, I guess you're blessed with a big garage. Most of us that live in the city are not.
  • Yeah, well, I still say they could've held the exterior dimensions in check without sacrificing too much interior space. Besides, I never heard too many owners of the previous generation TL apologizing to their rear seat passengers. If you have a family of 4 and 2 of them are kids, there are tons of smaller sedans that could accommodate you. And if you really wanted a rec room on wheels, then maybe a minivan is what you need. Acura made the TL big perhaps for visual presence, or maybe as part of their plan to American-sized their lineup, but they didn't do it for interior space.
  • The car is just as big as the RL, E350, Lexus GS 350 and 535- why aren't you complaining about the size of those cars.Acura stated a few months back in a news release that they are moving the TL up to the RL size and the TSX to the previous generation TL size.The RL will be competing with larger sedan when the next generation hits the showroom.

    Furthermore, the previous generation TL is by no mean small and nimble, its a heavy car and also wide as well.

    Tell me what smaller sedans are out there to accomodate my family- a Passat (yeah right), I also have a 2004 Accord (my wife's) in the family as well. I cannot get her out of my car, she said its night and day when she sits in mine and hers.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 375
    First off, don't get me wrong. I like the TL. Its look has grown on me. In fact, it is currently sitting at top of my short list when my BMW 328i lease is up next March. However, I do have to agree with Boogeyman that Acura has made it unnecessary big in size, especially in length. Here are the dimensions of the cars mentioned:

    TL RL BMW 535 Lexus GS MB E350 Volvo XC90

    Length 195.3 195.7 191.1 190.0 191.7 189.3
    Width 74.0 72.7 72.7 71.7 73.0 74.7
    Wheelbase 109 110 114 112 110 113
    Frt Legroom 42.5 42.3 41.5 43.5 41.3 41.0
    Rr Legroom 36.2 36.3 36.0 36.4 35.8 34.6
    (Sorry if it is a bit hard to read. I did try to adjust the spacing but not working.)

    I included XC90 which I also owned. I used to think the XC90 is big, but the TL is even half foot longer than Volvo XC90, which has a 3rd row seats. With its larger overall size, the TL's wheelbase is the shortest among these vehicles, and its interior room is only marginally larger than some (actually smaller than Lexus GS).

    I like the TL, but I wish its dimensions were in line with those of BMW, MB, and Lexus.
  • Those numbers somtimes dont mean anything.I extensively test drove the GS 350 AWD and the car feels cramped compared to the TL.I was actually leaning towards the GS but the price could not justify what I was getting compared to the TL.I would advise everyone to sit in the cars and ignore the dimensions on paper.I shopped almost one year before I purchased the TL.Here are the cars I test drove, E350, 535xi,GS350,G35 and the RL.
  • Great analysis! I was going to pull the same stats, because I knew some of those cars were significantly smaller.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    Hey everyone, I was curious to find out, the 2009 TL's have been out over a year now and the 2010 TLs are already here; the 3rd generation TL, especially from 2007-2008 was plagued with a lot of noise/rattle issues, things coming loose and making noise while driving etc

    I wanted to find out from 4th generation owner if any of you have had rattle/quality issues with your TL at all or problems with vibrations/buzzing noises in your cars when driving? I'm just curious to see if Acura has begun to address these issues which affected a decent majority of 3rd generation owners because Acura makes a great product and the TL is by no means a cheap vehicle and for a 34k-35k dollar car to get rattles and vibration noises was just unacceptable

