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Honda Civic Si Coupe



  • sarnmansarnman Posts: 5
    Does anyone have experience with the VSA system in the new Si's? I know on some cars it kicks in way too early and some it helps out. My dad's Magnum has it and he says it keeps the car in line when he is really thrashing it.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    sarnman, i've found myself using it a couple times, and from what i can tell/feel, it's pretty helpful. I've never had it start to take over my steering or anything like that when i didn't want it to, but i have felt it start to play with things when i'm taking turns faster than i should be... ;) but who can blame me when the car's just that fun??
  • ucsb805ucsb805 Posts: 8
    As of today I am the proud owner of an 07 SI in Nighthawk Black Pearl. I'm in Southern California near Santa Barbara and had a great dealership experience that was so much more painless than I had expected. After researching the car to death and every other competitor (mazda speed, mini s, gti, etc.), test driving the SI sealed the deal. I paid $22.5 OTD ($20,500 base + TTL) and am happy with the deal, especially since the sales guy was great.

    The car is beautiful, in & out, and handles like you wouldn't believe. I love it!!!!
  • sarnmansarnman Posts: 5
    I'm glad to hear that it isn't too intrusive. I know I've read some Lexus reviews where the stability control completely prevented spirited driving.

    Btw, I asked this in the mpg forum, but what kind of gas mileage are you guys getting from your Si's? I'm still trying to decide between getting the Si and an Ex. If I could get 27 mpg when I really wanted to by driving lightly, I'd definitely get the Si.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    My friend, if you want to drive lightly, you can get over 30. At least by my experience, with about 40/60 hwy/city driving, I usually get about 30-31 mpg if I don't play around too much. I drove from Oregon to Colorado right after I bought mine, and got as high as 37 mpg. On this tank of gas, I'm having alot of fun, and it looks like I'm probably getting around 24-25 mpg or so... so it does fall off pretty sharply if you start high-revving and getting fast accel's, but even 23-24 is pretty acceptable (for me at least) if you're having alot of fun at the same time.
  • get an si, youll be much happier. lol, my mom bought an EX like 2 months before i got my Si and she even regrets buying it. Better brakes, better handeling, more power, good gas mileage. on the freeway i get around 29-33 depending how im driving. If i actually used cruise control i could prolly get better.
  • aaronr121aaronr121 Posts: 91
    I've got an SI Sedan, and regularly get 27-29 mpg, in mixed driving. Even blowing the AC and some moderatly aggressive driving in day-to-day situations doesn't hurt mpg.

    Since new, the worst tank of gas got a high 26 mpg. The best, 32 mpg.
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    to those who are getting great gas mileage on the si, how far can you go on a tank? I would assume since you are getting around 37mpg, you should be able to go for almost 400 miles.
  • i just filled my tank up, still had quarter tank or little more and 300 miles on the odometer. I just took out the spare tire and some crap i had in the trunk, lets see if i do a little better.
  • Has anyone put the AEM cold air intake in there car? I see alotta ppl have put them in, I was curious if you need to do anything else to make sure you get the right mixture of air and fuel, or if the o2 sensor in the computer just compensates automatically.
    I was looking at the short ram intake too, but too me that doesnt look as efficient since its sucking in air right next to the engine, im sure its much better to be sucking in cold air from down below.
  • aaronr121aaronr121 Posts: 91
    I'm around the 320 mark when I fill up and it's usually around 11-12 gallons. So generally 27mpg.

    Do wish the tank held a couple more gallons though. We easily put 300+ miles on in five days.
  • kork13kork13 Posts: 90
    The furthest I've dared gone was about 450 miles. Again, that was when I was making a long-distance drive, somewhat drafting off a friend in his 'vette, and trying to make the long drive as affordable as possible for mysrlf. Normally, however, I am getting to around 350 like the others...
  • eldainoeldaino Posts: 1,618
    geez. I used to get slightly over 400 with my old ex.
  • anyone know bout cold air intakes?? short ram or cold air for 06-07 si?
  • cmon lets get this thread rollin! whos got the 18inch rims? how they run? what tires on em? how much is it for the window tint? :D ive decided, definitely dont want cold air intake, maybe shortram.. but really, the stock intake goes to the best area to suck up air. But it could be shorter! Im thinking the best thing would be to go from the air box, just right around the battery to the fender above the wheel where the stock pipe goes. rather than going down to the floor then back up. What you guys think? take a look
  • if your getting that many miles per tank of gas then I want your si.The most I have ever got was 260 miles on a tank of gas with 2 bars left over on the gas gage,and I wasn't even beating on the car or reving past 5,000 rpms,shift points at 3-4 rpm,and it was all highway miles,with the cruse control on at 60 mph.
  • I got the short ram injen intake and the only thing it did was make the car sound louder,but works good with a combination of upgrades.the most noticeable power gains I got was when I installed an engine torch damper got it from pro civic. I couldn't beleive it.Puts the power to the weels and it was pretty easy to install.It's also adjustable I have it on the stiffest setting it even made the car sound completely different,also I have a high flow catilyc converter,installed it myself,must get the 02 sencer elliminator or you will get a check engine light,happend to me.The sencor elliminator is sold sepperatly,but it did get rid of the check engine light.had to take the cat half way off to get it on there.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731
    Yes, but what mileage did you get? Just saying "so and so bars left on the gauge" doesn't give any indication of mileage.

    You'd need to divide the number of gallons pumped into the miles driven.

    In my experience with my dad's 07 Civic EX, the low-fuel light didn't come on until about 1 bar left, and after that, it wasn't close to empty yet.

    Revving to 4,000 RPM isn't exactly "driving easy" although cruising at 60 MPH is. The question is, if it was all highway miles, where was it your shift points were "under 5,000 rpm?" Just merging, or was some other driving involved?
  • drjondrjon Posts: 6
    Great car. I don't drive it too hard, or, despite having a Valentine I radar detector, town is swarming with traps. Only problems, a slightly notchy upshift from second to third, and the melting sun visor on driver's side. I've replaced it every summer X 3. When warranty runs out this spring I'm asking the dealer to sell me a bunch of visors wholesale.

    Really a great car. A trip to drive in the mountains here.
  • i can not find any info on what the top speed on the 07 si really is, does anyone know,or has any one experienced it for themselves. im kind of a [non-permissible content removed] when it comes to driving fast nowadays, must my age(lol) the fastest ive had mine is 102 mph, and i must say "smoooooth" i love my car,especially the way the nighthawk black pearl looks in the sun.
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