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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Have heard of so many Murano issues with the CVT/transfer case-maybe the problem was fixed by the 07 models? Maybe changing the special transmission fluid every 30,000 miles might be the issue.
  • We purchased a 2007 Nissan Murano with 48,000 miles on in 7 months ago. Today we are paying just under $5,000.00 to fix the transfer case and rear differential. We previously paid $1500.00 2 months ago to replace severely worn tires and tie rods. Get this...we were 538 miles over the 60,000 mile warranty and Nissan will DO NOTHING to help us. We went through Nissan consumer affairs and requested help going through their regional manager process and was told no "it was over the warranty" Very cold, arrogant and spoke to us like they were robots reading from a manual. Refused to let us talk to any upper management and said that was the final decision. We have been buying vehicles for 30 years and have never put this kind of money in a vehicle, much less one with just over 60,000 miles on it! Buy a Ford!!! Only advice we had gotten was to personally mail the President of Nissan and occasionally they will help out.
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    I know someone who just bought the same vehicle-'07 Murano SL AWD w/50,000 miles for $21,000. Now I know why the car was traded in the first place. I have carefully read through the posts about the Murano and virtually everyone writes about the sky high cost of repair for the CVT-transfer case issue which seems to manifest itself around the 50 to 60 thousand mile mark.

    I'm definately leasing my next vehicle-- always under warranty- they lose 50% of the market value in 3 years anyway-and paying up to $6500 in repairs for 10,000 miles of use PLUS the cost of the vehicle is really crazy!

    The common denominator about the Murano seems to be that everyone likes the interior design/luxury/driveability but this is overshadowed by the CVT /front end repair issues.
  • I agree totally. I got rid of a '03 Murano in 2010 and bought a Cadillac SRX.
    The interior design/luxury/driveablity in the Murano were superior to the SRX but not having to shell out money for the CVT/front end repair issues is worth the compromise. I know there are Murano owners out there who have not had problems. But once you experience the CVT and front end repair issues I know I will never buy another Nissan.
  • I just bought a 2005 Murano SL AWD 93,000 miles on it. 2 weeks after having it the CVT Transfer case went out on it. now I dont know what to do, I keep hearing about the Warranty on it good till 120k miles how does that work ? I own a Nissan Quest 2002 and so far Ive had no problems with it thats why I decided to go again with another Nissan , big mistake.I would appreciate any suggestions or responses to my question. :mad:
  • fonefixerfonefixer Posts: 247
    Some posters on this forum claim that that the CVT fluid never needs changing. Others write that the CVT needs servicing every 20 or 30 thousand miles. Still other state that it is DURING the servicing that problems occur. Some shops over tighten the bolts which leads to transfer case leakage and all kinds of internal issues. I would probably not buy a Murano after reading and researching these and other posts in this forum.

    You didn't mention where the Murano was purchased. Many states have a 30 day warranty on used cars over a certain dollar amount and under certain mileage limits when bought from a licensed dealer.
  • Hi All -

    I am in the market to buy a 2010 Murano and have become quite skeptical after reading the reviews for the CVT issues.

    That being said, I want to share a letter that I found online from Nissan. For those who have shelled out thousands of dollars of repairs in the past seven years, I hope you saved your receipts. I have copied and pasted the message below. Good luck!

    Nissan Extends Powertrain Warranty Coverage on CVT Transmission
    November 20, 2009 by Malcolm Hogan
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    We know a friend who owns a Nissan Murano equipped with a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) and before his purchase he was always a little concerned about the reliability of such a transmission. Several other vehicle manufacturers have made use of the CVT transmission in many of their models including most of the new hybrid vehicles you see on the road today. To make all of the customers of Nissans equipped with CVT transmissions, Nissan has decided to double the powertrain warranty coverage on the CVT transmission. That means anyone that owns a Nissan equipped with CVT transmission gets a new extended powertrain warranty for the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) to 10 years/120,000 miles (whichever occurs first) for CVT transmission repairs, replacement, and related towing on all 2003-2010 model year Nissan vehicles.

    The current powertrain warranty covering other components in CVT equipped Nissans remains at the original 5 years/60,000 miles. The owners who had to dish out money for CVT related repairs or replacements will receive a reimbursement.

    CVT Program Details

    [source: Nissan]

    Dear Nissan Owner:

    On behalf of everyone at Nissan, we would like to thank you for choosing to drive a Nissan. One of the many technologically-advanced features of your vehicle is the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), an innovative transmission that offers smooth, seamless shifting, while tailoring the vehicle’s output to your driving style.

