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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • 17inches17inches Posts: 5
    edited July 2013
    I had a creaking noise coming from the front on my 04 @65K miles. It turned out to be a simple lubrication issue between the axles and the transmission. It was a Us$150 service at the dealer. It probably would have been less at an independent mechanic, but whenever I suspect a transmission problem I take it to the dealer to avoid expiration of the extended 10 yr / 100K warranty.
  • sasadsasad Posts: 2
    i replaced my cvt tranny in 2003 murano awd car shifts in to all gears and works fine except it leaks from bellhousing was told to replace input shaft seal and o ring seal which i did and have the same problem it only leaks when its running anyone have any ideas
  • sasadsasad Posts: 2
    is there a particular measurement for where the input shaft seal sits on the shaft is it butted all the way to rear or is it flush any specifications
  • miggiemiggie Posts: 1
    the problems with the cvt transmissions were solved with the 2010 model year I had a 2009 murano sl and Nissan was aware of the problem and they extended the factory warranty to 125000 miles but I never had any problems with mine, I now own a 2011 sl I drive the hell out of it and runs great feels more like sports car than an suv. I have owned Nissan's since they were Datsun. so I am a real Nissan fan and if my murano had any issues I would be the first one on here telling you about it.
  • I have a 2006 Murano and am having trouble with the transmission as well. Just discovered Nissan extended the drivetrain warranty on 2002 - 2009 Muranos to 120K miles or 10 years, whichever comes first. This is due to all the complaints from Nissan owners. Check out

    You don't have to be the original owner to take advantage of this! I would hope this covers all expenses due to transmission failure. Good luck!
  • My advice if you have access, is to try ebay I have seen several with different amounts of milage on them. Good luck
  • I was recently having problems with the CVT transmission in my 2006 Nissan Murano. While in heavy traffic it started to feel like I had my foot on the brake and on the gas at the same time. I brought it to the dealer and they told me the transmission needed to be replaced. The dealer informed me the transmission was covered under the extended warranty, 120k or 10 years. The dealer gave me a rental car free of charge while my car was in the dealership. 5 days later the transmission was replaced free of charge. My Murano had 74,000 miles and had the transmission fluid changed once at 30,000 miles.
  • Must have a reputable dealer... Not like mine in St Charles Il They tried to deny even knowing about a problem and threatened me no good service if not really under warranty. Nice... Glad you got it fixed hopefully they did not ruin other parts while doing the replacement .... Just say'in
  • Were there any resolutions with this?
    I have the same problem (I think) with my 2004 Murano...
  • I know so many Murano owners had issues with their CVT. It is unfortunate in many respects. But, I had an 07 Murano SL with 71,000 miles on it. I just traded it in for a new Murano. I never had any CVT issues in with 07 Murano. In fact, the only issues outside of wear and tear I had was a cylinder misfire. Some may say I am part of a lucky few. I realize that many claim CVT issues between 60,000 and 90,000 miles.

    I loved my 07 Murano. I like the new one even better. I wish you all the best. :)
  • dunshdunsh Posts: 1

    I have a 2009 Murano and was going to change the tranny fluid. In all the messages no one mentions a filter. Is there one? thanx

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