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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • thank you all for the good information ... after doing a little more research on the 04' Nissan Murano and its pricing ( 18'500 is not such a great deal as we first assumed :cry: ) .. we are definitly glad we have decided to wait and continue to shop around ...

    I have enjoyed reading your post and opinons( not happy about all the trumoil with this vehicle, However if nothing else this forum and posting will help someone ( AS IT HAS DONE FOR US ) and hopefully it will send a strong message to NISSAN !
  • nsudd1nsudd1 Posts: 6
    I too have experienced transmission problems. I have a 2003 Nissan Murano with 71,000 miles on it. I was told by Nissan that the transmission needed to be replaced in May. Since then I have read numerous complaints about the CVT transmission in this car. I have also contacted Nissan U.S.A, and was told they would not repair my car. I have also notified my State Attorney's Office and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA). b>FOR EVERYONE WHO HAS HAD A TRANSMISSION PROBLEM WITH THE 2003 NISSAN MURANO PLEASE FILE A COMPLAINT WITH NHTSA. THE MORE COMPLAINTS THE BETTER. HOPEFULLY WE CAN FORCE NHTSA TO FINALLY INVESTIGATE OUR CLAIMS, AND NISSAN WILL BE FORCED TO RECALL THEIR DEFECTIVE PART.

    Also If there is anyone who knows a Lawyer willing to file a class action suit I am all for it! Nissan needs to be held responsible for this!!!!!!
  • Question:
    I recently bought a 2003 MO, then later found out the 03' CVT was a lemon. I never would have bought it if I had discovered this ahead of time. I called Nissan North America & had them tell me all warranty & recall work that had been done on it. Low & behold, the CVT failed @ 27,000mi in Feb 07' (low mileage for a 4 y/o vehicle) & was changed. I now have 46,000miles on the replacement CVT. I called the Nissan parts dept @ the dealership that changed it & had them tell me the Part# of the new CVT. It is a different Part# & ends in "RE", that's right, you guessed it "Remanufactured".

    I've read hundreds of posts but have not read 2 very important questions;

    1) Has anyone had a SECOND replacement CVT
    2) Does anyone know if Nissan upgraded the
    components that were failing prematurely and
    put them in the REMANNED CVT's? (I've
    read of several components failing, pressure
    solenoids A&B, valve bodies, etc).

    I'm trying to make an informed decision whether to keep it & hope the "Remanned CVT" is new & improved or unload this thing soon..

    Thanks all for sharing your knowledge on this forum!..
  • My transmission in my 03 went out around 45,000. and yes I got a re for a replacement. I have around 54 right now but am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. If I didn't owe more then it was worth I would unload this as fast as I can. I just spent over 2 thousand fixing other things wrong with the car. I have had this car since 04
  • We own an '04 Murano and have put 85000 miles on it with no problem----did buy it used with about 30k on the odo. Runs great on REGULAR octane gas, in the mountains and on the plains with good fuel mileage (wife gets consistantly 23 mpg around town). Excellent acceleration, once you learn to 'downshift' if you want immediate power for passing. Fun to drive, but some road noise that requires attention. We had driven several other SUV's and crossovers but kept comming back to the Murano----despite what I call UGLY (Darth Vader front end)----some people don't think so. I just joined this thing today to let you know that the Murano is as good as anything you can buy, and more fun to drive than most.

    Has a Lexus 300, and was going to buy a 330 until I discovered that it had the same problems that the 300 had-----bad turning radius (turn a tight circle before you buy one), no range on a tank of fuel (can't drive a week on a tank), wind noise, front strut hammering noise on bumps, uncomfortable seats, falling sun visors, and lately found out that all 300/330's have a common transmission problem that is expensive to repait (friend of ours bought one and learned the hard way). I had gotten rid of our Lexus because it was such a pain in the A## before the tranny gave out.
  • nastacionastacio Posts: 370
    Your posting shows how unfortunate it is that the vast majority of the people here didn't get a good answer from Nissan. The Muranos are the first Nissans to use the CVT paired with a large V6. is "the source" for this kind of exchange and I see people already spreading their dissatisfaction directly on the "Customer review" sections for the car.

    Nissan will be really stupid to let the complaints of what is now 100+ people to define the image of the nearly 500.000 CVT-equipped vehicles it plans to sell on US and abroad every year.

    The reality is that, statistically, the number of reported incidents per number of 03-04-05 models out there (200.000+) is dismal. Nissan should fork $1 million dollars to end this mess instead of risking its multi-billion dollar reputation and business.

    I am keeping my 04 Murano (41K on it,) but if it happens to me, there will be a website, a facebook account, a twitter account, photos of the bill, links to the forums, copies of the letters sent to Nissan, you name it, and all available to whoever wants to hear about it.

    Nissan will be lucky to lose only 100x the amount it will cost me.
  • nsudd1nsudd1 Posts: 6
    Hello Everyone!

    I have been doing a lot of research as to how I can get Nissan to recall their defective CVT. As I have stated earlier, I encourage everyone to flood the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration with complaints. You just need to go to their website and file a safety complaint on-line. Also I have come across a recall campaign document that states that we can petition the NHTSA to open and investigation. As it stands, they are currently just collecting data on our complaints.

    I am willing to start this petition. please e-mail me at: if any one is interested. I will forward you a petition that I have written for you to add your name and some form of contact information to it.
  • 1) Has anyone had a SECOND replacement CVT
    2) Does anyone know if Nissan upgraded the
    components that were failing prematurely and
    put them in the REMANNED CVT's? (I've
    read of several components failing, pressure
    solenoids A&B, valve bodies, etc).
  • mozomozo Posts: 1
    My 2006 murano CVT fails to shift to the forth gear after replacing the battery. Before that everything was just fine no problems at all, suddenly after battery replacement transmission fail to shift. Dealer said the whole transmission must be replaced which it costs more than $7666.

