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Subaru / SPT Mods



  • hey mines a Ltd too. fully loaded which makes it a dog. and as for chat ill try to look at it tomorrow. you done anything to yours.
    on another note, do you know of a adaptor for the six disk changer to adapt over to a regular imput on an aftermarket player

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    The Subaru Crew chat is a weekly event - almost every Thursday night.

    Mine just putts around town and I barely drive it until Bogus opens. I haven't filled it up since July 1. :-)

    Check out the Sound Systems - Aftermarket & OEM Upgrades discussion for adapter questions.

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  • Also check out Cobb Tuning; they specialize in Subaru upgrades. They have a Stage 1 kit that is supposed to bump the hp to 290 with just an ECU mod (using a neat AccessECU thingy that lets you choose from a variety of maps, including a "valet" (aka "teenager") map), and they are working on a Stage 2 kit which adds an exhaust kit to the Stage 1 kit for a boost to 305hp. Price for the Stage 1 kit is a bit cheaper than Vishnu, plus you have the ability to flash back the stock map if you need to have warranty work done... :D
  • >Also, does anyone here know how fas the sportshift >transmission changes gears???? Both in the S mode and >changing gear manually.....

    When the SPORTSHIFTs are in S mode the tranny simply shifts at a higher rpm than it normally would.
    When there in manual mode there's a little less than a second delay from when you hit the control (either the shifter or the wheel buttons) to when the car upshifts. Just enough time to plunge the thing into the red >:)

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    Does anyone know if the standard radio (on an '06 SE) has an aux jack on the back? I'm considering buying one, and am wondering if I have any options to hardwire an ipod into the head unit, since I hate the way FM modulation works in my area.

    I don't care about anything fancy (like having the radio control anything but volume), I really just want an Aux jack to plug into. If it is there, shouldn't be too hard to pull out the head unit, and fish the wire to someplace convenient. I assume there are kits that will plug right into the ipod and supply power, since there seems to ne an accessory for just about everything else.

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