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Hyundai Sonata Climate Control Questions



  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    Wow...I didn't read all of skeeters post. LEGAL recourse over a sloshing gas tank? C'mon it only sloshes during the first 1/4. Like the transmission shift lag from 1st to 2nd (oh no another thing for the AG) I hardly notice it all anymore. As a matter of fact I just filled up yesterday and have not heard the sloshing.

    There are better things for you and our legal system to tackle than this. If it really does bother you that much trade it in and buy another car. No offense intended.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    He (skeeter) stated that he is preparing a complaint to file with his states attorney general's office concerning both the "slosh" issue and the malfunctioning of the auto-recirculate feature. Additionally, he is engaged in arbitration with Hyundai over the same issues...or maybe only the auto-recirculate.
  • skeeter6skeeter6 Posts: 10
    The air quality sensor functions just like your smoke detector in your house When you pay a premium price for a vehicle most people would expect all systems to operate as described in the sales pitch. In the 65+ years I have been driving I have never heard gas sloshing and I have had some real dogs! Filing for arbritation under the BBB autoline does not tie up the courts and is not binding Also filing a complaint with any state AG does not involve the court systems unless the AG find merit in the complaint Since Hyundai will not even explain to my dealer why the system in my 2006 and the 2007 models do not function as described they are supportive my challenging Hyundai to force them to give reasonable explanations and not just say "its normal" My Sonata runs very good "no lag between 1st & 2nd" and gets 30+ mpg on the highway with a/c at 70+mph for those of you that have shift lag why don't you bite the bullet and complain. The Hyundai Sonata is basically a good vehicle however I am amazed how you people turn your back on issues as tho you are afraid of Hyundai. I now realaize it is a waste of my time discussing issues on this forum.
  • muminmumin Posts: 13
    " The Hyundai Sonata is basically a good vehicle however I am amazed how you people turn your back on issues as tho you are afraid of Hyundai"

    Skeeter, I'm with you on that and I totally agree with you.

    "I now realaize it is a waste of my time discussing issues on this forum"

    Well, it's not. You have a very valid point and you should not worry about other's opinions. They're entitled to it, aren't they? Although I do have a gas sloshing problem, it doesn't bother me too much. It doesn't change the fact thought the problem should be addressed by Hyundai's engineering stuff. If not, the legal way is the only road to go. It's not NORMAL to have a car with the gas sloshing problem. Especially a new one. Your fight is not a lost case. I'd be glad to join you , if need be.
  • ctc1ctc1 Posts: 66
    I agree with you if system worked well at first and now it doesn't then it is broken and should be repaired. the shame is on Hyundai for saying this is normal. Sometimes no matter how distasteful, litigation is a nesassary evil. Good luck
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    First, and foremost just because you may get opposing points of view on an open public forum like this it does NOT mean that it is a waste of time posting...everybody does not and never will agree with you. I personally do not agree with regard to the "gas slosh" issue. This has been discussed very much here and while it may bother you others have stated that it is a minor annoyance and only happens at certain fuel levels (I can't recall if it is mostly empty mostly full or 1/2 tank). If the "slosh" issue it as widespread as may be indicated then I agree Hyundai needs to baffle its tank more effectively but that is an engineering change that may be incorporated at some point down the road...or not. Once again this is my opinion but as to your paying "a premium price" for a Hyundai Sonata LX well I guess but it isn't a $45,000 BMW either so the term "premium" is open to interpretation too. But I do agree that whatever features are available should work and I am with you on this one. In summary: it seems as though you are generally pleased with your Sonata so keep working with...not against...Hyundai on the auto-recirculate issue and I am sure you will get it fixed. Hyundai appears pretty good at customer satisfaction from my experience. Better than some at the least.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Good post.
  • For some reason, when I turn on my A/C or my heat in my 2007 Sonata Limited, the temerature guage that tells you the outside temperature becomes wrong. On a day that's only 75 degrees outside, it may go up to 92 degrees when the ac is on. Or on days when its 65 degrees outside, i'll put my heat on, and the temperature outside will go up to 85. The temperature inside the cabin is fine. Is this something I should get checked out, or am I reading it wrong? Anyone else having this issue?
  • There are at least two temperature sensors. One is inside the car and controls the operation of the auto-climate control system. It measures interior temperature and compares it to the reading you dial-in on the control panel of the HVAC system then adds AC or heat or something in between to reach the desired temp. Since you state inside temperatures are being controlled properly this one is OK. The other is strictly for your convenience (a feature) and allows you to check outside temps. It is mounted somewhere outside the cabin around the front of the car I think. It does not (as far as I know) contribute to the function of the climate control system. So they are independent in operation. It sounds like your outside sensor is haywire and should be replaced. As an aside: I never understood how these outside temperature sensors escape being unduly influenced by engine heat (which would make them read high) or airflow (which, especially in winter, would make them read low).
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,598
    It could be that the outside temp sensor is "bad." However, if you are checking the outside temp within the first mile or two of driving, my experience and those of friends indicate the the temp readings (regardless of make of car) tend to be "high." After a couple miles of driving, the temp reading is much more accurate.

