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1997 Safari/Astro Window/Door Issues



  • 2hawks2hawks Posts: 5

    It sounds like you may have either a stripped gear, or a shot in the motor. I would try to locate a used window motor and replace it. not sure where you are, but around here you can get them all day long for around 30 bucks used.

    They are not that hard to change out, first time may have to drill out the rivets, and replace them with some self tapping metal screws.

  • 2hawks2hawks Posts: 5

    I haven't had to replace that one yet (crossing fingers), but you should be able to find one at most junk yards.

  • Did you ever find out what the problem was with your window? I have the same exact problem with the driver and passenger windows. If I roll them all the way down it takes forever to get them back up. Everything you described is what happens to me.
  • I finally figured out it was the motor, there were gears slipping in the housing, I replaced the motor and it has worked fine ever time.

    ps. I found a used motor at the junk yard for 20 bucks and it wasn't that hard to replace.
  • I have not fixed it as yet, but it is becoming more annoying all the time. It doesn't always stick but seems to at the worst times like when you are going into a car wash and have to put the window down to get the ticket. I just patiently keep pushing the button and it goes up a little at a time and finally get it all the way up. Have you fixed yours?
  • How did you remove the pannel and do you need a special tool? Thanks Bob
  • I also have the same exact problem with both of my Astros (95&'01)...very agonizing! to say the least!!! I have lived with this prob for many years on the '95 and because I am retired on a fixed income I cannot afford (yet) to get them fixed as dealer wants too much $$$. I recently bought the '01 (LS with leather seats and 62k miles-- real nice!) but the left door window quit working (going UP) a month after i bought it. I'll look into fixing it following the suggestions on this forum and maybe with the help of my son (a Cessna mechanic) we can "get 'er done!). :confuse: LOL
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