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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    Thank you for taking the time to post your concerns. You can find my email address in my profile. Please include your complete contact information including mailing address, VIN, current mileage, and the name of the dealer. I look forward to your email.
    GM Customer Service
  • We bought our 2008 Gmc Acadia used in Jan 2011. Within 3 months the headliner was leaking thru the dome light & airbags. Since the Manufactor warranty had expired we went to a none dealership crrtified mechanic to get fixed (cost way less than dealership). Had the front weather stripping replaced. No leaks until a week ago (Jan. 2012). Went to dealership to get fixed since was told it was the secondary sunroof that was leaking water & a very extensive job. & was told to go the Gmc dealership. Went to Becker Buick & they were wonderful about getting job done but since this is not a mechanical or electronically problem our extended warranty won't cover it. So contacted GM to see if would help out & was told since we bought used & manufactory warranty expired that they won't help used. So basically if you have this problem you are screwed. This is a design flaw in the Acadia's. I'm very sad because of GM's lack of backing up their vehicles I will not be buying another GM vehicle again. Other than this I absolutely love my Acadia.
  • slt5slt5 Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    FYI.... we own a 2007 Pickup with a sunroof and it has leaked from the begining... got a new seal but still will leak when go through a car wash or it is raining really hard...not as bad, but... Major defect from GM. Sorry to tell you all this... we went through all the channels 5 years ago to get it fixed .... It is amazing that they just can't find what is wrong.. had a suburban before that with a sun roof and it never leaked.... go figure.. maybe the new design has a problem ???? Thanks for the heads up was looking into purchasing an Acadia.... not now at least not one with a sun roof.....
  • Although the sunroofs appear to be the obvious culprit, I am wondering if it is possible that the leaks could actually be coming from some other 'sealed' opening (either - instead of, or in addition to, the sunroofs?).E.g., the seams where the roof is joined to the sides, or, where the antenna is attached, or, (on the acadia) where the roof rack is attached? I have taped and covered both sunroofs on my Acadia, and I think that I am still getting water inside. I am going to recheck the tape job, but it 'looks' good. Has anyone else tried this, either with tape, or something else (caulk, etc)?
  • I hope that everyone is complaining to NHTB about this defect! The 'recall' apparantly didn't work (gm merely extended the drain hoses, I'm told) - and the problem still exists this is NOT a new problem! and yet the government won't force GM to live up to their responsibility to the consumer. Why? this is a safety hazard, as many have said, as it affects the electronics, and potentially the airbag system.
    Maybe it's time for owners to get together and picket GM - can you see the multitudes of leaky GM vehicles circling GM? maybe some with bathtubs sitting on top of their vehicles? if anyone else is mad enough to join me, let me know - we could do this all over the country, judging by the number of complaints on this website - action instead of words, get GM to fix their defective vehicles!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,055
    edited February 2012
    Thank you for taking your time to post with your concerns and frustrations. General Motors has provided assistance to customers who are not the 1st owner of a vehicle. Each case is looked at and evaluated on a case by case basis. However, GM will only assist in fixing the concerns at the customers expense if a 3rd party garage has worked on the concern. It is always recommended to work with a GM dealer if you are experiencing concerns. Dealers are independently owned and operated; however, they are contracted with General Motors and provide feedback to GM. With out reviewing the case I cannot know for sure why you were denied assistance. If you would like to email me with your case number I would be happy to look into this for you.
    GM Customer Assistance
  • 03superduty03superduty Posts: 1
    edited February 2012
    We purchased our Acaida one year ago used. In that time it has stranded us three times. The first two time's were Stabilitrack problems. The last was a broken timing chain while on the highway. Not fun! We were without the Acadia for two weeks, and just got it back yesterday. One head was replaced, as well as a cam shaft and around eight valves on both sides of the engine. The timing gears and adjusters were all shot also. We no longer trust this vehicle and as its about to drop out of warranty, I think we are done with it and GM. The dealer wouldn't extend the warranty, didn't give us a loaner, and the communication from them was poor. We had just had it in a month before the engine failure for recall work. You would think, knowing that they have a issue with this engine, they would have told us about the problems and inspected and repaired them at that time.
  • I can understand why you are looking to replace your Acadia, and I'm sorry that it hasn't been a satisfactory vehicle for you. It sounds like you had an unsatisfactory experience with your dealership - if you would like for us to look into this further, we'd be happy to do so. Please send us an email at the address located in my profile with more information (include your name/Edmunds username, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership) and my coworker Christina (who answers inbound emails from Edmunds) will direct you further.

