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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • It's not hard to change the fluid; just have a good catch pan & are willing to disconnect one of the transmission lines to drain it (I understand that the newer ones have a drain plug - I don't know if that is true or not). When I checked the fluid, you can't go by the coloer (light gold). The trash is in the bottom of the transmission that you normally can't get to unless you drain the fluid from the lowest point. I've gotten all sorts of 'crap' out of the bottom of the tranny. Not a good thing since it is swirling around inside the case when you're driving. If you don't want to go that route, get a vacuum evacuation pump like they use to change oil on inboard engines on a boat. I change the oil with one of these, and drop the oil pan every 75k miles and clean the gunk out. My dealer's "technician" (i.e., mechanic) recommended a fluid change after I just changed the fluid the day before. It truly is a money making racket! Good luck. My next vehicle will not have a CVT.
  • My idiot son wrecked my 2003 and to make a long story short I am trying to figure out if it's worth saving. It has around 64 thousand miles on it. Transmission was replaced around 45 thousand. Looks like it needs rear passenger side panel, rear door with window and the works and bumper. Two tires probably new rims. Frame is not bent but light and everything is smashed. I am single female so I don't know much about cars and don't pay much attention to my car but while looking at it I noticed top is rusted. Anybody else have the top rust? Anybody know where I can get cheap parts or do they even exist for Nissan?
  • I'm glad to hear yours is doing well. As you can see you're one in a million. Apparently, one of the service men at Nissan informed my insurance guy that it's a factory defect. He said that if they tighten the bolt/knot that's connected to the transfer case "just a little bit" it's bound to crack causing a leak and break the transfer case altogether. I took my car out of the dealership (because they were charging me $3900 for it) and sent it to AAMCO. AAMCO said they have fixed a few Nisasn Muranos with the same exact issue. A horizontal crack somewhere causing a leak in the fluid and evetually blows up the transfer case. Incidentally, there's another 2004 Nissan Murano in their shop with the exact same problem when I took mine in. It's so sad that I ended up paying $3000 for it and decided to trade it in 1 week after. I saw a few websites with the same complaints and having the transfer case blow up a few months after getting fixed. I just couldn't take the risk. I bought the car brand new for 34K and took it for servicing regularly using synthetic oil and used the highest grade of gas all through out. It's my first Nissan and I'm so disappointed with their service and durability of their car. I used to own Honda/Acura cars and they lasted forever. I currently have a BMW and I'm so happy with their service and competetive price. People are much nicer and so far honest. I'm never buying a Nissan. By the way, the Midcity Nissan in Chicago is where I brought my car initially. Stay away from that place. They said 3 other things that's wrong with my car like the motor of my rear windshield wiper when it's perfectly working. Dishonest service men. I should've known because they had poor rating.

  • I read a few on the internet about it too so as soon as I got mine fixed I traded it in. You will notice that there's not a lot of old Nissan Muranos out there...that's the reason why. Muranos are notoriously known for poor durability. A mechanic told me this...and it makes sense. It doesn't hold its value too so I was disappointed when I traded my Murano. It's because there was so many recalls on it.

    Good luck.
  • I'm so sorry to hear you have to go through that stress. I had the same issue and paid $34K. It's not worth the money. I went for servicing on the dot, used synthetic oil only (since brand new) and used the best grade of gas thinking it would last longer. My check engine light didn't lit up so I had no clue it was leaking transmission fluid at all. Another disappointing thing is Muranos didn't hold its value compared to other import cars due to this issue and tons of recalls. I used to own a Honda/Acura and they lasted forever. Unfortunately, I let go of mine and it's one of the best things that I ever did. There's a lot of dealerships that's offering low APR's if you have good credit.

    Good luck. I feel your pain.
  • Jess - the vehicle is totaled. Just a bulb for the headlight is over $200. The entire headlight assembly is over a grand. Rear tailgate, etc. that you've mentioned is, well - not cheap. Then there's new paint, etc. If you have a place to keep the car, put your son to work dismantling it and selling the parts through ebay. You'll get more than the 3500 dollars the car is worth. You can get more than that for the transmission (maybe).
  • I am 100% with you my friend. My 2003 Murano has been a problem from the start, and all my options to get rid of the car, or maintain it, leave me in serious debt. I HAVE, LITERALLY, PAID MORE IN FIXING THE CAR THAN I HAVE PAID ON THE CAR NOTE!!!! I HAVE RECORDS TO SHOW IT!

    There are inherent issues with the CVT, and Nissan needs to acknowledge and do right by the people that invest hard earned money into their cars!

