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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • bbubbu Posts: 2
    Hi lovegmc
    thanks for your feedback.
  • Is there any new information on the melting running light housing issue?
    I've seen some posts about it, does anyone know if there is a TSB on it?
    I'm very frustrated with this. Overall, my 2008 Acadia has been good to us.
    However, the running lights have upset us greatly. Both of mine are melting, the dealer claims they have never seen it before.
    Oh, and they want $1000 just for the part, and the car has two of them. Considering that an entry level Acadia is $34000, I only need to collect 34 of these housings to purchase a brand new Acadia. What are these made out of, gold??
    I'm upset that the light melted, which I would consider a design flaw, and not "normal wear and tear", but the kicker is that they they are charging a ridiculously high price for the part.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    go to ebay and do a search on acadia headlight assembly. the results will amaze you
  • I don't know about the melting, but the whole headlight assembly stinks. The headlights on my 2009 Acadia regularly burnt out about once a year. That is about 3 times more frequently than any other car I have owned. It wouldn't be such a big deal if my husband could install the new $10 bulb as he usually does. But no, it requires the dealership to do it since you have to go in through the wheel well instead of just popping the cover off and changing the bulb. Overall, it is about 45 minutes of work each time costs $80. Terrible design. By the way, this was the least of my issues with the Acadia (look up cylinder misfires and steering column issues - see what comes up). I traded it for a Ford Edge. Better gas mileage and no issues whatsoever.
  • sparisisparisi Posts: 6
    This will deffinitly be my last post as I moved onto the kia sSorrento SX. I recently went back into my dealership to get the oil changed and I saw my old 100k mile gmc Acadia on the lot for sale . I went on to see their website to see the car fax and to my supprise they showed what they had to do to get it ready for sale. The dealership had to put in a new steering pump and whole rack & pinion. All the thingsI have been saying on here and many people too. The whole steering for that truck is messed up, but not the new version, gmcfixed it I wonder what it would have cost me to fix those issues. good by GMC never again for my family
  • I had a 2007, one of the first Acadia's that came out. Had sI had an 2007, one of the first Acadia's that came out. Had some issues. Did not have the sun roof so I did not get the electrical issues.
    To the dealer that charged $80 to change the light bulb, shame on them. My dealer charged me $10 dollars to do the change plus the price of the bulb. Dealer said I should not have to pay for a lousy design.
    I glad you are happy Edge. I could not get past the touch screen in the new Fords. I like buttons, knobs and switches.
    To the happy Kia owner, I can appreciate your issues but you did not say what year your vehicle was.
    I can’t see how you can compare a Kia with an Acadia or and Acadia Denali, but if you’re happy that is all that matters, is it?
    I traded my 2007 in for a 2011 Denali Acadia. Got the tri-coat white paint. Truck runs great and looks great. I did put window tint on the sun roof to cut down on the sun.
    I test drove a Kia and did not like the seats. GMC makes the best truck seats on the market.
    I took a chance on the newer GM product and was pleased I did. I have a buddy who just bought a Black on Black Denali Acadia. What a sharp looking car. He got navigation which I don’t have and it works very nicely.
    Anyway it looks like the last three posts are from Happy Car owners. But I own GMC and proud of it.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hey safety,

    We're pleased to hear that you're happy with your GMC truck! We hope that you can continue to enjoy your Acadia, and if there's anything we can help you with in the future please don't hesitate to let us know!


    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • Congrats to you guys for you have new GMC ACADIA, me too 2011 SLT1 AWD Black Metallic and got 40k miles got it new last 2010 and no issues am very happy and proud of it.
  • thanks. my update is that my acadia got 40k miles used to update my maintenance scheds and am happy still no issue to date. Done on standard warranty and now it will be on extended wrnty hope this will help me when issues comes. good luck and have safe driving..
  • we purchased this vehicle brand spanking new! as of nov of last year we have had nothing but problems with it. its been in the shop anout 5 times in a period of 8 months all for different things.. barrings on my engine went out which left my fiancé stranded on the side of the road, thank god my kids weren't in there. after 3 weeks of being at the dealership, they replaced it. I drove to put gas, and got stranded again, with my kids in my car, they picked me up, said the battery went dead and there was a leak in the ac pump, a few days after that they returned the car, I still had a cranking issue with it that I was told, a GM service manager would contact me in January of 2013, never heard from them. it has a delay when you start it. at 40k miles the power steering pump went out, and I had a leak in my ac, which to their convienece was out of the 36k warranty. so I had to pay out of pocket on these repairs. 2 weeks after it was fixed my evaporator core went out and needed to b replaced and again out of warranty, I had to pay out of pocket.
    Now my floor in my passenger and my driver area is soaked with water. I don't have a sunroof. so its in the shop as of yesterday, also while driving in town and on freeways, there is a jerk when it supposed to shift to the next gear. This car was definitely a bad buy, I would not recommend anyone to purchase an acadia. I used to love my car now its a nightmare, and its paid off for. GM always tells me our hands are tied cus its out of I guess they aren't a durable brand as they state. Very disappointed in this style car. its our worst nightmare!!!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello melynlos,

