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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • Had the same problems with steering. It's seems ok now that they put new power steering pump on
  • I fixed ours too. Biggest pain in the rear I've ever dealt with regarding a power steering pump! Took me 9 hours to swap over the course of two days. However, only cost me $140 for the pump. Guess I saved about 750 from what the dealer was going to charge. Not including the $135 diagnostic fee... If anyone wants advice feel free to contact me here and I'll explain the details.
  • We did the same too.. Had to change it ourselves.. But now it makes a humming sound. Took it in and they told me its not going away, they coulda le it less noisy by bleeding it out but it's always gonna make that sound. I've opened a case with Gm corporate and well lets say they r taking forever to get back to me on my case.. Unacceptable if u ask me.. I will definitely think twice before in purchase another Gm vehicle.. Not satisfied with anything they do!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hi melynlos,

    Sorry that you haven't heard anything back from your agent or specialist. We apologize for the frustration this is causing you. If you want to email us your name and VIN we can work on locating your case and notifying your agent. We can be reached by email at

    Thank you

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • ktriektrie Posts: 15
    Just sold my '08 Acadia last week to CarMax. After 3 transmission replacements, numerous water leaks, multiple steering issues, and the worst overall experience of my life, I can finally say goodbye to the most unreliable vehicle built in the new millennium.

    Surprisingly, I got a lot more $$ than I expected. Good luck to you all. I am signing off for good and I will never visit GM again.
  • We have a severe problem with our 2011 GMC Acadia SLT's HVAC system - it no longer works. It blows air, but also allows Freon to escape into the cabin of the car whenever you open the vents. That said, there was a burning smell about a month ago and then the air conditioner quit - in the middle of summer. No it appears the heat no longer works either. The concerning part is that there are literally dozens of complaints regarding the same thing online, but GMC has not recalled it and plays dumb when you call to discuss whether they are aware of an issue with the HVAC system, when clearly the hundreds of documented cases online proves there is an issue. Back to our car. The concerning part is that the Freon is entering the car cabin, causing people to become dizzy or causing a headache. That said, we are forced to boil in our car since we can't even open the vents! The car is just 2 years old with less that 40,000 miles and it already has a major issue - this is a problem and we flat out refuse to pay and fix something out of pocket when GMC knows there is a problem that has existed since 2008, at least.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    If your ac no longer cools the car, you can be assured there is no freon entering your vehicle. Your vehicle has already released all the R134a into the atmosphere thus adding to global warming.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Hello pj2013,

    I am sorry for the vehicle issue you are experiencing with your HVAC system. I understand your frustration and concern with a malfunctioning unit and for the safety of anyone being in your vehicle. If you would like to further discuss your current situation, please email us at socialmedia(at) Include your full contact information, VIN and current mileage.


    Laura M.
    GM Customer Care
  • Hi,
    I have a 2011 Acadia SLT2 and in the last month or so, the steering column has been making a strange whining sound when driving below 10 MPH. I noticed this before my 36K warranty was up but it was not loud enough/reproducible all the time like it is now.

    I currently have just over 38000 miles on the vehicle - could I take it in to get fixed by my GMC/dealer? From other article posts, I believe this is a common problem with '08 and newer (except maybe 2012 models) with the type of the steering fluid used in this vehicles (factory-installed fluid).

    See here:

    and here:

    and here:

    Apparently there is a TSB for this:
    TSB ID 10036513

    Any other recommendations to get this fixed?