    Whatever the plan is, I am with it. Perhaps an OCCUPY NISSAN rally?
  • Your story and mine are EXACTLY IDENTICAL (even down to the car problems, but i've had more problems with my car than what you have listed). I'm frankly at a loss for words on what to do with this vehicle. I will not put my 14 month old's life in jeopardy, and if i have to take a loss on this car i will. But it burns me to see Nissan ads for new murano's when they wont do the right thing for those of us that purchased the 1st generation of the model, and made it look so good locally enough to generate a buzz.

    Let us know what developments you have on your end, as i will with mine.
  • I have a 2005 and started having symptoms of my transsmission going at 105K miles. When I would slow down, the car would lurch forward. Took it in and they said there was nothing wrong or that the sympton wouldn't repeat for them. I now have 118K miles. Coming off of a stop, the cars lugs as it seems like it's starting out in 3rd gear. The lurching still happens intermittenly. I brought the car in and both the mechanic and the service manager took the car out for a test drive and claim they are not experiencing the same problem. I drove the car away and immediately felt the problem happening. Guess they are gunning it off of a start and not a slower take off. It's so obvious, I can't see how they can say this. I'm getting closer to the extended warranty of 120K and am wondering if I should trade it in for a vehicle that does't have the CVT. Read a bunch of the earlier posts and seems there are issues. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  • salliersallier Posts: 16
    edited November 2011
    Have enjoyed '03 Murano SE for handling & hauling (also like style) but want new(er) car. Would
    like another Murano but am concerned about CVT (have NOT liked the periodic push peddle almost
    to floor, then it lurches forward) & now learning about "transfer"? case. Any specific suggestions of other makes/models and why suggested would be extremely helpful and ever-so-much appreciated!! (Does anybody know if an update for Murano is due in 2013?)
  • OMG, I had a 1992 Toyota Camry for 15 years, no problems. Got into an accident and the front got all messed up, so instead of fixing I want to upgrade to a newer was looking into and fell in love with the Murano, but reading all these stories, I am crushed and scared.... I am suppose to test drive one today, the guy didnt show up... I was hoping to have the car in my hands by this week but now I am crushed.. its a 2004.. any help? any suggestions?....
  • gordeauxgordeaux Posts: 1
    edited January 2012
    Seems like everyone that has had problems with the Murano is a poster in this forum. I am on my second one, a 2011 LE after trading in my '04 SE with over 100k miles. During that time the only trouble I had was a recall on the alternator. Yep, 100k miles and no problems, even had the original brake pads. If something ever happened to this one I would buy another in a heartbeat.
  • Love It:

    It's good that you had no problems with your '04 Murano, but you are in the minority. My transmission in my '03 had to be completely replaced. Nissan was aware that there was a faulty valve body in the '03's and '04's; many people were affected, some were not. I would hope that by 2011, they rectified the transmission problem, but it definitely existed in the earliest models.
  • I have a 2003 Nissan Murano. I have had so many problems with it. It is stressing me out!!!! Someone please HELP! What can I do. It stalled on me the other day and feels like it could stall any time now. What should I do? What is this about the 120,000 mile free transmission change?

    Please reply with something informative.


  • kevscottkevscott Posts: 3
    Dear Tucents,

    Please find attached a link to Nissan's warrenty extension. Do not worry that it has expired. I just got a reimbursement for a transmission that I had to replace in 2007. Don't be "mad", get them to fix your transmission and sell the car ASAP! I say this because I am on my second transmission and it is going out after only 70K. Good luck to you.
  • larry666larry666 Posts: 4
    I agree, just got rid of my '03 Murano last weekend. They gave me $8k with 108,000 miles on it. Nissan replaced the trans at 103k and I was waiting to find the best deal. I feel so good now after reading so many horror stories on this blog.
    Their warranty is 120k, but I wouldn't wait. If all the other cars dealers find out about the problems on the Murano, you won't get squat for it! Good luck!
  • so far I have 75,000 on my 07 bought used in 09. No trouble whatsoever. I was advised by so mechanics I know to change CVT fluid at dealer every 30,000. Hope my luck keeps holding out as I just bought an 09 Cube to add to my stable
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    A friend just bought an 07' SL AWD Murano w/ 50,000 miles. Do you know anything about the 07' reliability of the CVT / transfer case issues?
  • kiwigalkiwigal Posts: 8
    I have a 2004 and they extended the warranty on the transmission to 120K... check w/dealer and make sure the warranty on the CVT/Transfer Case is at least 100K; I had mine go on me twice but the second time was because a private mechanic did something wrong... very expensive..
  • saubosaubo Posts: 2
    ive had my 2007 murano from new never had any thing go wrong as long as you have service done at right time inc CVT fluid should be fine even had mine remapped in 2009 and its running 320 bhp
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