    But i'm replacing it with a used one ($2500) and I'll get rid of the car, never back to it again.

    A friend called me last week wants to buy a 09 murano I told him to run away from it because of ....etc. unless if he has what it takes.
  • steved6steved6 Posts: 10
    I should have done more research before buying my 03' Murano. I bought it with 101,000 miles & thought I got a good deal for a reliable Nissan SUV. This is BS!! My car is doing the same thing everyone here is describing. After about 40 minutes driving I get the lagging issue where I step on the gas pedal after a complete stop and nothing happens, then all of sudden after 5 seconds the car accelerates dangerously! It will continue to do this until I re-start the car. Now I know why the previous owner traded in this car.

    There's gotta be an easier fix to this than replacing the whole damn transmission. Is there a defective temperature sensor that can be replaced or something? I wonder if the people having this problem are the ones that never replaced the CVT transmission fluid. I don't think the previous owners ever replaced the CVT fluid on my Murano. I should have bought Toyota or Honda or maybe domestic would have been better. Nissan, you have lost a customer for life. I will never buy Nissan ever again. :lemon:
  • nsudd1nsudd1 Posts: 6

    Please be sure to file a safety complaint with the NHTSA. The more complaints the better.
  • Steve,
    Sorry to hear about your 03' MO. I wish I had discovered this problem when I was researching my 03' MO before I bought it. As for the CVT fluid, it does not require changing like Dexron fluid, it's a completely different animal. You only need to have the fluid tested using a special tester for metal particles exceeding a specific parts-per-million at the Nissan recommended intervals.
    I've learned a lot from reading all of these 225 posts along with other Murano forums.
    File a complaint with NHTSA.
  • Have you tried calling Nissan North America, give them your VIN# & have them tell you ALL warranty work that has been done to your vehicle, they have to tell you. I found out my CVT was replaced at 27,000miles!!.. sounds like maybe that's why yours may have been traded or sold with 30,000miles on it...
  • steved6steved6 Posts: 10
    Hey jetwrench. That was the first thing I did after the purchase was drove down to two local Nissan dealerships asking for repair history. The only thing that came up was a repair for crank sensor b/c SES turned on around 80k miles. I have the original invoice that was kept with the owners manual and it shows a Colorado dealer. I went to that same dealership and no records other than that crank sensor. Would calling Nissan of America show more records or something?

    I'm going to change the CVT fluid myself this weekend. Both Nissan dealerships I went to recommended change every 60k, and wanted $400+. Again BS!!

    I would rather spend $200 changing the fluid, then find out in 3 months or 1 yr the transmission completely fails. This would be a $6-7k repair job I cannot afford. :lemon:
  • Nissan North America will have all warranty work done by any dealership to your vehicle complied.
    The MO repair manual states to have a CVT Fluid Deterioration Check done & that as long as it passes it doesn't have to be changed until it has 210,000 miles on it.
    Use only genuine Nissan CVT NS-2 fluid, it's about $20 a quart.

    Good luck..
  • Just returned from having a Nissan recall for the idle problem fixed, and discussed the transmission concerns with the service manager. He indicated that the transmission fluid should be changed about every thirty-K miles, but the repair manual states every 60000 miles (I'm pushing 82K). In discussing changing the fluid, he stated that it needs to be changed using a pressure system, and it takes about 17 quarts,,,, which agrees with the 10.2 ltr. capacity and about 30% to 50% extra fluid to do the flush (IAW the service manual) (I've got it on disc). He also told me about a guy who tried to change the fluid himself, and ran the engine to pump the fluid out>>>>>>almost ruined the tranny? Very possible---I think the service manager was on the level. Says it would cost me about $350 including taxes to do mine for me. Considering having it done at this time. Thought about using a pressure brake bleeder to do it, but 17 qts is a lot of refilling for a hand held presssure brake bleeder.
  • I have had the EXACT same problem. It will randomly stall and now the SLIP and VDC Off lights have come on. I also purchased my vehicle used with 88,000 miles thinking I would be able to get a good 250,000 out of it. At this point, if I didn't still owe money on it, I would get rid of it. VERY disappointed as well in all the problems I am now having including replacing the manifold at $600 and now needing one of the emission control sensors replaced costing $1000! Don't know what it will take to fix the SLIP and VDC sensors. All I can say is, think twice before making a Nissan purchase. Seems their vehicle quality has gone down yet the prices continue to go up!
  • steved6steved6 Posts: 10
    ahart4hm, the problem you are describing is different that what myself and most people here are reporting about the CVT transmission. Our problem is the lagging during stop-and-go traffic where you step on the gas & nothing happens for 5 seconds then it accelerates.

    Your problem sounds related to the brake system; a sensor going bad or something with the brake components.
  • steved6steved6 Posts: 10
    I have filed a complaint to NHTSA--

    I own a 2003 Nissan Murano SL with about 101,000 miles. After about 20 minutes driving I get the lagging issue where I step on the gas pedal after a complete stop and nothing happens, then all of sudden after 5 seconds the car accelerates dangerously! My wife drives this car and she’s also pregnant. I’m afraid that one day this problem will happen, and she would accelerate after the lagging issue only to hit someone in front of her and cause a major accident. I’m also afraid when she tries to make a left turn during the lag someone might hit her causing an accident. This manufacture need to recognize this is a safety issue, and they need to have a safety recall on these vehicles.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    After a 100k on a transmission a major repair is not out of the ordinary. Why would you drive a car that apparently could kill you? Why not have it fixed or trade it in. NHTSA won't get it fixed and Nissan won't pay.
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