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Subaru Legacy/Outback Transmission Problems



  • davyb94davyb94 Posts: 1
    I have a 1994 Legacy that most of the time wont shift it is stuck in 3rd gear. I was thinking it was a torque converter issue. any ideas?
  • mal6mal6 Posts: 1
    Throttle Position Sensor would be a good place to look first. Depending on whether it was equipped with it that far back in time, check the solenoid in transmission. Given that the vehicle is nearly 20 years old, it could be numerous things, but those two would be good to check before pulling it apart. When was the the fluid last changed? Was it ever driven dry?
  • subyturtlesubyturtle Posts: 3
    I have a new one for you all, I think. My 2011 3.6R with 2,000 miles on it won't go in reverse. I had to be towed from a parking lot on Saturday! I have experienced the same clunking in reverse and hard shifting when slowing/accelerating that everyone has and have been meaning to get to the dealer, but life has gotten in the way. I guess I can't ignore it any longer!

    My husband wants our money back as he has no confidence in the2011 OB transmission (this is our third OB-no problems with the first 2). What are the chances the dealer will refund our money or do they have the right to try and fix the extremely screwed up transmission? I took the car sight unseen from another dealer as I had driven others but this was the color/configuration I wanted.
  • dlanningdlanning Posts: 8
    all i know is that the CVT transmssion is junk and lost of people are realy pissed off and some retard at subaru decided to put subaru name and at risk and hurt thier customers ,it sounds like an american ceo , but if you take it in and you want your money back i would just ask for an exchange for the same car but with a manual trans . Subaru has never had prolbems with the manual trans at all and don't let the delear BS. you at all on it if they say it doesent come with a manual in that model then they are Liar's! i know because i got on with the 3.6r and i love it and no funney sounds just great running and the traction on the ice is better than in a manual trans and also for towing as well the transmission will handle the load with out harm.
  • My car has just started with this problem.. I have brand new tires, when I go in revers i feel the car shift gears but the car does not move. when I press the gas peddle the car I feel like the tires lock and when I press the gas peddle again then the car will move. But the car hesitates to move. Also when i pull off my front tires they skid. which never happened before. While im driving the car changes gears fine. I don't know what is wrong with my car????
  • htakeuchhtakeuch Posts: 2
    I am looking in to purchasing a new Legacy 2.5i. I went to the dealer and they didn't have a manual transmission one so I test drove a manual Outback. The salesman said that it'll will be the same car just with a different body. I liked how the Outback drove and I liked the interior of the car (I sat on a automatic model of the legacy).

    I really like the car and I am thinking of purchasing one with a manual transmission.. is it worth it? or does the manual legacy give problems with the transmission as well??? I saw a recall on the NHTSA website for the manual transmission for this car as well and I am worried about that too. Just asking because I really liked the car but if its too much of a trouble I will keep on shopping around. Thanks !!!
  • tlawlertlawler Posts: 5
    My problem was with the automatic and the large engine. I've not heard of any issues with the manual trannies.
  • htakeuchhtakeuch Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply I am hearing many positive reviews from actual owners I might go for the legacy after all. Hope your issue with your car gets resolved.

  • dmbhdbdmbhdb Posts: 1
    Having read this thread and several that were linked from it I wanted to ask a question to people experience issues. I have a new 2011 Legacy that was just picked up June 30, we have put about 1100 miles on it. A few times we have discovered the coasting to a stop and hard downshifting issue. I have started looking into whether it's a big deal or something that has to do with the tramission build, etc. My question: Did this happen to people who had only 1 driver using the car, or more than one? I've read so much about the car "learning" a driving style and my fiance and I rotate who drives and we're wondering if we have a hand in it's problem.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Is yours the H6? Because the 4 bangers have the CVT...
  • sparky56sparky56 Posts: 8
    For what it is worth, it looks like they issued a recall on the manual transmissions on July 15, per the NHTSA website.
  • sparky56sparky56 Posts: 8
    Make that July 15, 2010. We had to have the dealer replace our 6 speed in June.
  • kmarkell1kmarkell1 Posts: 2
    Please let me know if you find an answer to this question! I bought a Legacy on the exact same day as you and have experienced the same thing. I am the only one that drives my car and I am a relatively gentle driver- I've been babying it!

  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    Maybe it was lost in translation somewhere, but what engine and transmission does your car have? I'm thinking we must be talking about some sort of automatic, but that is as far as I can reasonably deduce.
  • When I accelerate from first to second the car jumps a little, it is an automatic. The jump is like a jolt or kick, feels like it might be a tranny problem. All the other gears shift pretty smooth and the car drives really good. Just seeing if anyones knows if this is an early, or late sign of a transmission slip or something simple. Thanks guys
  • mjmay9mjmay9 Posts: 1
    Same problem with our '11 Legacy. Hard down shift and it is not dependent on the driver. We like everything about the car except this one problem. Very annoying.
  • I have had the same issue!!! I called Subaru Corporate over 140 times, I talked to Deloria Marshall.... 1-800-782-2783. I think she went to school to learn how to NOT help people, she is worthless!! But I called so many times she finally had no choice. They did fix it, I had to threaten with Lemon Law.

    Your transmission is screwed up and they need to fix it!!!! Stay on it!

    This is my third Subaru and my last, I will never own another Subi in my lifetime. Buick is supposed to come out with an AWD Wagon.
  • xwesxxwesx Fairbanks, AlaskaPosts: 8,391
    So, what was done in order to fix it? I mean, other than the myriad phone calls, etc.
  • what did they do to fix it?? i was given a 7yr warranty. i'd like more info. to go back to them with. i still have the bump!
  • So my transmission has gone and I need to order a new one, I was looking online and I found descriptions of a transmission " 2002 SUBARU IMPREZA Transmission - Automatic Transmission, 2.5L, Outback & TS" I will call the company to confirm that it matches but I wanted a 2nd opinion on if the transmissions for the legacy and outback 2002 are the same?

    Thanks for help in advance
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