    While Nissan is proud to offer this technology on many of our models, a small percentage of owners of early models equipped with CVTs have expressed concerns about the cost of repair of their transmissions after the warranty expires. We take these comments about the cost of vehicle ownership seriously. We strive to provide an exceptional ownership experience and are implementing a thorough Customer Satisfaction Program to address this topic.

    First, to provide you with additional assurance regarding your overall cost of ownership we have doubled the warranty period for the Continuously Variable Transmission in your Nissan. The existing powertrain warranty coverage of 5 years/60,000 miles will be extended at no cost to you, for CVT repairs, replacements or related towing, to 10 years/120,000 miles, whichever comes first.

    This extension is effective immediately and requires no action on your part. The remainder of your powertrain warranty coverage for components other than the transmission remains unchanged, at 5 years/60,000 miles, and your basic warranty coverage also remains unchanged. All other warranty terms, limitations and conditions otherwise apply. This extended transmission warranty is also fully transferable to future owners of your vehicle.

    Second, Nissan will reimburse customers who have previously paid to repair or replace their CVT, if the repairs would have been covered within the new extended warranty period. Even if you no longer own your Nissan we will reimburse you for past CVT repairs that would have been covered under this extension of the warranty.

    Further, in the unlikely event that your vehicle’s transmission should need repair beyond the extended warranty period we are working to decrease the cost of repair and have already reduced the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of a replacement CVT. In addition, we continuously strive to enhance our products, and have made ongoing improvements to our CVTs over the years.

    Nissan is taking these actions to demonstrate our confidence in the CVT technology and to show our commitment to stand behind our products.


    If you have previously paid for repairs to your CVT within the time and mileage limits of this new extended warranty, we ask that you download the Reimbursement Claim Form and follow the instructions on the site. If you have additional questions, please contact the Nissan CVT Customer Assistance Center at 888-388-0318. Please be aware that the deadline for submitting the Reimbursement Claim Form is July 31, 2010.

    The extended warranty coverage for CVT repair or replacement is effective immediately.

    If you seek coverage for a repair under this extended warranty you will need to bring your vehicle to an authorized Nissan dealer. The factory-trained technical staff at the Nissan dealer will have the diagnostic tools and knowledge to provide you with the appropriate service and submit your warranty claim. If you have additional questions regarding this program, contact the Nissan CVT Customer Assistance Center at 888-388-0318 for assistance.

    At Nissan we and our dealers work daily to deliver an outstanding ownership experience that will earn your confidence and trust. We are committed to doing the right thing for our customers and look forward to a long relationship that you find satisfying and rewarding. Thank you for choosing Nissan.


    Kevin Martin
    Vice President Total Customer Satisfaction
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Posts: 241
    If you didn't have the trans serviced at 60,000 miles, forget about Nissan covering the repair.
  • vanessaesqvanessaesq Posts: 10
    I did not have my transmission serviced at 60,000 miles. My car started exhibiting signs of this problem at around 75,000 miles. The faulty valve body was diagnosed by Nissan. When the warranty was extended, I was within the ten years and took it the next week and Nissan replaced the entire transmission under the warranty, no questions asked. I have never had another problem with it since.
  • ive owened several nissans, a 1995 maxima, a 1998 maxima se, and I've recently purchased a 2011 murano s awd . I made my purchase thinking that I would have my murano for many years to come. But after reading some of the post about the faulty cvt transmission, and the transmission case horrors I feel like ive been played. My murano only has about 15k mis. on it so i guess i still have a little time before the nightmares begin, atleast form what ive read. What a let down. Why hasnt nissan recalled this transmission. Atleast when toyota had troubles with some of their vehicles they attempted to right their wrongs by offering extended warrenties. i've lost faith in nissan with their shananigans. I cant afford to take chances with nissan, ive called their warrenty division and had them to run the vin on my vehicle, but they said ther hasnt been any trouble reports.. i shouldve guesed it, its way too soon, i smell a trade coming with this murano. oh and nissan, i cant respect they way you ingnored the issue for so long and only after tons of complaints you agreed to extend the warranty on vehicalsaffected, but why havent you extended the warrenty period on all nissans, i have a friend he purchased a used 08 maxima w/60k on it and he started having trouble w/ the transmission and he traded it for an avalon... shame on you nissan...
  • kencolakencola Posts: 1
    Mine 2007 Murano S model having the same problem at around 55K miles. I had the extended warranty and Nissan took three days to fixed it and provide me free rental car. They told me they had the transmission replaced and now running good for almost four months now.

