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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • Actually the problem rate on the 2007 model year - the last year of the 1st generation model murano - was very low. There were a large number of technical service bulletins and a few recalls , particularly on the 2003 and 2004 model years, that caused good changes over time -- so the 2007 year was actually a good one as far as repairs and problems. 2009 was a first year new model, but I think a lot of those bugs have been worked out since the 2009s went into production, which was actually in late 2007 of all things. So 2010 is a good model year for Nissan on the Murano so far, and their third generation murano, due out in 2012, probably will be a major winner.
  • mikev4mikev4 Posts: 11
    I do not think we should let them off the hook. I will display my message on all the sites I will have an assess to.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    I everyone, listen some poster by the name of madpistol posted this on the Altima CVT forum and I thought it made a lot of sense in explaining why a lot of 1st Gen Murano owners are having so much trouble with transmission issues and failures. I'm not saying Nissan should be off the hook, they most certainly shouldn't. but I found it insightful about where the CVT started and where it is going and explaining why some people are experiencing lags or jerkiness at times. I personally, in my 2010 Max have not experience this yet, but I only have 7k miles so I have no idea if it will ever happen or if it will, not yet anyway.

    "However, I do get some jerkiness at speeds under 40mph. My guess is it's just because the CVT has a limited number of set ratios at lower RPMs. I know it's the CVT "shift-logic" because if you move it over to manual mode and shift it that way, the engine is very smooth and pretty refined feeling. There's absolutely no jerking in manual mode other than what you feel when you shift between ratios.

    (Now enter theory stuff)

    I believe that with the next generation of Altima we'll see both engines get significantly redesigned. Now that Nissan has established that CVT-based vehicles are what they wish to pursue, I think they're going to start designing their engines around this. As of right now, they're currently designing the CVT to be compatible with their chosen engines. However, if you design the ENGINE to also be compatible with the CVT, the refinement will reach a whole new level.

    The current engines are very content with a manual gearbox, but a little sluggish with the CVT. That's because the engines aren't designed to take advantage of a CVT's gearless system. In other words, the engines have very specific power bands, and thus, it only feels energetic when the engine is in that power band. I believe we're going to see more torque and horsepower from lower RPMs and the peak will be far lower in the rev-band as well. That way, cars will feel much more energetic from a stop AND there won't be a "flat line" on power between 2000-3000RPMs (in the 4-cyl). This should also eliminate jerkiness from the lower revs, as the CVT won't have to shift as much to keep the power up.

    1st generation CVT: high rev acceleration, rubber-band feeling

    2nd (current) generation CVT: smoother acceleration, higher horsepower engines

    3rd (future) generation CVT: engines designed for CVT, MUCH quicker acceleration, more linear power delivery.

    This is only speculation, but if you're a fan of CVT based Nissan cars, I think it's about to get a lot better in the 3rd generation. The first 2 generations were test beds to see if it would work. Now that Nissan knows it works (and is selling well) they should invest a lot more in their powerplants this time around. Only time will tell though. "
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118
    edited May 2010
    Consumer Report's staff are seriously a bunch of idiots.

    Their testing methods and statistical data gathering are a joke.

    I do not rely on anything they say. You are better off consulting Car & Driver or Motor Trend.

    CP has always about political correctness not accurate reporting.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    CR, JD Power, and even MT are no good anymore for reviews and unbias ratings/comparison assessments. When MT can rate the Camry #1 above the new Sonata, Fusion, and Altima for overall fun, driving dynamics, and overall package, etc, after all the recent recalls and safety problems with those cars, they must be either bias for Toyota or smoking some serious dope. I'm seriously thinking of canceling my subscription at the end of this next cycle.

    As the years are going on, its getting harder and harder to find magazines or professional car forum that doesn't have bias in its assessments.

    Right now, edmunds, autoblog, C&D, Road and Track, and Popular Mechanics are probably your only bets left for fair and balanced/unbias comparisons and reviews.
  • m0mzillam0mzilla Posts: 10
    I'm finally turning off my tracking for this issue. Nissan did reimburse me for the cost of my transmission at 68k miles in my '05 Murano (which went out 2 yrs ago). My dealer acknowleged the problem back then and I only paid half of the $5,800 cost. So, I was fully reimbursed and I used the money to put down on a 2010 GMC Acadia. Decided to buy American this time. Wish me luck!
  • May I ask, how much was the repair for your windshield wiper motor? My driver side one occasionally stops working and now, last friday, stopped all together. Super annoying. Taking it to the dealership but I don't really want to get railed so I'm looking for an average price.
  • corey2000corey2000 Posts: 1
    I just bought a used 2003 Murano, and it's doing the same thing. It didn't do it during the test drive but it's done it ever since i purchased it.
  • mikev4mikev4 Posts: 11
    They are lying, :confuse:
    I (We), ___________________________________________________________________________ , hereby submit this form requesting
    reimbursement for expenses incurred in connection with repair or replacement and/or related towing of the CVT on
    my model year 2003–2010 Nissan. I certify that these repairs have been made to this vehicle and that they were
    not previously paid for, in whole or in part, by Nissan
  • epachecoepacheco Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    I have a 2000 Nisson Serena with a CVT. It gets stuck in low when in slow or stop and go traffic. It will not dissengage unless i stop and turn off the van for 20 minutes. It also slips into as high ratio after going up inclines, almost like an anti-slip mode. Whats wrong and can it be easily fixed?
  • robmartinsrobmartins Posts: 7
    Donate it:

