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GMC Acadia Problems and Repairs



  • nikos3nikos3 Posts: 1
    edited April 2012
    I've had my 2007 Acadia for 3 and a half years. This has been the most expensive vehicle I've ever purchased. I took over someones lease with about 35,000 km on it and I had a brain cramp 2 years ago and bought it off lease. BIGGEST MISTAKE i ever made when it comes to vehicles and regret it every single day. Besides the typical transmission problems, power steering problems, leaking fluids, heated wiper fluid recalls, tire sensor corrosion issues, the radio not working one day and then working the other, etc, etc, lately my driver's window would not go down sometimes without lowering the passenger window first and then it would go down. I took it to the GM dealer and they said that its possibly the battery because it's very weak. So I had them replace the battery. It was fine the first day of course but the next day it started doing the same thing and now (about a month later) it's worse than ever. Now it may or may not go down whether I lower the passenger window or not and also it may or may not go up and this is happenning to the passenger window as well. I'm sick and tired of having to take it in the dealer all the time and with 150,000 km now its out of warranty and it's expensive to fix. Unfortunately I can't get rid of it because It's worth nothing and i still have a loan on it. It's amazing how a bad car decision can put you in debt for years. I've always had a GM vehicle in my 30 years of driving but this is THE LAST GM VEHICLE I WILL EVER PURCHASE AND I WILL GO OUT OF MY WAY TO MAKE SURE NOONE IN MY FAMILY OR MY FRIENDS PURCHASE. I live in Oshawa Ontario, Canada's GM home and I have a lot of friends that work or have worked at GM and even they don't buy GM anymore. I had to vent somewhere.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964

    I'm truly sorry that your Acadia hasn't been a satisfactory vehicle for you over the past few years that you've owned it. Unfortunately, I myself would be unable to follow up on this. You may want to contact GM of Canada, customer assistance for our Canadian drivers, at 800-263-3777 (Hours: M-F 7:30am - 11:30pm, Sat 7:30am - 6:00 EST).

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • I bought my Acadia SLE AWD in July 2008. I have bought many new GM products in the past and this vehicle has been nothing but problems. The motor was pulled with 18,000 miles to change sensors. It then went back in a week later to have the timing belt changed. The water pump was replaced 1 month ago. My coolant is now half for no reason. The air conditioner never seems to blow cold air consistently.. works some days and others it blows far from cold. My vehicle has 40,000 miles on now... The transmission seems to be acting up between 1,000 to 2,500 rpms. Is there anything i can do for Lemon Law??
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,065
    Too late for the lemon law. Course lemon is a state by state thing so you may want to check out what it is for your state.

    Seems like this thing is going to cost you a bunch of money. You should decide if you want to cut your losses and dump it.
  • I have tried to send an email to and my server came back informed me that it was refused due to GM blackhole list. So how do I now send an email to correspond if I can't send the required information to the correct person?
  • mgap74mgap74 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Acadia SLT with 100,000 miles. It now wants to stall every time I drive it. I have had it scanned several times and the only thing that shows a 'Loss of communication with the BCM'. I replaced the BCM, had the electrolytic gel repair completed and the ECM reflashed. It still is stalling and I can not recreate it by wiggling any of the wiring. It also will sometimes activate the door locks right before it stalls.

    Any ideas?

  • jentang5jentang5 Posts: 1
    I bought my Acadia used in October of 2011. 6 months later and it has been in the shop 5 times!!! The things that I have had gone wrong are Master Cylinder replaced, headlight recall, a/c replaced, air bag sensor, heated seat melted the airbag sensor, transmission wave plate replaced, leaky sunroof, and intake tuning valve stuck. The lady before me has done the sunroof leak as well, water pump, steering (a couple times) and a/c. I paid $28000 plus fees and warranties for a car that is in the shop once a month. The dealer isn't much help, they will let me trade it in but only giving me $24000 as a trade-in while i still owe $30000, because I have only had the car 6 months. I am not sure what I am going to do but I am so unhappy with this car. This car is for sure a lemon but I have been told that used cars don't qualify as lemons. I am going to start complaining to GM and see what they will do for their costumers.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    I'm sorry about the confusion with email. Try my work email:

    GM Customer Service
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964

    Had you already called into our Customer Assistance Center to set up a case? We'd be happy to get one set up as well. Let me know!

