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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • nmydstnmydst Posts: 30
    You and I were going thru our buy backs at the same time last year. I've had some minor issues, but saw your message about the steering wheel having to be replaced. Could you tell me more about that? Over the past few weeks when ever I turn the wheel in either direction it makes a soft swishing sound. I'm hoping this is nothing serious. I've seen some posts where they say the steering system isn't covered under warranty. The other issue I have is in the second row one of the captain chairs creaks really bad when I'm turning corners. It's gotten to the point that no one has to even sit in it and it will do it. I hate to have my car brought in because I'm afraid it'll come back out with more problems. The issues with the last Acadia were enough!
  • mommyx3mommyx3 Posts: 3
    edited November 2011
    I purchased my Acadia brand new in 2009 and I've asked the service tech at the dealership about the loud knocking sound that I hear when I make a hard left/right turn or when I turn my steering wheel back and forth quickly to back in or straighten up. It sounds even louder and harder when its cold outside. It sounds like my steering column or axle is broken. What is this?????
    I'm also ticked off about the problems I've been having with my head lights. They started out not coming on when I turn on my truck but eventually coming on after driving for a few blocks, until both of them went out last Tuesday (low beams only). I took my truck to a major car service center and they couldn't replace the bulbs or tell me if it was just blown out bulbs because GM manufactured the vehicle so crazy that you have to remove some parts under the hood and the grill to get to the dog gone head lights. I took it to the dealership the next day just for them to break the news to me and tell me that it wasn't just blown out bulbs, my sockets and wires had burned out on both sides (left & right low beams)...geesh! The parts were only about $75 but the labor was $290 and I had to pay out of pocket because I was over the 3 year or 36,000 miles warranty (48,300). Its almost the same thing with the park lights. I was going to let a friend SIMPLY replace my blown out park light, just to find out I've got to take it to the dealership to have it replaced because the front bumper has to be taken off to replace it....dang it! Well, the dealership replaces the bulb, with the wrong color. When I bring it to the service technician's attention he says to me, "Well Ma'am, GM changed bulbs so that white color looking light that we put in there is what they are using now, but I will check some other dealerships to see if I can find you another bulb like the other three that are in there (orange color)." That was 5 months and even after calling and asking three 3 times I still have 3 orange park lights and 1 white park light. I even suggested they change them all while they were fixing my headlights last week since they are responsible for the mess up(park lights), but Noooo, I still have 3 orange park lights and 1 white park light.
    If anyone knows the part number for the ORANGE park lights in the 2009 Acadia please let me know, maybe I can HELP them find the bulb!

    I am a former GM employee and I've never owed a GM product until now and this will probably be my first and last GM vehicle. I think I may be going back to the foreign car market.....sorry. :(
  • Good morning Diane,

    I'm sorry that it wasn't resolved for you the first time around. I believe you're taking it in today, correct? Thank you for your patience and for continuing to work with us on this and I look forward to hearing how the visit goes.

    As for advice, working with the dealership is the first step we take, as they're our eyes and ears into the vehicle concerns, so I'm unable to provide any technical advice or troubleshooting at the moment.

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • Nmydst,

    I can understand your concern with the steering wheel. If you would like for us to check into this further, please send us an email with more information including your name/user name and the last 8 digits of your VIN.

    GM Customer Service
  • For the knocking, has your dealership proposed any causes?

    Also, I'm not 100% positive that this is what you're looking for, but could the Sylvania bulb, part no. 194NA LL, work for your parking lights? Let me know -- I'll continue to search.

