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Toyota RAV4 2008



  • raydahsraydahs Posts: 449
    (Actually it is not the same 99 got t-boned December 2004.)

    Oh yeah, I remember that.....dang it's been a while. Well I think you'll like the Silver after a while. I settled for the Blizzard Pearl........wish I had either the Silver or that Everglade Green........oh well still content with the purchase. Remember to check out Kelly's place (RAVMAN).....Good stuff there as well :shades:
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Well if nothing else the Ash interior will go better with my black lab's fur than the Taupe would have... :)
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Has Toyota started including the towing "pre-wiring" in the Towing Prep Package for 2008 models? My understanding was that the TPP did NOT include this, in fact the pre-wiring is not listed with the TPP but is listed as an available accessory (included with hitch installation) in the brochure. But I am looking at the build sheet for my incoming RAV4 and it lists:

    Towing Prep Package - V6 3,500lb. Towing Capacity - Includes Upgrade Radiator, Fan Coupling, Alternator, and Pre-WIring

    It would be nice if that was the case; it was kind of a rip-off the way they were selling a TPP without the pre-wiring...
  • wstevecwstevec Posts: 126
    I found the same problem, the hissing sound on your i-pod is caused when the i-pod is charging. If you take the chargning unit out of the 12v plug you should not have the hissing problem. The only problem is that you will have to charge the i-pod either outside of your RAV4 or charge it when you are not using it. Let me know if this solves your problem.
  • vidkidvidkid Posts: 1
    I agree.
    My wife and I rented a Rav4 just to make sure we considered and tested everything on the vehicle (can't do much on a dealer test drive but take it up to 75mph and then through town at 35).
    Renting is a pretty cheap investment for a complete test of the vehicle. We decided to purchase a Rav4 because of the rental test and we love the vehicle.
  • ocerocer Posts: 7
    Got my 08 Rav4 Sport V6 this weekend, love it except the long antenna, and would like to replace it with short or stubby one. Thanks!
  • I am currently driving Rav4 4-WD. The car does not lock itself after i start it and driving. Also if i manually lock the car while driving then it does not unlock after i stop the car. I have key less entry and this seems to be very basic feature. Even 1997 Honda Accord i won have it. Can someone tell me if this feature exist? Is there some setup i am missing or this could be a defect?
  • Went into town this morning to buy a 2008 Cr-V to supplement our Honda stable (CR-V 2002, and Honda 13HP-driven generator).
    Thought I'd call in at the Toyota dealership on the way in to see if they had free coffee (they did).
    The salesman came over and we chatted about the 2008 RAV4 V6 I was looking at.
    Took it for a test drive on the highway at 120km/h.
    Ha! Bad move. Just bought a 2008 RAV4 with the V6.
    3rd row seats are a joke. My BIG black lab will sit over them on his $121 cargo liner, and we'll live happily ever after.
    I've never been so impressed with any other car.
    I can't wait to burn off the all-season tires so that I can install winter tires.
    Yeah, baby!
    Although, I must say that my CR-V with Michelin X-Ice winter tires is great.
    Super-Dooper Tuesday indeed!
    Now. How can I tell my wife?

    Dave from Canada
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,932
    How can I tell my wife?

    Maybe you could take a hair dryer to the RAV4 badges and peel them off. :shades:

    Congrats on the new ride!
  • Yebut.
    She goes to Florida in two weeks, for two weeks, and I'm supposed to sit here stewing, because the car I bought is still at the dealership?
    I need better answers, Steve. Hair dryers ain't gonna do it.
    (Thanks on the congrats, BTW. I was blown away by the power, when I decided to overtake the car in front of me. What a vehicle! V6. Fantastic.)
    Sob. I can't get it until Feb 18.
    Even my 2002 CR-V is weeping.
    My black lab is, as always, just asking for food.
    How much more is my insurance going to escalate? Does anyone know?
    Does anyone care?
    (I don't)
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    Heh, it took a couple of weeks for my 2008 V6 to come in after I "ordered" it, which was definitely some sort of torture.

