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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • I am posting this message for Sara at GM Service maybe she can help where dealerships fail....plain and simple these water issues are not mileage related they are age 2008 Acadia was purchase brand new in January 2009....after conerns about reliability I purchase the best best GM Major Guard protection covering my vehicle to 110,000 I come to find out that the water leak issue that seems to be a common not covered by my 0 deductible Major Guard warranty that cost me $1,800. To make matters worse it has now cause an electrical short in my stereo and my parking assistant is not working either.

    My advice to any acadia owner whos vehicle is under the 3 year 36,000 miles tell the dealership you have a problem with water coming in even though you don' a few years you will and this will cause them to fix is a gasket or skylight weather stripping shrinkage issue.

  • Please note that the bulk of complaints are from owners of the 2007/2008/2009 variety of Acadias. Most of the the issues, except the leaking sun/moon roofs occur after the vehicle has greater than 30K miles. I have a 2011 SLT2 with all the options and 18K miles. The gas milage is horrible and the way the transmissions shifts is a little unusal, but todate, I have had no problems. I would recommend looking at the 2013 Acadia, As the interior has been upgraded and the software that controls the shifting of the transmission has been changed. The 2012 are know different than my 2011. At the first sign of any issues, I will dump this vechicle and take the loss. Sales or a safety issue is the only way to get GM"s attention. Other than that, GM may put fixes into the next model year to solve an issue. But don't expect GM to fix a design issue, until the following vehicle year.
  • duijiduiji Posts: 17
    edited February 2012
    Mine was a 2007 and I had multiple problems including rear sunroof leak, timing issue, water pump, struts and etc all before 35,000 miles. I had to get a lawyer and go after the dealership. I got out of it but not easily. Although I cannot say the newer ones will have the same issue I wouldn't expect it to change. The newer ones have not been out long enough to prove themselves and better. When I was having problems I was told 2009's were not having those problems and now they are, just give it time. The one thing that won't change is GMC's arrogance and inablity to accept any fault for producing such a problem vehicle. Don't buy this vehicle just based on the looks. I was always a GM guy but after the problems I ran into with this vehicle and the attitude of GM those days are over.
  • Duiji , I agree. The 2011 have not been out long enough and or have not log enough miles to start seeing the Major Problems. As I said the gas milage is at least 4MPG lower than the sticker shows. I belive the way the transmission shifts may have an effect on the gas milage. GM has change the way the transmission shifts in the 2013. My vehicle does exhibit some of the annoying traits, such as the zipper noise when the steering wheel is turned at low speeds, but not all the time. As I said. At the first sign of any of thse major faults start showing there ugly heads, The vehicle is gone. I am truly considering dumping this vehicle before the waranty expires! I do not want to go through the head aches that have been discussed here for a vehicle the cost upwards of 50K. These design flaws are truly irresponsible
  • I'm sorry to hear that you have had so many issues with your Acadia. Did you ever open any Service Requests with us through Customer Assistance? If so, could we get the case numbers to look into this?

    GM Customer Service
  • Have you already worked with Customer Service on this, bmataa? If you would like to open a service request with us, please send an email with your name/Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your dealership. As my coworker Christina answers inbound emails from the forum, it would also be helpful if you wanted to include a link to this thread so she would be able to understand the context better.

    GM Customer Service
  • Good morning Marc,

    Thank you for posting, and we'd be happy to look into this further with you. However, I can't promise anything up front. Please get in touch via email with your name, Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 digits of your VIN, current mileage, and the name of your involved dealership. Also, if you could please include a link to this thread, it would help provide my coworker Christina with context as she answers the inbound emails from the forum.

    GM Customer Service
  • We bought our 2008 Acadia new in Feb of 2008. We expected some recalls since it was new and have had some. What we did not expect was everything else besides the recalls. We had to have the motor to adjust the drivers seat replaced, we had the water leakage issue, the service air bag light would come on (think we had it in twice for that), the right lane change light in side mirror did not work (thank goodness all of that was covered by our warranty). This past September 2011 we had it in twice at the repair shop for the a/c not cooling on passanger side and making a funny noise.The first time was for a freon leak and the second time the freon was low again and they recalibrated all the doors in the a/c system both of these were less than a month apart. How could that happen in such a short time? And now with the unusual warm weather we have had to use the a/c a few times and it is making the noise again and we have another leak. Not sure if it is freon or antifreeze (it will smell fishy if that makes any since). So back in the shop it will be going. And to top it off the car only has 27,653 miles on it. I LOVE my acadia but NOT worth all the things that have went wrong with it.
  • lovehateacadia,
    I'm sorry that you have had so many difficulties with your Acadia. Is your shop one of our dealerships? If so, we're available to assist in whatever way we can. Please let us know how everything goes with the repair, and send us an email if you would like assistance.
    GM Customer Service
  • bobfishbobfish Posts: 48
    edited February 2012
    We had a 2008 Acadia,zero problems and now a 2011.I think the transmission shifts just fine better than our 08 and the gas mileage is not any better or worse than any other cuv or suv of its size.
  • I too have a 2008 acadia which has approx 110,000 miles on it and it is falling apart. Have had to replace transmission (which was luckily under warranty) now water pump is leaking and I haven't been able to get it fixed keep putting fluid in since it is a slow leak.. the steering column feels funny and makes a noise when turning (asked dealership last time had it in and they said this was not a warranty item).. had issues with leaking around driver door area which leaves water in my floor area around brake area and then starts smelling this has been doing since I got vehicle but dealership said it was not under warranty so I havent paid to get something fixed that GM should take care of ... I have recently been thinking of getting another vehicle and love the size and all of my acadia.. haven't been happy with gas mileage or all the problems so will prob go with something else. Feel that if so many people have the problems gm should take initiative to fix. Already had both headlights go out and had to replace as well.. Not happy with Acadia at all. It is embarrassing how the steering sounds.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Most of the the issues, except the leaking sun/moon roofs occur after the vehicle has greater than 30K miles.

