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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    Since you have a 120k mile warranty on the trans and the book doesn't say to change the fluid -- save your money. When does it say to change the fluid?
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    ...sorry I disagree with Jayrider, yes he is right if the maintenance does not call for it, but in my opinion and due to many instances of CVT failures, the fact that you are almost 5 years old and most importantly to have the benefit of the doubt on your side, I would do it.
    Lets not forget that we always need the "dealer" on our side in all claims, that is the easy way to handle problems with Nissan in most your receipts always.

    I would do 2 cents and good luck
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,250
    It might be insurance but I'm not sure I would say it was cheap insurance. I have an 03 jeep that has one year left on warranty. I've gone a bit beyond in service because it will be my financial responsibility soon. For warrantied parts I go by the book. The book says change trans fluid optional at 60k and 120k miles. If you plan to keep the vehicle that long I guess you could spring. I might wait til 100k. It will be warrantied no matter so choose as you see fit. My lease is up in 22 months and then it's adios.
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 440
    ..of course I agree if the Murano is leased....but if you own it a fluid change on the tranny should nopt that expensive,just my opinion,and by having it no one dealer or Nissan cab even begin to suggest negligense on the part of the owner..besides if a lawsuit follows always more is better than will show your willingness to "really" maintain your vehicles..
  • My 2003 Murano transmission was replaced in Sept of '06. I was driving home from a vacation in Maine and the problem occurred in stop and go traffic on the Mass Turnpike. Thankfully was able to get car, cat and two kayaks off the turnpike before being hit. Car towed 12 miles to closest Nissan dealer. Had to rent car to drive back to Ohio. My car was there from Sept 4 through Oct 1. Had to have friend fly back to pick up car and drive back to Cincinnati. The dealership was fabulous and babysat kayaks for almost a month! Nissan would do nothing to help. I was at 99,734 miles and the transmission cost $5949.47. I just submitted my paperwork for the reimbursement. If this is just a ploy I am going to be so angry. I had to have the power steering hose replaced recently and just had to have tie rod and tailpipe replaced. The repairs are adding up. I have loved the car and have had other Nissans but will think seriously about purchasing again. Will let you know the outcome. If it bucks and looses power, I'd say, don't wait. The stop and go traffic and heat appears to take it down everytime.
  • mrrr3mrrr3 Posts: 1
    So I just have one question regarding these transfer case it covered through the CVT program??
  • No it's not. I still encourage you to send your paperwork in for reimburement and make them call you to explain it's not covered as they did to me. I also encourage you to email the Vice President at and voice your concern of the extention not covering the transfer case.
  • whitallwhitall Posts: 187
    So, you had 99,000 miles 3 years ago and now you are complaining that repairs are adding many miles now? 150,000? (you seem to do at least 20k a year it seems like). Not to offend you, but if you have that kind of mileage don't you expect to do repairs such as tie rods and hoses??
  • My 2004 Murano SE CVT failed at 110000 km, and they replaced it under the extended warranty. Took the car home and the transfer case failed a couple of days later and was told it would cost $4000 and Nissan would not cover. How can both CVT & Transfer case fail? Was also told a couple of reasons that the transfer case could fail if the car was driven on dry pavement, or if towed and the car was in 4 wheel mode. Car has never been towed, but the first reason sounds stupid to me. Who hasn't driven the car in 4 wheel mode on a dry paved road? Every Murano SE out there is destined to fail. I'm trying too.
  • mdabamdaba Posts: 2
    In Aug I had to replace the transmission in my 2005 Murano. Of course at that time by CVT trans was an out of pocket expense. I did send Nissan all the paperwork they required. The repairs were done at an independent licensed repair shop and not at the Nissan dealer. Do you think that makes a difference for the refund?
  • They did ask this questions so I hate to say I believe they are going to state because it wasn't done at a Authorized dealership they are not going to cover it. I recommend going to your closest dealership and getting an estimate and at least request Nissan to refund you the difference if it is less or at least refund you what it would have costed at the Nissan Dealer. Not saying it's going to work but it's worth a shot. Also find out if the independent licensed repair shop used genuine Nissan Parts. This may also determine if you will be refund. How many miles were on the 05 Murano when the CVT needed to be replaced? It's sad but I really enjoy driving the Murano and I think it's a sharp looking vehicle. I also thought the kinks were worked out on the CVT after the 04 model which is what I have. Except my transfer case went out in my murano, which isn't covered under the extended warranty or refund just issued by Nissan.
  • mdabamdaba Posts: 2
    The licensed repair shop was $1500 less on the repair than the Nissan dealer. This is why I chose to use this shop. The trans went our at 84000 miles. The used transmission that was put in my vehicle was also under warranty the ticket I sent in to Nissan for refund had the Vin of the used transmission. Do you think that would make a difference? Plus since the trans that is in my murano now is used and was replaced. Does that mean that until I reach 120k this trans is under warranty too? I agree with you on a Murano, I enjoy driving mine and I like the style but I was very upset with the repair cost of this transmission.
  • so if the transfer case is repaired how long will it last? Should i fix it and then just get rid of it? The car is nice otherwise. A new transmission and a new transfer case at only 70000 miles sounds like it is just the beginning of a whole bunch of problems? Once these things are fixed is the car going to last or is there other problems coming? Does anyone know of any other probs?
  • I had 2-3 times in the past during hot weather when the car simply won't move at stop and go, when I hit the gas pedal hard, it would jerks forward dangerously, but I cannot reproduce it now when the weather is cold..

