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What grade of gas does the Murano need



  • fitcfitc Posts: 11
    No problem.

    Btw, the manual is available online, and it will answer a lot of pre-sale questions people may have...

    2009 Nissan Murano Owners' Manual

    It is ~4 MB in size.

  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Wow thats some info.
    Thankyou for letting us know and again thankyou for typing all that information for us. Lets keep it simple, If I'll get the Murano I'll definitely be using the 91 octane gas as thats the highest grade I have seen around here.
  • jaymkjaymk Posts: 86
    Thanks Steve for the comparision, thats really nice of You.
  • fitcfitc Posts: 11
    Oh, I didn't type all of that - I just copied the relevant section from the manual. :)

    Keep in mind that in the US and Canada, what we call "Octane" is actually the Anti-Knock Index (AKI). So our "87 Octane" gasoline will be rated higher (91-92) in Europe. I think that's what the Manual was trying to say, but they made it somewhat confusing. The bottom line is, you'll be fine using Regular Unleaded (87), but may experience worse gas mileage, and the engine might perform slightly below the specs.

  • I am curious to see what others are getting in mileage for the 2009 Murano AWD. I am only getting about 20MPG. Drove on the highway for 2 hours and it did not seem as though we were getting anything more that 20MPG. Have the car 3 weeks and other than the 4 hours up and back to State College today we have used it in town. I have used midrange unleaded 89 Octane gas. I think I will try to see if premium does better with mileage.
  • So far I have had my 2009 Murano SL AWD for 1 week (8 days to be precise) and have managed a 20.2 MPG average for the first 350 miles with whatever gas the dealer gave me. Most of my drive have been a mix of city (with braking for traffic & red-signals) and a short drive up & down on I-287 in NJ. I see no reason why I should not be able to reach the EPA stated 23MPG.

    I paid a hefty $34K OTD for the car (while the rest of the country was paying $30-32K OTD) and I definitely intend to use Premium Gas and keep the engine in prime running condition.

    Will keep this forum updated on how the mileage I get in the future as well.
  • Not true- Nissan recommends 91. I use 87 due to cost though
  • After reading about transmission issues on some consumer reviews, I am wondering if purchasing a 2004 Murano with 44,000 is a good move? Any feedback would be great. My second choice is a 2006 Pathfinder with the same mileage.
  • I used 87 for my 06 Murano SL-AWD and got 23 mpg (most of my driving is highway). The few times I used 91 was because the service station was out of regular - and I hardly noticed a difference. I traded it in at 60,000 miles for an '09 Murano which seems to be doing just as well using 87. Love that car!!
  • I still have my 1997 Pathfinder with 120,000 miles! In 2006 we wanted to trade up for a new Pathfinder and decided instead on a Murano after the test drive. The CVT transmission was super smooth and we never had any problems with it, though I've heard some complaints about earlier models. We just traded up the Murano for a new one but still have the 1997 Pathfinder - mostly for hauling stuff from the home store or garden center. It does 70 mph fine on the highway but there is not much pick-up if I want to pass someone. I am sure the 2006 model has a better engine and more upgrades. I personally find the Murano to be a sportier ride but you wouldnt want to use it to haul stuff or go offroad. Check the car history of both vehicles and then determine what you want from the vehicle - that should help you decide. Just my 2 cents.
  • my manual says to use premium, but I've been told that in CO the higher altitude makes that unnecessary, so I'm the idiot who buys mid grade. We were just in the mountains this past weekend and on our trip home got 24. something mpg. Best ever! Usually it's 20.4 or so.
  • When the manual say's premium, it means the 90 Octane, not the Super Premium 92-93 Octane.
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