    GM Customer Service
  • I have had this problem now for months and months. Had it at a GMC dealer 3 times now. First there was a grinding noise in the steering colum and the blinkers would not make a sound when turned on and the stereo sound would just quit. So they replaced the steering colum. Well it is still doing this, the radio sound just quites and the blinkers dont make that clicking sound. So this time the dealership put in a new radio. Well now the radio doesnt shut off when you leave you vehicle. What the heck is going on? Has anyone else had these problems.
  • We have the same issue with our steering. Our blinkers do not make sounds in our car randomly because one of the speakers just decided to no longer work. Our radio shut off completely after year 2 and had to be replaced. Our Acadia went from being our favorite car to our worst nightmare.
  • We were fooled by our 2007 Acadia's beautiful design and interior room, within 6 months we were completely frustrated.
    Within the first few months of owning the car the transmission stopped reversing in my driveway. Had it towed and needed a completely new transmission.
    Within the first year the engine needed dropped because of a leak and "power chain".
    Within the second year we had the radio completely replaced because it suddenly shorted out.
    Within the 3rd year we had the engine dropped two more times, once because of stabilitrak light, another because of a coolant issue.
    The stabilitrak light has been on NUMEROUS times.
    Three of my 4 windows currently do not work. One switch fell completely inside the door when my mother attempted to put the window down!
    The lightbulb replacement cost approximately 400.00! (It is extremely difficult to do this yourself).
    The interior headlight nob just concaved the other day inside my dash?!
    The Stabilitrak, Check Engine, and message, "Reduced engine power" is one of our several current issues.
    There has never been a time since the first six months of owning this vehicle that there hasn't been something wrong with it. There has always been SOMETHING. DO NOT BUY a GMC ACADIA. YOU WILL BE SORRY!
  • Ineedaricci...

    You need to go check out a new page I found, some guy is blogging his experience with his Acadia....ihatemyacadia_dot_com...he's got a message board too...looks like he's just starting though...I'm waiting to see just how bad his situation is and if GM does anything for him...I've had little to no support, in my opinion, from GM.

    Good luck
  • I'm sorry that you've had so many repairs with your Acadia. Have you worked with Customer Assistance already?

    GM Customer Service
  • I'm sorry to hear that the concern with your Acadia is still unresolved. Have you already started working with Customer Assistance? If you would like to, please email us your name/username, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, and the name of your involved dealership. Any other information about the situation would be great, as well.

    GM Customer Service
  • We have already decided that we are going to get rid of this nightmare of a car so no need for any GM rep to say they understand our frustration and would like to help. I feel that it is my duty to let everyone know what a dog this Acadia is. There have been so many problems I know I can't remember them all, but I will try.
    Water pump - we were told it was getting hot because the oil wasn't changed regularly, after verifying that the oil had been changed when it should have been, it was a defective water pump.
    The navigation unit went bad and was replaced. A month later we got the new nav disk.
    The steering gear assembly was replaced.
    The complete rack and pinion steering system was replaced.
    The steering column and air bag coil was repaired and or replaced twice.
    The battery died within a year and was replaced. The radio was replaced after the bat. died again.
    All of the headlights, high & low have been replaced twice. The right side wiring harness had melted and was replaced. Have it at the dealer now getting the left harness replaced and new bulbs.
    Drivers seat track was binding and was replaced.
    The heated windshield washer assembly was removed and disabled so it won't cause a fire. (They refunded us $100 for the loss of this option).
    12v plug in the back seat blew the fuse several times and currently does not work.
    Gas & brake pedels still squeak after dealer repaired them.
    Service air bag light on, bad connector changed.
    Tire air pressure light comes, then goes off, then comes on.
    The rubber coating on the AC button and others has rubbed off and is now bright green instead of grey.
    I know there are some things I have left out. Another thing that I hate about this car is you have to remove the front tires and wheel well liners to access the headlight bulbs, even then it is tough to reach them. The battery is located under the feet of the person in the right back seat. There is a cardboard cover with carpet over it that seperates the battery from the cabin. If this vehicle ever rolls over better hope your baby is not straped in under the leaking battery. I thought batteries inside the car went out with the old VW bugs. If you look in the manual for how to replace the headlights or battery, it refers you to the dealer. If I would have read that I would not have bought this car. I have learned a valuable lesson with this lemon, don't buy GM!
  • How is your 2011 Acadia behaving now? Any problems? I am asking because I just purchased a 2011 SLT2 with 13000 miles and I am experencing horrible gas milage, around 12 mpg. You are right in saying that the dealer can not fix a design problem. Only GM engineering can find a solution after they have been task by GM mangement to research the issue. We as a group must get GM to recognize that the poor gas milage is a real problem. This can only be done by effecting GM profit by effecting the sales of Acadia's and or a class action suit addressing fraudent adveristing of gas milage and deceiving the public.
  • No Sarah I have not spoken to anyone from GM other than our service managers over the years. I turned to blogging this morning to realize that way too many people have the same issues.
    Our family has bought GMC's/Chevrolet's for years. We are so disappointed with this vehicle.
    Today I am sitting home from work on my birthday with a "Low Engine Performance" vehicle in my driveway that cannot be brought in till Friday.
  • I now own a 2011 Acadia SLT2 with poor gas milage. Until GM recognizes there is a problem and assigns tasking to there engineeering group to research the issue,nothing will be done, other than GM customer service collecting data and yesing us to death. The dealers can't fix a vehicle that has a design flaw. I say this because the vehicle does not report any trouble codes. This flaw needs to be brought to a higher level of review. Namely the news media and or legal counsel
  • I couldn't agree more...
  • If you would like to get a Customer Assistance Case set up, please email us more information including your name/user name, contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN, your servicing dealership, and any further details about the vehicle concerns you would like to include.