  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Bulletin No.: 10-02-32-002A
    Date: December 20, 2010
    Subject: Whine or Moan Type Noise from Power Steering System During Low Speed Maneuvers (Perform Repair as Outlined Below)
    2008-2011 Buick Enclave
    2009-2011 Chevrolet Traverse
    2007-2011 GMC Acadia
    2007-2010 Saturn OUTLOOK
    Built Prior to August 01, 2010
    This bulletin also applies to any of the above models that may be export vehicles.
    This bulletin is being revised to add 2011 model year and provide a build date. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 10-02-32-002 (Section 02 - Steering).
    Some customers may comment on a whine or moan type noise from the power steering system during low speed maneuvers.
    This condition may be caused by either low or contaminated fluid or there may be air in the system.
    1. Inspect the power steering fluid for proper level, contamination or signs of air in the system.
    - If the fluid is low, fill and re-evaluate the vehicle.
    - If the fluid appears contaminated, flush the system (refer to the procedure in SI) and thoroughly bleed the system using the revised procedure listed below. Re-evaluate the vehicle.
    - If there is air in the system, thoroughly bleed the system using the revised procedure listed below and re-evaluate the vehicle.
    2. If after re-evaluation the noise is not corrected or if the inspection does not identify the root cause, replace the power steering pump with new P/N 20954812. This new pump is a 12 vane pump. Vehicles built after August 01, 2010, already have the new pump.
    Power Steering System Bleed Procedure
    1. Apply the park brake.
    2. Using a floor jack and jack stands, raise the front of the vehicle until the center of the front wheels are approximately 61 cm (24 in) off the ground.
    3. Fill the power steering fluid reservoir with fluid to the bottom of the filler neck. Leave the cap off. Place towels around the reservoir as fluid will flow out from the reservoir onto the engine.
    4. With the key in the ON position and with the engine OFF, turn the steering wheel from stop to stop until the fluid level maintains a consistent level and air bubbles becomes fewer within the reservoir (fluid will rise and fall while the steering wheel is turned. Trapped air will allow the fluid to fall. Maintain fluid level at all times). It may take several minutes to complete this process.
    5. Ensure that the fluid level is at the bottom of the filler neck.
    6. Connect the CH-43485 adapter to the GE-23738-A pump.
    7. Hold the CH-43485 adapter on the top of the reservoir filler neck.
    8. Apply a vacuum of 68 kPa (20 in Hg, 10 psi).
    9. Set the GE-23738-A pump down. The vacuum will hold the CH-43485 adapter in place.
    The vacuum gauge needle will fluctuate while the steering wheel is moving.
    10. Maintain a vacuum of 68 kPa (20 in Hg, 10 psi) while turning the steering wheel from stop to stop. Hold the steering wheel at each steering stop until air bubbles become fewer within the clear hose. Maintain fluid level at all times. It may take several minutes to complete this process.
    11. With the steering wheel in the straight position, maintain a vacuum of 68 kPa (20 in Hg, 10 psi) for 5 minutes.
    12. Inspect the condition of the fluid in the clear hose on the CH-43485 adapter. If any bubbles are in the fluid, repeat steps 10 and 11.
    13. Lower the vehicle.
    14. Relieve the vacuum in the GE-23738-A pump.
    15. Remove the CH-43485 adapter from the reservoir filler neck.
    16. Ensure that the power steering fluid level is at the MAX mark on the capstick fluid level indicator.
    17. With the reservoir cap off, start the engine. Slowly rotate the steering wheel from stop to stop 10 times. Hold the steering wheel at each stop for 2 seconds.
    18. Verify that the steering system does not shudder while turning the steering wheel. If the steering system exhibits a shudder condition, repeat steps 1 through 17.
    19. Turn the engine OFF.
    20. Ensure the power steering fluid level is at the MAX mark on the capstick fluid level indicator. Install the cap to the reservoir.
    21. Test drive the vehicle.

    I couldn't find the TSB that's referred to in your post. One thing you need to consider is that GM is under no obligation to fix this problem unless you can prove that it happened during your warranty period but never successfully repaired. The other option would be a goodwill gesture on the part of GM to fix it under warranty or to share the cost of the repair.

    TSB is generally provided by the manufacturer to aid the dealership in repairs. A TSB is not covered once the warranty period expires only recalls fall into that category.

    Good luck.
  • Ok - thank you for this information - too bad the last resort is a complete steering pump replacement. I spoke with my dealer and since I had reported the issue while it was under warranty (documented that I requested they look at it), my service rep. said this, "would work in my favor" though likely as you said, I would have to pay something similar to a deductible if I had an extended warranty on the vehicle.

    I reported this issue over a year ago and the dealer didn't fix it then either because they couldn't reproduce the whining or didn't try hard enough. I am leaning towards the latter as another issue that was fixed under warranty (leaking fuel pump) had to be diagnosed on 2 different occasions one of which required towing the vehicle.