    Maybe that's the problem as I only have 10K on mine.

    After owning GM vehicles since 2000 i would highly recommend a Major Guard extended warranty for any GM vehicle as I've always used mine many times over and is an extremely valuable tool in up keeping
    GM vehicles.

    One thing I've noticed that contributes to the bad mileage is the shifting pattern of the transmission. If you depress the pedal normally, I noticed that the shift from 1 to 2 occurs at 3000 rpm. Not really high but compared to my Yukon Denali which never shifts at 3K (more like 2K) makes a big difference in gas consumption. Course the V8 delivers more torque at a lower rpm.
  • mdw69mdw69 Posts: 1
    I have the same issue with my 2010 Acadia White in colour. I wonder if it is a issue with the paint itself. I was going to ask the dealer, as well the passenger door is now rubbing the paint off each time the door is opened :(
  • I hope that your visit to the dealership goes well, mdw69. Defects in paint and
    other appearance items are normally corrected during new vehicle preparation. There is also information on appearance care on page 10-85 of your owner's manual.

    Please keep us updated, and if we can be of any assistance don't hesitate to get in touch via email.
    GM Customer Service
  • I also had a 2010 and had the same exact problems after being at the dealer every other day my husband and I came to the conclusion that we had to get rid of the piece of junk. I think it is unfortunate that GM wont admit that they have this horrible product out there....
  • We were getting close to a decision to purchase a 2012 Acadia SLT2, after reading the last 2 pages of this thread I am going to put our plans on hold until the 2013 model comes out and see what shakes down with them.
  • I actually started this thread a few months back. We've had our engine dropped several times. Had the transmission repaired a few times too. Sensor issues out to wazoo. I have only 1 out of 4 power windows that work. Our radio just died one day out of the blue. We have constant timing problems. My air bag light is always on. The dealers reply, " It will just not function." if I'm in an accident the airbag will just not deploy. Awesome. thanks. :sick: We too have the problems with the seat, never even brought that one up. The light knob that actually turns the lights on and off is concaved into my dash board. I went to put the fog lights on one night, and boom the whole thing fell into the dash. One of the power window switches is in my door, guess it doesn't matter much though because it doesn't work anyway. It's almost comical how horrible this vehicle actually is.
  • Good thinking!
  • jrdredjrdred Posts: 7
    I have just had to take mine back in for the radio flashing white and sometimes having what looks like a different language on it. This has happened since they worked on the leaks, that were in the vehicle seams, and had to remove part of the dashboard. However, they called to say I would need a new radio ($381.00). I don't think so! I am not putting any more money in this lemon!!! I am also not buying another GM product.
  • mavi1111mavi1111 Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    Let me first start by saying that I want to love my Acadia, I really do. However, I cannot trust it while driving in the rain. About a year ago, I drove in a puddle of water and suddenly the car stalled. The steering wheel was locked for about 15 seconds. After that I tried to avoid any puddles and I was quit successful until today. Once again, I drove into some wet areas and the car stalled. The feeling of no control is very scary and luckily I was only driving about 20mph when this happened. I cannot begin to imagine what would have happened if I had been on the freeway. In addition to that, the rain has brought about a new and disappointing problem. As I go to move my vehicle from my driveway to the street, I turn the car off, take the key out of the ignition, step out, and shockingly the car is still running. I don't know anything about vehicles and the one person who does, my husband, is deployed to Afghanistan. So I do the next best thing I could do, with it being so late, and did a little research on the computer. It appears from other Acadia owners, that when it rains water is somehow able to penetrate the fuse box causing total malfunction and battery drainage. Sure enough an hour later I go out to check on the vehicle and the battery is dead. WOW. And of course I'm out of warranty, I think. Unless the Powertrain covers it, which I'm sure it doesn't. I wonder how much this one's going to cost me? It seems to me that GM is aware of this flaw judging by the amount of people who have experienced the same issues. So I'm left asking why this isn't being taken care of. Especially the incidents with getting the undercarriages wet. Like I said in the beginning, I want to love my Acadia, but everytime it rains I'm thinking I should have went with a Toyota.

    2007 GMC Acadia SLE
    6X,XXX miles (not sure the exact amount, my battery is dead. Thanks GMC!)
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