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • It maybe too early to tell but it looks one person is trying to get GMC's attention with that ihatemyacadia dot com someone mentioned earlier. I looked at's REALLY new, not much details yet...maybe folks should tag team with them at that site. I might, my Outlook has a leaking problem...I'd LOVE to find someone who is creating some sort of lawsuit....pipe dream I'm sure.

  • Sarah -

    Nothing personal but I've had little satisfaction from GM. I agree with the person who said go to the media. I'm going to look into the acadia website....maybe if enough people voice their hatred and displeasure for GM's lack of support, people will stop buying the Acadia and/or GM will take care of those of us who have been screwed over the's really not fair what some of us have been through. When you spend over $40k for a new vehicle, you expect to have it on the road 360 out of 365 days in a year....on TWO occassions mine has been in the shop for over two weeks...26 days one time!!! Not to mention all the one's and two's...

    Saturn fell...Pontiac fell..Hummer's not the time to STOP supporting your customers...right now, I'm considering a I would run mine into the drink but with as much water as it's taken on, it would probably SWIM....
  • I have a 2008 Acadia that I used to love (kewords being "used to"). The car has had many little problems and just 2 weeks ago I had to have the water pump and many other things replaced because this 3 year old car with only 50K miles has decided it is breaking down. Not only did it have to be repaired on my dime, but I had to wait 2 days for the part. The local GMC dealer was out of them. My guess is many other owners needed them too.
    The airbag sensor was replaced and the dealer told me it could have been my fault. He said it is hard to tell if I didn't jam something in the mechanism or if it happened on its own, so he said I would have to pay for it rather than warranty. After I complained that if he can't tell how it happened, then how can he blame me? He also said a rock could have hit the mechanism under the car to trigger it. Sounds like a design problem, not driver error.
    My headlights have also blown out after 2 years. The manual suggests these are only replaced by a dealer because of how I have to get at them. Headlights should be something anyone can do. More design problems.
    I brought my Acadia to the dealer because of a whining noise. They tried to tell me it was a tire issue and even kept the car ALL DAY and drove it 100 miles that day to "fix it". I left the lot with a big bill and the same whining noise. I brought it to a local garage only to find out the power steering fluid was low. The dealer should have been able to guess that one, one would think.
    The rear seats are VERY difficult to slide forward even after I WD40-ed them as my dealer told me. After a week, they are back to sticking. My third seat fell forward while I was problem? My stereo speakers are starting to sound crackly. My air pressure system is sometimes off. GMC dealer said I must need new tires. replaced them and found it was a switch of some sort.
    The bottom line is this: I wish I kept my 2002 Ford Explorer. My sister is still using it with no problems. Maybe I will borrow that...MY OLD CAR...when my 3 year old Acadia breaks down again.
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