    There must be some kind of virus within every transmission they made and who knows??? Just kidding ^)^
  • Hi,

    I am dealing with my CVT transmission issues also. You need to call Nissan Consumer Affairs at 1-800-647-7261. They are only available during the week 8-5. Make sure that you tell them the problem, write your case # down and the name of the person you spoke with and their extension. Also put in a report to you local state consumer affairs office and complain and note that case number and the investigator.

    Next step is the get a lawyer and take Nissan to court. If it has to be done then it has to be done.

    For me it has been wasting my time having to deal with all the Murano issues. If I have to spend time to try to fix the car and it does not get fixed then worth the time to take them to court and show you are serious to get your car fixed.

    Nissan knows that they need to take care of the issues with this car. If they deny that then they have big lawsuits coming their way.

    Those are my suggestions. I hope that helps. Maybe getting your friends not to buy Nissan anymore helps too.

  • halwghalwg Posts: 2
    The CVT was redesigned after 2010, that's why the newer models aren't covered by the extended warranty. You shouldn't have a problem, so you shouldn't be worrying about it.
  • I Have a Nissan Murano with 55000 miles, In the past days I was to the nissan reparation center because something is wrong with the transmission, they said now that the transmission must be replaced but the warranty is lost because was detected incorrect fuid in transmission, I did the transmission service at 30000 miles in Firestone (with CVT fluid not nissan brand that the fluid must be green instead of red !!!), this is crazy at all !!!!.
  • Yep sounds familar. They did the same thing to me and my saving grace was that I had just had an accident with the vehicle and it was determined that the garage insurance had it towed to had done it. All maintenance and upkeep prior to accident had previously been done by Nissan dealer. They did replace mine.
  • I emailed a service representative with the question on whether Nissan recommended or requested transmission fluid change. His reply was that Nissan *DID NOT* request the service, which is reflected in the user's manual, but many of his customers had the service done every 30K or 60K.

    He said the CVT can only be drained, but not flushed.

    My Murano has 64K and I can sense some transmission roughness in low speeds between 1500 and 2500 RPM, so that I am considering the service. He tells me it costs $120 + taxes, which is sensible. I am however worried about the overtightening of bolts, but it is a Nissan shop and I still have a couple of years worth of warranty in the transmission.
  • kcjim888kcjim888 Posts: 6
    edited September 2012
    On one of the forums there was listed a test that can be ran on the fluid. The test is part of a suite of tests called "ConsultII" that the Nissan dealer can perform. This test is to find the number of particulates in the transmission fluid. I am coming up to my 54000 mile mark on our 2007 Murano. We will not be changing the fluid unless the test is done and the particulate count is over the limit. Just a thought or direction to consider with the expense of the fluid change and that the manual does not call for a fluid change.
    Addendum. I would get the quote in writing for the $120 tranny fluid change. The Nissan approved fluid is very expense and that quote sounds low.
  • I wanted to write a note to say Thank You for all the helpful info on this site! We thought we were going to have to take a 5-$6.00 dollar loss due to bad transmission on 2004 Murano(,Avg selling price now $10,000-$12,000, bad transmission drops it to $5,000, if your lucky ). After some time, decided to Google it (For heck of it) and found this site with the info on the extended warranty on the 2004 CVT trans. We were just 600 miles shy of the 120,00 ! Just got back from dealer..they are replacing the entire transmission, head to toe, at No cost! Also did the 5 point safety check, only came back with minor "failed" (Air filters etc. ). I hope this post may also help others, and that they really are backing this CVT Transmission warranty up!
    ...We also had oil leak,but they said that was also caused by same. Thanks so much again, and sorry also to those with their bad experiences.
  • First I am so thank ful for this board, although I wish I would have sold the car before hitting 75,000 you saved me thousands when my car just died on me. Sure enough is was the CVT and I had to hound Nissan to replace. I could have been killed! I had just gotten off the highway.
    After being replaced I noticed steering is off! The dealer says that's normal! So I took it to another dealer, guess what, needs $3200,00 power steering which was probably damaged when they removed and replaced trans, but can't prove it.
    My husband has contacted Nissan hadquarters to try and get this resolved.
    Anyone else have this problem?
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