    Will update once I get the vehicle in this week for final diagnosis and see how "well" GMC treats me.
  • I have an announcement.... Sunday was a glorious day for our family. We found a brand new vehicle for sale with just enough incentive to buy us out of the worst vehicle we have ever owned! I wish you all luck in dealing with your Acadia. We , unfortunately, will never own another GM product from this point forward.
  • I have now lost all confidence in GMC's ability to build a reliable product. Several years ago, my 2003 GMC's four wheel drive went out with 21,000 miles on it. At this point, I should have learned. But we gave them another shot with a 2010 Acadia. On the Acadia, the timing belt went out with 24,000 miles. At 50,000 miles, a hose in the AC system needed replaced, along with two oxygen sensors. After $1,000 in repairs, the AC still doesn't work, and from reading this forum, its a very popular problem. One side of the dual climate control works fine, but the other constantly blows hot air regardless of the setting.

    I like to buy American but I'm so tired of taking this car into the shop. Its not only a waste of money, but a huge inconvenience. I'll spend a few hours trading this piece of junk in on something more reliable and be happy to get rid of it. Its really a shame because the Acadia has some great features, and a great layout, but it does no good when its in the repair shop. Don't let the features fool you - you will be sorry if you buy this car.
  • I have a 2008 acadia that is throwing a service stabilitrak code. What do I do.
  • jb0928jb0928 Posts: 3
    Good news (so far). Had our Acadia (2011) in at the dealer this week and agreed to repair the issue. They identified the cause of the squeaking as a bad PS steering cover and charged me $100. Cost was what I would pay if I had an extended warranty deductible.

    So far so more squeaking noise turning at low speed.

  • We have about 56k miles on our 2010 GMC Acadia and it just had to have the driveline repaired/replaced. Most of it was under warranty, but now we just had the apparently all too common "whining sound" reported in reference to the steering column assembly.

    The dealer said we needed a new power steering problem due to a leak, and that we would also need a new rack/gear.

    We have had a 'clunk' in the steering column in the past, but like a lot of these things, they don't make the noise when the shop looks at there is a whining noise when turning at low speeds, as is also commonly reported.

    If GM has a technical service bulletin, and there are still so many reports about it I am furious that the warranty has no bearing on this type of well known issue, or that a recall has not been done, especially considering the cost to a consumer. I was quoted $1325 to repair the items, and re-align the car afterward. The labor is quoted at 5 hours to disassemble the entire front end and reassemble and align it. I took it out of the dealer and told him I was going to sell it before I dumped that much money into it. I am having an independent mechanic look at it, but at less than 60k miles it is suddenly looking like the worst mistake we ever made with a vehicle!
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    A leaking rack is not unusual for the 2010 Acadia. I was fortunate that I found the leak a couple of weeks before my 3/36 ran out. Water pump failure was the reason it was in the dealer for repair when they discovered the leaking rack and leaking CV boot. I thought it rather unusual for the failures since we have only 21K miles on the vehicle. The only item covered under recall is the water pump.

    I was looking at the Mazda CX9 and after reading their problems forum wasn't exactly excited about getting one of those either.
  • We have the EXACT same problem right now! Our Acadia started blowing hot air. We took it into the dealer we purchased from 2 years ago, and they tell us that we have a leaking air compressor and 3 leaking hoses?!?! Grand total of $2300 worth of repairs. Meanwhile, I have also had an 05 Suburban for almost 9 years, and have never had to do a single thing to the AC. The dealer is giving me the runaround on the this issue. GM needs to step up and take some accountability here.
  • Our Acadia started blowing hot air. We took it into the dealer we purchased from 2 years ago, and they tell us that we have a leaking air compressor and 3 leaking hoses?!?! Grand total of $2300 worth of repairs. Meanwhile, I have also had an 05 Suburban for almost 9 years, and have never had to do a single thing to the AC. The dealer is giving me the runaround on the this issue. GM needs to step up and take some accountability here.
  • tomgmcacadiatomgmcacadia Posts: 1
    edited November 2013
    I bought this SUV June 2012. Im here at KSA, mileage now is 37,000 kms it is in a 3yrs warranty or 100kms
    this July 2013 Airconditioning problem, not cooling.
    they fix it for free, but I rent a car for 3days and cost me 330 SR .
    now I'm hearing a knocking sound, squeeking sound in the front suspension and steering system. I'ts like I'm having a 2nd hand car with the noise.
    I'm afraid to bring it again because I will rent a car again 3-maybe more days to fix that. although its free of charge but the inconvenience it brings me.
    that's why I bought a bnew car because i don't want to bug me of that repairs.
    hopefully if they can provide me a car for free.
    GMC service center, they dont even offer a car to use here....
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