    I am sorry to hear you have been dealing with ongoing issues with your Acadia for months now. I understand your frustration after reading your post about all the issues you experienced and are currently experiencing. I would like the opportunity to further speak about these concerns with you. Please email us at socialmedia(at) Include your contact information, VIN and current mileage.


    Laura M.
    GM Customer Care
  • lovegmc1lovegmc1 Posts: 37
    Hun, it's called a lemon. Cars are mass produced today, and GMC is no exception. When cars are produced at such a high volume as they are, there's bound to be a few bad ones out there. This is many more than the average amount of problems(for the 2010 model year and newer), I would say you, unfortunately, received one of them.
  • @lovegmc1.. I have to agree with you. I have been thinking this for a while now. It's too new to b having so many problems. I'm tired of dealing with it. This is day 2 of the supposedly "diagnostic" and I haven't received a call or an update. This is the only car that we have and all they could do for me was give me a ride back home.. Their service is really bad, it shouldn't take 2 days in my opinion. And this happens to me everytime I take it in. I have to at least leave it for 2-3 days until they tell me what's wrong with it.. I'm am truly disappointed in GM.
  • lovegmc1lovegmc1 Posts: 37
    edited August 2013
    Is there any other GM dealership nearby?(it doesn't have to be just GMC, any Chevrolet or Buick dealer would look at it for you and repair it.) It shouldn't be taking this long to diagnose this issue. They should have bought back your car from you and put you in a new,problem-free one WAY before anything got to this point.. There are some intermittent AC issues, not too many like transmission or power steering, so that isnt TOTALLY a surprise..two of them? its a Little much. the power steering problem is more of a prevalent issue. All these issues you have been having all together are NOT normal for this model! I say it's more of a shame on the dealer,they need so step up to the plate. Sometimes dealers try to find cheap solutions to easy problems, making a mountain out of a molehill, and also, unfortunately, deterring potential repeat-buyers. I am sorry you have to deal with an unreliable car, and the service that you are receiving at your dealership is(much)worse than it should be. I hope this issue can be resolved.

    EDIT: Another option you can try is going through GM directly, they might be able to get you results you need and deserve. Results have been varying... But it's worth a shot.
  • lovegmc1lovegmc1 Posts: 37
    Well clearly, brooklyngirl was wrong. Hope the Acadia stays problem-free for you! Hope that extended warranty isn't needed! Good luck and safe driving to you also!
  • bear58bear58 Posts: 1
    Taking my Acadia to the dealer tomorrow morning. Trans went out with no warning last evening. I still have drive and low, slipping but there, but reverse is completely gone. There was no warning it just faild at road speed. Looking at this forum I see that I'm not alone and expect a bad experience with the dealer. Vehicle is 6 yrs old with 59K miles. GM service has always sucked in their treatment of customers, and I'm a retired employee saying that. I'll know more tomorrow.
  • acadiamadacadiamad Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    3/2011 Purchaes Acadia Denali 10/2012 replaced engine 20,000 miles. 9/2013 Looks like we are there again 8600 miles on replacement. Currently having to have the engine tore down to find out whats wrong again. GM service center is not helping
  • What's the cause of these problems?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi acadiamad,

    If you haven't already been in contact with GM Customer Service about your transmission repair please feel free to contact us by email. We'd like to document this within our system and ensure that all of your concerns are properly addressed. We can be reached at Please include your VIN and contact info.

    Thank you

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • You did not say what happened to the eingine to make it fail.
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