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Exterior Visual Mods (Spoilers, Body Kits, etc)



  • I recently had to replace my damaged Sarona bumper for my '04 Nissan Maxima.
    I purchased one online from KGS Engineering and had it installed by a good customizing shop.I was better off with the damaged Sarona bumper on it!
    The purchased bumper was molded shoddily and taken out of the mold too soon and left to is a piece of junk.DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCTS FROM
    KGS Engineering!I learned this too late.I made two mistakes.(1) I thought I was dealing with a company that would deliver a quality product(2) I thought I was dealing with a company that would stand behind what they sold!
  • cx5txcx5tx Posts: 2
    I'm looking for a 1/4 inch (high) chrome trim that can be easily cut to size and applied to a flat surface just above the front grill.

    Any recommendations for a product for this use? There's a couple of flexible vinyle / mylar trim in the market. Are they any good?

    It needs to be durable enough to last four or five years under the hot sun and not easily fade or fall off.
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