    I have noticed the temp reading tends to show a warmer temp when the car is stopped, at idle, for a few minutes (as in waiting in line at a drive-up window).
  • True, the outside temperature may be incorrect for a short while as you first start your drive. If, however, the thing is almost always wrong (either always high or always low or both at different times during the same drive) then it is almost certain your outside temperature sensor or some associated component (the actual dash read-out for instance) is faulty.
  • Happened twice in 3 weeks, outside temp was ~ 10C (50F).

    I have 07 V6 with auto climate control. Immediately after start, the defrost control (on the driver side) automatically activated, ie, the LED lit. I believe this control automatically runs the AC too. I have a habit not to run AC while the engine is cold, also no frost/fog on the windshield so there is no need for the defrost function. I had to manual depress the button to shut it off. Just for curiosity, I shut off and restart the engine, same thing. If I remember, the LED is lit even on the accessory position (before the cranking the engine).

    Is this normal?

    I maybe wrong on this, in auto control, if defrost is required, AC will activate but the defrost LED is not lit???
  • We love our 2004 Sonata LX and have many upgrades including AUTO heating and cooling. Bought in winter of 2003. Could not get heat, so back to the dealer - nothing wrong. Each September since take long trip. Gets cold, cannot get heat unless we put it way up past 75 degrees. Each year into dealer with complaint. Stupid people, nothing wrong!!!!! Do they drive our car? Driving through mountain pass in Sept. very cold. AUTO did not work. Tried every setting. Kept track of exact setting. Had to get it close to 88 degrees to get heat. Wrote letter to dealer, had it in. Got their temperature gauge and tested cabin temp. OK, nothing wrong. AUTO not working properly but dealer said basically have to put up with that. (stupid customer again). Defrost will not work on AUTO. Did they drive car in mountains? NO. Just got little thermometer out! Recently started pelting with rain when we were out. Real downpour. Inside windshield, side windows and rear windows inside started to "fog"up. Of course AUTO was useless. Tried all sorts of settings. Seemed neither "defrost" - front or rear-could clear windows. Finally in pouring rain had to open windows so that could clear off windshield and try to keep it clear. Very, very dangerous. Been bad if we had been on the freeway. Stopped at a store. Had to sit 20 minutes first with windows up and then windows down (in rain )to clear off windows to be able to drive home. Wrote dealer, AGAIN, with copy to President of Hyundai. Woman from agency called this morning to tell us nothing was wrong with car - they have not had it in since this "fogging up incident" but based on when we had it last month! Agency would be willing to buy car back from us at a very good price and arrange for another. Told her we loved the design of our 2004 Hyundai Sonata. That did not like th enew ones. That we wanted ours fixed once and for all. We are going to write to National Transportation Board and have no idea where to go from there. ?Attorney. ?What kind.?Attorney General. Now scared to get on the road in rain, especially freeway. We feel that the defrost system, the heating system, and air conditioning system has a defect somewhere in the computer, software? or ????? Anyone else had any problems like this. This woman told us a Hyundai representative did look aat our car when it was in the shop last month. Service Manager did not say that - just said he had talked to Hyundai people in California. We are so disappointed. We love our Hyundai, but it seems that it is only suitable to dirve when it is not raining hard, is not overly hot. In other words, a "fair weather car". We are fighters. We are not going to let this go. We paid $1,000 extra to cover the computers when we bought car. We want it fixed correctly. Any help anyone can give us would be so appreciated.
  • Since we got our car in September 2003, our AUTO has not worked properly.No heat, defrost , no a/c. We have it in the shop every year but they tell us nothing wrong. When they put a therometer in the cabin they say temp is OK. However, they are not in the car when it is cold, raining and defrost does not work properly. Anyone else have these problems.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    So what you need to do is take the car to the dealer when it's hot or cold or raining so they can see the problem first-hand. If there is no A/C, it should be clear through their tests (e.g. holding a thermometer in front of the vents) that it is not working. Do this before the warranty expires this September!
  • Can someone help me? I have a 2006 Sonata. The "outside temperature" reading says 140 (it's only about 30 degrees outside right now). I can only get heat if I set the temp on "HI". Is there a quick fix such as replacing a fuse or something?
  • There is a TSB on this problem. Have the sensor replaced.

    Thanks go to Jerry!
  • molly44molly44 Posts: 2
    I just bought a new Sonata. The A/C does not work. The fuses are good. Compressor is not working. Could it be a bad compressor? or maybe they forgot to add Freon? Any thoughts would be appreciated
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,682
    I'm sure the dealer's service department will figure out the reason for the problem when you take it in to have it fixed under warranty. :)

    But, what do you mean by "not working"? Cold air doesn't come out when the A/C is on and the temperature is set to the coldest setting, for example?
  • molly44molly44 Posts: 2
    Thank you for responding. When I turn the A/C on cold air does not come out when the temperature is set to its coldest setting.
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