    GM Customer Service
  • I still can't believe that the steering problems in the Acadia are not subject to a recall. GM seems to be having steering problems with more models than the Acadia. Pickups other suvs,cars. Not owning up to this will not make it go away, but will surely make owners go find others to buy. It seems GM is looking to go broke again in the next five years. Not taking care of these problems sure doesn't make one go out and buy a new GM car or truck. Whats going on with GM? Looks like the 3.6 v-6 is a junk engine and going into more models all the time and is something being done, it doesn't seem so.
  • I posted a message about the problems im having with my 09 Acadia on January of 2012. After nearly having a accident when the steering colum fail.. and other problems like Clunking noise on front of the vehicle, 3 different code need re-programming for "engine problem" and replacing my steering columm which GMC agreed to pay half of the repair. I really felt they should have pay the whole thing since this issue is widely spread on this type of vehicle. Now I still have the clunking noise which I am now use to live with it, the re-programming of the transmission seems to made my shifting worst right around 65-75mph. Now lately my rear latch shocks for the rear access door are shot! I ended replacing them my self instead of bringing it to the shop...and just today 4/21/2012 my rear access door latch don't want to open no matter how much I push, pull or tug on the handle...We are on the park with my kids and their bikes, when I tried openning the trunk with no avail, I ended calling my friend with a pick-up truck to help us out..To make matter worst there is no manual release button or back-up release for the trunk or rear access door...I AM REALLY, REALLY, REALLY sick of this piece of junk...I guess I will be calling the shop for repair!!! ****WARNING IF YOU ARE READING THIS DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF JUNK I AM TRYING TO SAVE YOU FROM HEAD ACHE"
  • stohomestohome Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced a problem with the Malfunction Indicator Light (the one that looks like an engine) staying on, even after maintenance?
    I purchased a 2011 GMC Acadia Denali AWD new from my local dealership in May 2011. My buying experience was pleasant and the scheduled service changes seemed to go well (i.e. oil, tire rotations etc). The Malfunction Indicator Light came on in mid-March and stayed on. I followed the trouble shooting listed in the Operator Manual with no success. I scheduled an appointment with the local dealer service department and was told that the knock sensor had gone bad and that the replacement would be covered by warranty. I was assured that there was no harm in continuing to drive the vehicle and that I would receive a phone call when the part arrived in order to schedule the service appointment to change the sensor. After three weeks of NOT receiving a call, I called the dealership and found out the part had arrived. I took the first available appointment two days later. After 2 1/2 hours waiting, the sensor was replaced and I was told that the problem was resolved. I drove less than ten miles before the same light came back on. I called GMC and went back to the dealer. I was told that the new sensor had also gone bad and that the dealer would now replace the knock sensor again as well as the attached wire harness. I was told I would be called as soon as the parts arrived. After the first experience, I asked to make a tentative appointment. I NEVER received a call. I called prior to my appointment to ensure the parts had arrived and they had. I waited for over three hours this time and was told that the wire harness was bad but the knock sensor wasn't so only the harness was changed. I drove the Acadia once and the next time I started it (approx 2 hours later), the light was again on. I called the dealership and was asked to drop off the vehicle that day. I dropped the vehicle off and was told the testing would be done that night and I would be called in the morning so I could be informed on the findings. Guess what......NO CALL AGAIN! I had to call to see what the problem was. I was told a computer module had malfunctioned and that a new module had been ordered and would be replaced the following day AND that I would receive a call to let me know the status of my vehicle. NO CALL for the fourth time. I called the service department today and was informed that the car was test driven after replacing the module and that the light was off initially but by the end of the test came back on. Supposedly, the service department called GMC Engineering (they don't seem to be good at calling people in my opinion) and were told to replace all wiring between the power train and the computer modules. I was told that changing the wires would be a 4 to 5 hour job and that it wouldn't be complete until this coming Monday. I was also told I would be called and I'm not holding my breath. There is one person in the entire service department that seems to be competent and I'm trying to use only him. The rest of the department is a complete disappointment. I do not appreciate being told time after time that I will be called only to have it not happen and I'm curious as to what experience or lack there of the mechanics have. I don't feel like the right course of action has been taken after the first replacement of the sensor. Since this light deals primarily with the transmission and vehicle emissions, I'm afraid there may be a worse underlying problem with the transmission (especially after using this forum) and that it is being tap danced around. This is my first GMC and is very close to being my last. :mad:
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I suggest you find another dealer. Good luck.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,001
    Thank you for taking the time to post your experience and concerns. Can you please email me directly with the name of the dealer you are working with, your VIN, current mileage, and complete contact information to Social Please include your experience. I look forward to hearing further from you.
    GM Customer Service
  • Today I was told that I have to replace all four tires and brake pads, and replace the front rotors on my 2008 GMC Acadia SLT, which I purchase August 2011.

    I'm looking at my Certified Pre-Owned 172-Point inspection report and my tire treads depths were 7, 6, 7, and 5 /32nds. My brake pad thicknesses were 5, 8, 4, and 8 mm.

    My salesperson told me the tires had another 25-thousand miles and that the brake pads were brand new. I now know that is not true and that the tires and brake pads were actually close to the minimum values.

    So my question for other Certified Pre-Owned buyers is did your vehicle also start with values close to the minimums?

    If so, did anyone explain to you what the values meant in terms of remaining use?

    Finally, for those with experience of certified per-owned vehicles from different companies, did you experience the same issue with inspection values being just above the minimums?

    Thank you so much for any information, thoughts or suggestions!
  • Sarah, sent the email to you. I have taken my Acadia down to Davenport on 04/13/2012 and rented a car until they called to say my car is fixed. Well after spending 423.00 on a rental, I couldn't afford to any longer. So my husband lent me his truck. It has been 11 days now, that my car has been at Davenport and its still not fixed. I just made a 900.00 payment to drive my car for the month of May. And from what they told my husband that they are going to now replace the transmission? Someone please help me end this night mare and get my car back in drivable without any problems steering.
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning tmiller87,

    Thank you for sending an email our way; please expect to hear back from us soon.

    All the best,
    GM Customer Service
  • im having the same issues, very frustrating... car keeps running while keys out, rear wiper keeps running even though button isnt pressed, having to boast every morning due to dash flickering on/off all night, very weird...
    please help
  • gmcustsvcsarahgmcustsvcsarah Posts: 1,964
    Good morning barrymania1981,

    I'm sorry that you're frustrated with your Acadia! Have you had this diagnosed by anybody at this point? If we can look into this further with you, please contact us at (include your name/Edmunds username, phone and address, the last 8 of your VIN and current mileage, and the name of your preferred dealership).

    GM Customer Service
  • dompdomp Posts: 24
    Sorry, but if you have a sunroof, looks like you might be having the same issues a bunch of us are having - water leaking onto your electronics. I'm at $1300 out of my own pocket so far to get me out of first gear and to get the car to stop running when I pull the keys out. $2500 if I want my airbags to work too. Might want to check the Buick Enclave and Saturn Outlook forums as well, and NHTSA website, and youtube. For your sake, I hope they have a recall issued before you have to bring it in.
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