    And get another brand of car :-)
  • jay163jay163 Posts: 1
    Last week my 2006 Murano stopped in the middle of the road. I managed to push it off the road and get it towed to the dealer. I am on 104,000 miles but Nissan customer service confirmed that I was covered for the extended warranty for all CVT issues. It turns out that the problem is the CVT. But now the dealership it telling me that the oil in the CVT is not the "red" "Nissan" oil but some other oil, Well I have no idea what oil is in there as I never change it myself, so of course I am seeking an answer from my previous servicers, but that is not the issue here. The issue is Nissan are not able to tell me that the failure of the CVT was caused by the oil, but they are using it to get out of a warranty repair of a "known" problem. Any ideas??
  • jess5138jess5138 Posts: 7
    I have a 2003 Murano which now has about 57 thousand on it. I had an accident in 2007 and transmission went out. Truth be known it was going out before accident. Car was towed from accident and make a long story short got it back from repair shop 2 and a half months later and transmission was gone. It was towed over to Nissan dealer who said someone had put wrong fluid in. Well I pitched a fit and told them other then the accident I had always taken it to Nissan dealer to fix and they finally agreed to fix. Out of the bottom of their hearts they said they decided it wasn't my fault. Keep after them. It's a load of crap...
  • steved6steved6 Posts: 10
    Hello All, I believe my Murano is finally fixed. I am not the original owner, but after owning this SUV for a year I know why the previous owner sold it. Nearly all Murano 03-07 will have a CVT issue at some point. Mine happens to be the legend, "4-5 second delayed acceleration after driving in hot weather or stuck in stop & go traffic". I live in Co so during the fall/winter months I didn't have this issue. Summer is here and it was getting annoying. So I decided to research on getting this fixed or trading in.

    I found out that Nissan extended the CVT warranty to 10 years/120k miles. Smart way for Nissan to avoid a Recall, and avoid national news (Bastards!) I took it to my local Nissan, and the gal knew that my problem was CVT related right off the bat. They pull the ECM codes and it came up with P0868. This is related to the valve body inside the transmission. Only the dealer can fix this b/c reprogramming is required after valve body replacement. I was lucky enough to have this covered under warranty b/c it would have been a very large bill!!

    So far after the repair I haven't had a problem. Here's the link to the extended warranty.
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    Good to hear. Did you have to pay a diagnostic fee first?

    Need help navigating? - or send a private message by clicking on my name.

  • steved6steved6 Posts: 10
    No I didn't have to pay anything. I guess they knew it was a CVT issue covered under warranty. Some of you may not be lucky b/c your local dealership are probably jerks about it.

    Spread the word. This is the fix for this cvt issue. :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    The people I have heard so far, who seem to be having trouble getting Nissan to honor the warranty and admit it was a CVT problem, are the poor Murano owners who had to pay out of pocket for all the work BEFORE Nissan enacted the warranty extension! Some people had the work done 2-3 years ago, in some instances, and Nissan is being a pain about having specific paper work, that either the dealer didn't give, or people did not keep or don't have enough of, and Nissan is being anal about them proving it was CVT related!

    I don't see why they are acting that way! I think people have better things to do with their time then to make stuff up about CVT repair work that they put thousands of dollars out on!
  • mikesmuranomikesmurano Posts: 118

    I indeed had the exact same diagnosis on my '03 Murano. The fix lasted ~15k miles before I had the catastrophic failure at 122k miles.

    Nissan has denied any and all of my claims of CVT work that I had done by the dealer. I am out over $7500 in CVT repairs alone. No support and no warranty is the word I have been given.

    I would still ditch the car before you own a more expensive repair. The fix you got was a band aide. The CVT has some serious engineering flaws. I have been criticized a lot in this blog for my strong comments and posture.

    Keep it at your own risk. Good luck.
  • mikev4mikev4 Posts: 11
    Of course they will not pay. That is why clear regulations are needed for each crooked rich person. They are trying to scare America that regulations are Socialism so they can do whatever they wish. Unfortunately people believe those brain washers who have no idea what Socialism is. But as long as they can get away with it they will rob and cheat so they can get richer and who cares about others.
  • larry1962larry1962 Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    I have a 2003 Murano and it was acting up in the same way, going very slow before gaining traction after a stop in warm weather. I took it to the dealership and they said I needed my transmission fluid replaced. I did and that seemed to take care of the situation. That was at 50,000 miles. Now I'm at 150,000 miles and it's doing it again. It bearly gets through an intersection after stopping at the red light and doesn't seem to gain traction for at least 20-30 feet. It also has a tendency to rev up and down on the highway after longer drives. Am I looking at a replacement of the CVT or is this something that can be fixed with another transmission fluid replacement? Anyone know?
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