    I have had mine for 9 days now, and I like it very much. My black lab hasn't set her muddy paws in it yet, but it'll happen eventually...made sure I got the gray interior instead of taupe. Almost worth buying a Sport for that dark charcoal interior, would've matched the lab fur nicely, but mine's just a Base. ;)

    I am finding it very hard not to see just how fast it is, which you are not supposed to do during this break-in period...another form of torture :D

    Regarding insurance, I was shocked to find my insurance only went up $90/6 months from my 11-year old Tahoe to the brand new RAV4...I was bracing to get hammered worse than that, since the RAV is worth eight times what the Tahoe was.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The cost of liability insurance overshadows collision insurance but a WIDE margin, probably multiples.

    A Tahoe can do a LOT more damage than a RAV4 in an accident but what is probably more important to the insurance companys is the driver's "I'm in an armoured vehicle" driving attitude in a Tahoe vs the RAV4.
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    You could very well be right about that, but I figured the replacement cost for comprehensive and collision is so much higher for the new vehicle it would outweigh any liability difference...
  • My local dealership has about a dozen new RAV4s on the lot, in various colours. I didn't notice how many were V6, or what the trim level was.
    We deliberately stay away from dark interior colours because of the temperature rise (if the sun ever shines again). Mine is also a base, but I can't believe the bells and whistles it comes with.
    I have spoken to my insurance broker a couple of times, but I haven't asked about premiums. I don't want to know!

    On the government website,
    (sorry, I couldn't make it link)

    the V6 RAV4 looks very good in terms of gas consumption. How accurate is this, though?

    My wife goes to FL on Sunday, Feb 17, and I had arranged pickup of the RAV4 on Monday Feb 18.
    Now, I am reminded that this is our (Ontario) new "Family Day" statutory holiday, so I will have to pick up on the Tuesday.
    That, my friend, is torture!
  • sdc2sdc2 Posts: 780
    I bought mine from the largest Toyota dealer in the state...I got one of the TWO Base V6s they were allocated for all of February. So they are around, but usually you have to jump on them when available...and it is difficult to get them to deal on the V6s. I went through a fleet dealer to get mine at invoice price, otherwise the best I was offered from another dealer was $750 off of MSRP.

    The only penalty for the V6 is in the purchase price. For example the EPA rating for an AWD RAV4, the I4 is 20 city 25 highway, the V6 is 19 city 26 highway.

    I haven't taken a trip with mine yet, only have 325 miles so far. Got 21.2 mpg so far in city/suburban driving (in very cold weather). Others have reported in the upper 20s on the highway.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,932
    I dunno how this thread title wound up going from da SUV to da man, but enough about me. ;)

    And remember Dave, anticipation is the best part.
  • cbmortoncbmorton Posts: 252
    Congrats on the new RAV4. I'm also in Ontario and I'd forgotten about the new long weekend this year. Schweet.

    We have about 18k km on our V6 Limited and think very highly of it. I think you'll be pleased. Insurance-wise, going from a Subaru Impreza to the RAV4 really didn't change the premiums much - surprisingly.

    Fuel economy is not bad around town for the size of the vehicle and engine (we average 18 mpg (US) in winter and 22 mpg in summer) but it's at its best on highway cruises when the rpms drop right down in 5th gear. 27-28 mpg is no problem if you can resist putting your foot into it too often.

  • nimrod99nimrod99 Posts: 343
    take a look at these pictures
    Would be nice if they could offer this in the USA

    It comes in a Diesel version too
  • dtowndtown Posts: 20
    Just to let you know, there is a TSB out at Toyota for the noise you describe in your Aux input. Your dealer can install a filter that will eliminate that whine in your stereo when listening to your ipod. Check with your dealer and see if they can help you. If not, let me know, and there is another solution I can offer that I use on mine. Hope this helps.
  • dtowndtown Posts: 20
    Here is the info you need for the noise problem.
    If you cant open this link, its TSB ( Tech Service Bulletin # AU004-7. Your dealer will know what that means. They should resolve your problem at NO cost to you.
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