    Thanks in advance for your posts and information!!!!
  • Let me try to explain this nicely, 'cause, as you know, we gotta play nice here in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Numbers do mean something. Your government spends a huge amount of your tax dollars compiling numbers. You can't just toss aside numbers if they don't fit your argument. If a car feels smaller on the inside than it's numbers would suggest, it's not that the numbers mean nothing. Probably that's more to do with the packaging...the size and shape of the seats, the curvature of the door panels, roofline, etc, etc, etc Acura could certainly have kept the interior "roominess" of the TL, but made the exterior smaller. No one is suggesting that they cut a foot off in length, but a couple of inches or so off the front and the back would make a world of difference. A lot of that exterior size is done for styling purposes. I think the length to wheelbase ratio is a real telling stat. The TL has a longer length but a shortish wheelbase. Aside from interior room, that gives it a somewhat awkward long overhang, which does nothing for it's aesthetics, practicality, or dynamics. What exactly is the TL? Full-size or mid-size? Is it sports sedan or cruiser? It's huge for a mid-size. It's exterior dimensions encroaches on full-size. But as a full-size, the interior and trunk capacity should be even roomier. It rides too harsh to be a cruiser, but it's not athletic enough to be considered a serious sports sedan. To me, it kind of symbolizes the confusion that's going on at Honda right now. They've gotten away from building the type of cars that made them what they were. They were good at building smaller, efficient, sensible, practical, but fun to drive cars. Now, they are trying to upsize their products, to be "edgy", to be "bold". They can almost pass for a division of General Motors. But the results show in their sales. They have now resorted to stuffing consumers' pocket with rebates to try to sell a lot of their models. There's a $5K rebate on the TL! Previously that's unfanthomable for a brand new first-year Honda/Acura model. You look at some of their new offerings....Crosstour, ZDX, Insight, the TL to a certain degree, and you go "what the heck is that about?"

    Have a nice day now. And a great big Hello to our friendly hosts!
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    no rattles, no buzzes, just pleasure
  • Play as nice as you want, the Government spend a lot of money on other things that does not benefit the taxpayer.I am seaking from my own experience, I complied all those numbers before I bought my TL beacause there were other cars out there that was giving the TL stiff competition for my purchase.I owned a 2003 TL type S so I wanted to try a different brand, when I went out and did the test drives (for a year) and factored in the financial aspect the TL won by a mile.
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    Billy, perhaps since you and I are both happy TL buddies, you can explain to me what this tempest in a teapot is all about. There is a bit of apples and oranges here, since the 535 is close in size, but far away in price. We loved our 325 that we sold for the TL, we were tired of the size. We tested the new 328 and the increase in room was insignificant, we didn't consider the 5 series because of price, we felt stretched as it was. That is also why we eliminated Infinity and Audi.
    I truly don't see what all the 'talk' is over a few inches.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 375
    There's a $5K rebate on the TL!

    Where did you see the $5k rebate info? I checked Edmunds' Incentive and Rebate, but could only fine a $1,500 dealer cash for 2009, but not for 2010. A $5k rebate would probably make the TL a screaming buy, despite its over-sized dimension.
  • I should have elaborated....that's in Canada, and only on the '09 TL.
  • You and I are not arguing about the same issue. No doubt you bought what you thought was best for you. Who wouldn't? That wasn't my point. What I'm saying is that Acura made the TL unnecessarily big, and that snipping a couple of inches here, and a couple there, would have made the car much more livable, without sacrifacing too much, if anything. But whatever, I'm not going to waste anymore of my time trying to explain my point to you. You've obviously got the blinders on.

    Oh, and just so you'd know, is not that I want to play nice per se, but as you know, Edmunds is sponsored by the Senior Ladies Bridge and Lawn Bowling Club of America (and I think employs a couple of their members too :P But strictly part-time though ;) ).
  • ChasboyChasboy Posts: 186
    I'm really not sure who boogeyman is arguing with here. The only FACTS presented here are measurments. The rest is anecdotal opinion. I also don't understand the references to playing nice. There is no reason to play any other way. Opinion is just that, opinion, and if someone doesn't agree, it doesn't mean they have blinders on, it means they don't agree. period.
  • My wife and I have owned 2 Maximas and drove the new one (2010) and we just did not like it. Also drove the 2010 Lexus ES350 and BMW 335XI. The Lexus felt like an old persons car and a glorified Camry. The BMW was just too small.
    So we drove the 2010 TL SH-AWD and we fell in love with it. Got the Pearl White with Black interior. So far very impressed. I think it depends on the color you get. The front grille is not attractive on dark colored cars. It does'nt look as bad on white or Silver colored cars. I do like the back of the car though.
    Also IMO you don't need anymore than 300 HP for the street. Where are you ever going to be able to take full advantage of that much HP.
    You can go out and buy a CTS V or the new Taurus SHO with 365 HP?
    I figure if I want raw HP, I have my 66' Mustang 5.0 I can take to the Drags in the Summer.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    "It does'nt look as bad on white or Silver colored cars."

    That's not exactly a ringing endorsement. It's like telling someone he's not as dumb as he looks. :P
  • I have the same color combo too, all you need to do now is add the Zaino polish-the pearl will stand out more.
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