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General Intake / Exhaust Mods



  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    It would help us to know where you are located. I would design my own though and have a local exhaust shop bend up the pipes and weld it up for yah.

  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    New to this board, really just looking for info... I've talked to a few people who have recommended that I get a cold air intake for my new '07 Civic Si. I'm just curious what exactly a cold air intake would do for me. Also, what costs would I be looking at, and where would I be able to get it done? Just any decent auto parts garage?
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    CAIs really only work well in conjunction with several other mods such as a cat-back exhaust and/or headers. The downside to CAIs is that they can suck in water if you go through some deep puddles.

  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    i would agree the cai it kinda makes a different engine sound. kinda like in the old days when guys would flip the top of the air breather upside down and think they were going twice as fast as before. most cars and trucks nowadays pull air from outside the engine bay anyway which is where the expression cold air comes from.
  • What I have: 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid with front wheel drive, 3.3 liter 6 cylinder as found in many Highlanders.

    Would a higher flow exhaust system, for example a Flowmaster muffler series 50 or 60 help, in addition to removing the twists and turns in a Highlander's exhaust system ? I have not found any catback systems for Highlanders. Would I really have to replace the catalytic converter, too? Or how would I know if the stock catalytic converter impedes exhaust gas flow? I also assume there are EPA regulations on catalytic converter replacements, too.
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    finding a catback system wont be necessary if you have an exhaust shop do the work. i dont think it would improve your fuel economy enough to justify the cost. :)
  • the_big_althe_big_al Posts: 1,068
    Okay I'll say my piece on the the K&N. I have owned two different vehicles in which I have run with a K&N. One was a '95 GMC Sonoma with as 4.3 TBI fuel system (the older round filter on top of the fuel injector) and manual tranny and the one I currently own is an '01 Chevy S-10 with a 4.3 with a auto tranny. (It has the rectangular air filter off to the side next to the radiator. I noticed a noticable change with my 95 when I switched to the K&N. I gained about 2 mpg without modifying my driving habits but didnt really notice a horsepower gain. I probably did gain some ponies, but it probably wasn't enough to notice. For that vehicle it was worth it especially since it was still in the vehicle when I got rid of the truck 50K miles later.

    When I bought my '01 I ran with the paper filter for several thousand miles before switching as the K&N, but this time around I didn't really notice a whole lot at all. It didn't seem to change the way the vehicle behaved. One of the first things I had noticed about my '01 compared to my '95 was that even though I now had 40 more ponies, I didn't notice a real change in power or torque or even fuel economy. I actually lost mpg in the much newer truck. I blame this on the fact that my 95 had a manual 5 sp and the 01 had an auto tranny. Anyway, for my the K&N didn't do any good and I have since pulled it out and went back to paper filters as I read that the oils in the K&N can get sucked into the combustion chamber and clog it up... Since I wasn't really gaining anything I decided it was just easier to plop in a new $6 dollar paper filer from Wally World than re-oil the K&N every time it needed a cleaning....
  • I was recently told in Elmore City Oklahoma by the ARROGANT [non-permissible content removed] chief of Police that my flowmaster PROFFESIONALLY installed muflers were ILLEGAL and if i returned to town he would write me a ticket...I have had flowmastrers on EVERY V-8 i have ever owned...Been pulled over for routine stop points,,warning tickets for speeding,,,,and i ALWAYS get compliments on how good my exshaust sounds,,,BUT,,this arrogant individual who is an [non-permissible content removed] HOLE...decided to pick on point is this ,,,they are NOT illegal,,,There are TENS upon THOUSANDS od vehicles on the road even OWNED by law enforcement that have performance muflers,,,I did not install my mufflers,,,a LICENSED shop did...I have been in 4 shops and NONE have a sign that says PLEASE get permission from police,,,,,I will be going back to Elmore City,,i go there every other week-end to get my son,,,,This issue needs to be addressed in the HIGHEST court possible,,,I support the makers of Flowmasters and EVERY other performance muffler,,my vehicle runs cleaner and smoother.......To you [non-permissible content removed] HOLE COPS,,,see ya in court!!!
  • Information share:2003 GMC Sierra 1500 5.3L V8 (SLE two tone)

    I have had a K&N: 57-3021-1: 57 Series FIPK > Performance Intake Kit for about 5 years, I do experience on average 17.4MPG, I recently bought a new MASS AIRFLOW from Granatelli, for $300. While i took out the OEM MAF i notice how similar it looked to the factory stock part. (I took photos) I disconnected the battery as instructed, and installed the part "in front" of the K&N kit (behind the air filter). The truck does seem to idle better and accelerate more smoothly, mileage over the past few days is averaging 18.5MPG (city and highway combined), I use 89 octane fuel, and cleaned the air filter a week or so ago.

    The concern I have is that if looks like an exact replica to the original Delphi unit i took off, Granatelli just machined two slots in the cross bar and eliminated the back side of the black plastic wing, they also seemed to just machine the Delphi metal name plate and replace a sticker with etched part number, but in essences it look identical to the OEM part you can get for $124.00, might be worth just riping off the front screen of the OEM and see how the flow increase works.

  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 38,971
    cleaned the air filter a week or so ago

    That alone could account for the mpg increase.

    Try putting the OEM MAF back on with an OEM paper filter and you may see 20. :D
  • hey i am looking to run a cat back system for my cd coupe astra 2005 1.8ltre i want to run a 2" pipe wid a resonater and highflow muffler wid a tip but i was wondering if it would be fine to run a cannon instead of the muffler wat would produce better sound wen i put my foot down???
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