    I have 117k miles on my 2003 murano, can I get Nissan to replace the transmission before it's out of warranty?
  • Michaelscai,

    Based on the extended warranty of 100,000 or 10 years (whichever comes first) I believe your Murano is out of warranty already. Have your local dealer confirm this. With my situation I found Nissan relies on the dealer's recommendation and diagnostic. If you can talk with your local dealer and get them to deem the transmission faulty Nissan will replace it if it's still under warranty.
  • The warranty extension is to 120,000 miles or ten years. Your car is still under warranty under the extension. Also, you don't have to be able to reproduce the problem for Nissan. If it's done it in the past, it will show up when Nissan does the computer diagnostic on it. That's what happened with mine. Just had a new CVT put in last week. My car has 102,000 miles on it.
  • I don't think its the cvt transmission. It sounds like the transfer case is going. if it is grabbing or hesitating when either just stopping or just starting to move. It would feel like something is causing a brake to grab. (hate to say it but its not covered by extended warranty.
  • Actually it sounds like you have a bad throttle position sensor. It has been a very common problem on the Muranos. I had the exact same thing occur to me on my '05 and it would only happen when it was hot. If you think about when it happened to you I would bet that you will probably remember when you stepped on the gas the engine didn't even rev up but then as you pressed harder on the gas suddenly the engine revs way up (because you have now pressed the gas peddle half way to the floor and the TPS suddenly starts to register) causing the car to jerk forward. If it was the transfer case or the CVT then the engine would have reved up in response to you pressing the gas pedal down.
  • I'm coming to this late. The Nissan letter started me on a quest to discover why they would do such a thing. I actually had no idea CVTs were dying. In fact, I bought a 2009 Murano because we are quite satisfied with my wife's 2008 Altima. I also just purchased a new Rogue for my company.
    All that said, my wife and I are low mileage people. When I got my Murano, I traded in a 5 year old CRV with 29k miles.
    I know and understand what Nissan is doing now. But, I'm wondering..... since I also purchased an extended warranty on the Murano from Nissan when I closed the deal... wouldn't the (pro-rated) cost of transmission repair have been calculated into that price, and would it behoove me (and others) to pursue a partial refund?
  • did you have to pay a diagnostics fee for nissan dealer to diagnostic it?

    can their computer find the problem with CVT even when the check engine light is not on and no reproducible symptom?

    Also, does anyone know what's the cost of repairing the TPS for an out of warranty murano?

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