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Mitsubishi Mods



  • go to they carry the headlights ur looking for if u want a more aggressive look get he halo projectors with some eyelids it looks hot
  • i called a greddy and they are yet to make a turbo for all of the 2006+ eclipses :( how sad right but i know where ya'll can find parts for any import jsut email me @
  • ok upgrades there are a ton!!!!just gotta know where to look a good we site is great web site a turned a 162 horsepower stock in to 200horsepower eclipse but iam still doing bolts ons yet to find a turbo what i can recommend is to cutom build ur own a great perfromance upgrade is to a nitrous kit which will give u about 100hp if u know how to use it and thats not consitant that for about 3-10 seconds NX makes a great on and Zex makes the best i ahven't used one on this ride yet but i used one on my 98 camaro supercharged with a 75 shot and my 95 neon (with eclipse V6 motor swap) with a 50 shot and good gaines but be careful b/c it can blow ur motor ... so any parts u need i can find them hit me up @
  • GREDDY is supposedly making one u can get one custom made for about 3k to 5k now they do make a supercharger for this amazing ride but like all applications be careful ... a bolt on kit for for a turbo is yet to be released even though greddy made a concept for the 2006 GT it isn't released yet! why is beyond me ya know eclipse is a pouplar car so plan in a year or so they will have so many parts it will be crazy but if u want some great bolt on parts email me @
  • paisanpaisan Posts: 21,181
    eclipseboi, please do not advertise on here as it is against the rules. It's great to provide information but selling here is against the rules. Thanks.

  • I bought a set of projector/halo lights from an ebay seller named "assembleweb" and they are really great. With about 5 minutes of grinding work with my dremel tool, they also adapted to my HID bulbs and look super.

    Don't know if he has them in black, as mine are chrome, but you can search ebay and see. There are lots of sellers of lights there, but this guy shipped fast and the quality is excellent. They have been in my car for a couple of months and I have had no problems with moisture or anything else.
  • Does anyone know of a short throw shifter that works with the 06 Eclipse GT 6 speed?
  • There are a lot of arguements for and against this product by actual users of it, but if you read the instructions and look critically at the wiring diagram you see that basically this thing just fools the ecu into a wide open throttle mode. It may "feel" good, but doesn't really do much.
  • I need to find some upgrades for my Lancer. Does anyone know where I can find them
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