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Honda Civic Si Coupe

rd1ofakindrd1ofakind Posts: 13
I just bought an '07 Civic Si Coupe w/Navi last Friday, and wanted to start a discussion on this exact model/type. I hear alot of issues with the '06 and even some '07's, so lets talk about issues, likes, dislikes, buying/leasing experiences, etc.

Lets make this the official 2006-2007 Civic Si Coupe forum!

I had a very hard time finding an '07 Civic Si Coupe w/Navi here in Colorado. There was only one available in the state, and I got it, whew! Anyone else have a hard time finding one just like this?

I use to have an '05 S2000 and loved it! I decided to trade it in last year in Feb. for an '06 Acura TL w/Navi for practicality reasons, snow driving, etc.

The Acura was a great car, but I got the itch again for something a bit more sporty, fun to drive, so I compromised and went for the Civic Si. Its been less than a week that I've had it, but so far the car is awesome! What a great compromise, lets see how many others out there can join in on this forum... :)


  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    congrats on your purchase, the si is an awesome car!

    As far as problems go, i have not heard about to many, its a honda so thats to be expected.

    One gripe i have heard off is a stiff-ish shifter, but for the most part, people agree that this is one of the best sticks honda has ever offered.

    Then there is the drive by wire delay that seems to only be a huge deal for cluth it yourself people.

    And then the occasional person who buys the si thinking its the fastest thing ever, and has no idea about honda's take on a performance vehicle.

    I love it.
  • My dad has a 06 Civic Si and its been almost perfect. One problem I did read up on was that when the RPM's are up and then you hit the brake, the RPM needle has a delay in dropping. This problem proved true in my dad's car although not a major problem. I never even noticed till I read up on it on Edmunds. The article said that you can take it to the dealership and they'll fix it for free since it's obviously under warranty. Haven't done so yet but maybe my dad will soon, maybe not.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    this is the drive by wire thing i was talking about; its not so much a fix as it is a software upgrade that closes the gap of time your needle takes in dropping down.
  • blutacblutac Posts: 27
    Anyone know the jumper array to override the headlight switch in controlling the driving lights? On my Tacoma it is a jumper in the uder hood fuse panel.
  • ghanchinghanchin Posts: 4
    2007 - Civic sedan- in the shop 3 times in 7 weeks - anyone else have the same noises- only occur- 10 -15 mph - turning - left - over small height change - like transition in a parking lot.. located here in Denver.. delaer has no clue- BURT -KUNI HONDA - bringing again this week - they are keeping until fixed:)
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    the starter sounded so excited about it and then left. and now we have posts that have nothing to do with it. :sick:
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Well, why don't you contribute something on topic then? ;)
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    lol, i needed that pat!!! ;)

    the si coupe is great......

    (crickets in the distance...)

    i suppose i just need someone to converse with now? :(
  • kenlwkenlw Posts: 190
    I wanted the Si, but instead opted for an EX loaded with goodies. The Si being only manual nixed it for my wife, and the need for premium fuel nixed it for a cost-based purchase. The orange/red dash is too cheesey for me and black interiors are insane for us in the south.

    but it is a neat car, I still like them and envy those who have them. As long as you don't think it is The Fastest Car in the World.....
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    oh, we know that they're not the fastest cars in the world... we (Si owners) just argue that it's pretty well up there on the 'FUN' scale. :shades:
  • kenlwkenlw Posts: 190
    absolutely no argument here!
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    def a fun great handling car, but out of all the small compacts that are made with sporting intentions, i will say that there are a few people who seem to purchase the si actually thinking it is a blazingly fast vehicle. i guess we have the fast and the furious to thank for that! :sick:
  • What oil do you guys recommend for 2007 civic Si coupe? brand? should i go synthetic?
  • Ive had a 07 civic si coupe with navi for about 8 months now. I absolutely love it. handles so perfect, out of all the front wheel drive cars ive driven, it seems to have the least under steer. Probably do to the helical limited slip differential they put in the 07 and the incredibly stable body/suspension. i have noticed the rpm needle stick at high rpm when braking. im going to go get that fixed this week, along with the fuse in the sub i blew. The navi is awesome, impossible to get lost, it takes a little bit to get the voice activation down. you have to talk in a robotic sort of voice. once you get all your addys in the address book its great, can just say for instance "go home" and you get the route asap, then you can set waypoints to wherever you want to go on the way. anyway, ive test driven every car in its class, gti, cobalt ss, mazdaspeed 3, rsx-s. forget which others i drove, anyway, i think the Si is the most fun to drive especially for the price, and i think it will last much longer. some of the other cars might be faster, for instance the mazdaspeed 3, but thats the ugliest car on the road and isnt nearly as fun to drive. i hated the gearbox in it and cardboard like seats and uninspired dash.
    anyway.. get a Si coupe, there awesome. oh yea, when you hit 6k rpm, its like a turbo kicks in and puts you back in your seat with a absolutely perfect vtec sound that just wants you to keep your foot on the peddle. loads of fun :D
  • Seems like everyone here is pretty happy with it. I am fixing to go test drive one tomorrow. I am a little tore between it and the Fit. But if the Fit turns out to be closed to or about the same price as the Si i might just go with the Si. I dont trust the "build & price" at anymore. once i got to the dealer and saw that the A/T Sport was $5,000 more then what it said on line, I was in for a sticker shock. How much did ya'll pay. I am in WA so I know the price will be different but it gives me a good idea what a price tag looks like
  • If you notice on that price tag, theres a market adjustment price on it. They add that because its a popular car and they sell fast. Its really very easy to get that off the price. Here in oregon the market adjustment was like 3000 extra or something. This is what I did, I told them i want an Si, im going to buy it today, but im not paying that market adjustment price, im only paying msrp for it. they will try to haggle and what not, just say well ive been to another dealership and there not going to charge me for the market adjustment. so in the end you will get it for msrp. My way i think is the most simple and gets to the point as quick as possible. So i paid 23,000 because i got the navigation , then i had fog lights and splash guards added which was like 650.
    good luck to ya :)
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    I didn't even pay MSRP for mine... I wasn't able to get the Navigation, but without that $1700 pricetag, I still got mine for just over $20,000. But yes, I agree with themistocles, the "market adjustment" is just a load of it. That's only there to make you think that you got a good deal after you get it knocked off -- not true. The Si is in demand, but you still don't really have to pay MSRP. Think more in the range of within $1,000 of Invoice. So yea, the "adjustment" never even entered the question, and because I used a car-buying service through Costco (btw, I also got mine in Oregon), I was able to get a reasonable, pre-negotiated price without too much work on my part. However, if you check the other forums, most people were able to get about my price, or better. Exactly, I was $20,484, plus $169-ish for title/registration. No tax in Oregon, so I luckily saved ~$1.5k. Keep in mind, I did actually get the sedan, so the coupe is ~$200 cheaper.
  • Thanks kork13 & themistocles, That helps me out a lot. It makes me feel like I could afford the car. Well I am off to find a dealer that has one in stock. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • hey when i turn my lights on my 07 civic si, the spedmometer and tach lights dim. thats normal right? i cant remember if it did that before
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    That's pretty normal for vehicles. At night, when the headlights are on, you automatically dim down the gauge lights.
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