    GM Customer Service
  • I am working with a dealership now to buy an Acadia cause I absolutely love the look and features but this forum is making me have 2nd thoughts. These have some major issues that are expensive. :(
  • Don't do it!! I couldn't take it anymore after 50 k miles being in the shop all the time, going out of town and having it break down or leak water everywhere... the constant repairs and unreliability far out way the look and features (which we loved too). I still cringe everytime I see one on the street...If you like the dealer, stick with them and get a Yukon... It has been a MUCH better car than the Acadia! Good luck!
  • Do NOT buy an Acadia!!!!!! I love my 2007 so very much but it truly is a lemon. It is in the shop as I type this because of yet another problem with power steering. I have already spent so much money on repairs and I'm only at 40k miles. I've had the water leaking problems, my power steering went out, just to name a cpl things. I had no idea I was spending $40,000 on a hunk of junk.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Please note that the bulk of complaints are from owners of the 2007/2008 variety of Acadias. Most bought used and you know that often it's other peoples problems that are dumped at dealerships.

    Test drive a 2012. You won't find the problems being discussed here. Me? I traded a 2002 Yukon Denali for an 2010 Acadia. It's been in the shop for tire balancing issues several times until we discovered that it wasn't the tires or the 20" rims rather the dealership's tire balancing equipment was too old to balance 20" rims. Once the dealer sent the tires out to be balanced vibrations were gone.

    Course this is the wife's car so I don't drive it but once a month. One of the reasons that I bougnt this versus another Yukon was the fold down third row seats which aren't available with the Yukon. Makes a world of difference as you get older.
  • I'm sorry you have had to make so many repairs on your Acadia, cindy60. Do you have any current vehicle concerns that we could be of assistance with?

    GM Customer Service
  • In Sept 2009 I traded in my 2004 Tahoe on a brand new 2009 Acadia SLT-2. What a mistake.... Within the first 20K miles had to replace all of the brakes, had the "hideaway" compartment in the dash fixed as well as an annoying rattle in the front windshield column. Then it just seemed to spiral downwards from there. The wonderful service department at our local dealership knew me by name. With right under 50K miles on it the following has taken place; steering column has been replaced, A/C has been replaced, DVD player has been repaired, heater went out on passenger side, driver seat seems to "rock" when accelerating (dealer can't figure out what is wrong), molding on roof has pulled loose, and as I type it is in the shop again. This time it overheated, started smoking and left me stranded. I'm told that it is a failed water pump but are not finished checking it out. So needless to say I have traded the Acadia in and am now the proud owner of a 2012 Yukon.
    I would NOT recommend this vehicle. I just can't see paying $40,000 for a vehicle that stays in the shop. Thank goodness I bought the extended warranty.
  • I hope that your Yukon serves you well, and am sorry that you did not have a good experience with your Acadia. If we can ever be of assistance, please don't hesitate to get in touch via the email in my profile.

    GM Customer Service
  • After four years of problems and repairs I received a letter today from a group of Consumer Protection Attorneys regarding GMC Acadia 2007-2009 that are lemons.
    I too have had most of the problems and issues that others are talking about on this forum. The most current and :lemon: critical is that last year the car started losing the Power Steering when driving on wet streets (not large puddles). I took it in and they just tried to play it down. I really had to persist. The GMC dealer finally said they could put on a splash guard that newer models come with, at my expense. It did not solve the problem. I am so nervous driving this car when it is or has been raining. I have been stuck while pulling on to major highways with oncoming traffic! When I took car back in for other repairs, I again told the service rep that it was still occurring and was told that they could not do anything about. Now my teenager is trying to learn how to drive with this unreliable that's scarry! This is an awful situation. I wish I had realized sooner that others have had as many issues as I have. Now I know to stand up for myself regarding this car. I too love the design/looks of this car, it is a shame that is so frustrating and dangerous to drive.
  • Dont do it. My traction control light is back on since i first started this thread! Nothing but trouble i promise you that....
  • I have a 2007 Acadia that I purchased brand new. As with other comments it did have alot of recalls. My lastest issue is the Stability Tracking. It came on starting in October when my husband was away driving on mountinous roads in West Va. I took it in and the service department claimed that computer was overloaded with codes and all they claimed they had to do was reset the computer back to "factory default". Fast forward to February 20. 2012 the same issue occured, this time on snowy West Va highway. Took it back and this time they tried to slap with a $99.95 diagnosis fee then they claimed the battery was weak. The computer code indicated "C0110,C0899,P320A" device low voltage see battery line. So I paid to have an new battery. Now 2/25 the light is on again. This time on flat road. We also have a 2002 Yukon Denali w/130,000 miles and runs like a tank. We also have a 1992 Toyata Land Cruiser with 190,000++++ miles. Both purchased new. Land Cruiser is also a tank. My fear with the Acadia with all the computer crap it does not have much life left. Any thoughts???"
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    You probably should trade it in before something else goes wrong (which will happen with certainty). Good luck.
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