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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • My steering was completely messed up after I had to have my car done also. A friend did it for me and he dropped the engine; the dealers don't have to do that but the dealer actually adjusted it - he said the steering column was actually "bent" !!! The mechanic was a gem and rotated it or something and it has been fine since... good luck..
  • Let's sue Nissan!!
  • shoveit2003shoveit2003 Posts: 7
    edited November 2012
    Next step sue Nissan! There are so many things wrong with the Nissan Murano car they need to recall it.
  • Thank you for your post. Please keep writing your problems as we all need to gather the evidence and sue Nissan. Thanks.
  • Am considering buying a new 2012 Murano SV....debating between AWD or FWD. Would appreciate hearing about experiences with the 2011 or 2012 AWD and FWD models. Do you recommend I stay away from AWD because of the Transfer Case/CVT issues?
    Thanks much.
  • The CVT is in both models - so if that is a deal breaker - then either way you are stuck. For each person talking about issues, there are corresponding folks praising this vehicle. There is a strong warranty, due in large part from folks complaining about the transmission, so if you are concerned about coverage, then this should answer that question. We bought a 2007 used and now have 58k on it. No issues, but we did get the extended warranty in part due to CVT concerns. Buy what you like and note that many manufacturers are moving to CVT to increase mileage, so the units only get better in time. All new Nissans have this as the sole choice of automatics, so if this is a problem - you need to look elsewhere for transportation - or shift to a manual Nissan.
  • Dear curious buyer, this is for the transmission only. Not included in the warranty is the costly replacement of the transfer case ($4,000 to $5,000). I submitted all my receipts etc... for this repair and I was contacted my Nissan and told that the transfer case was not part of the new extended transmission replacement warranty.

    It is a shame I loved our Murano, the drive, comfortable. Did not love the repair bill at 65,000 miles.

    They did issue an action bulletin for the following year to make adjustments to the transfer case. It's a shame. I should know better then to purchase a vehicle the first year it is made.
  • I was very excited when I got the letter about the transmission warranty being extended to 100K and that you could get reimbursed if you could show receipts if you had had to repair yours BUT then I realized what I repaired TWICE! on my 2006 Murano was the transfer case assembly so I was very upset. First time I had a "friend mechanic" do it because it was going to be so expensive I thought to have done at a shop with $85/hour labor rates but it only went well for 6 months later then literally fell apart inside and so I had my fabulous mechanics (Oceanworks, Berkeley, CA) do it the second time and they were able to replace the transfer case with a refurbished one from dealer and so far so good... mine went out around 60K the first time also... there should have been an extended warranty on the transfer case also - I have heard of heaps of people having trouble with that
  • It's a defective sensor. They were recalled. I had taken my '09 Murano in on 5 separate occasions during the std. warranty period - they'd fill it up w/ air and give me the standard "tires contract/expand when it gets hot/cold speech" and send me on my way. Brought the car back for the 5th time, now the car was out of warranty - and they told me the sensor was corroded and it would cost me $200. I told them to stick their assessment up their a** and I'd be back w/ my documentation. They fixed it. And apologized.
  • markw5markw5 Posts: 1
    My 2007 CVT went out in a subtle way at 55K miles. Drove fine. The incessant whining noise from the front of the car that increased with vehicle speed was diagnosed as a bad tranny. No questions asked immediate replacement that took nearly two weeks to order and install. Free loaner made it tolerable and zero cost made it sweet. I wonder how long this new one will last? I wonder if they gave me a new or rebuilt tranny? I wonder after all these years why Nissan cant get it right.

    I too had motor mount issues also covered under warranty. I still like the ride and comfort but it is a car with some obvious issues. I am not sure how long to hold it, I have warranty coverage for some time to come.

    Only advice: change trans and diff fluids regularly at the dealer and keep the records.
  • jayhawk70jayhawk70 Posts: 56
    just passed 90,000 miles on our 2009 Murano SL AWD purchased late in 2008 after comparing several crossover/SUVs like the Lexus 350, Honda/Acura SUVs, Subaru SUVs and the new (at the time) Ford Edge. Purchased the Murano over the Lexus and others because of better technology and value, and because the wife liked it best for reasons I've never figured out. (I think it was the powered liftgate that beeps letting everyone else in the grocery store parking lot that she has one of THOSE!!! ..:-)

    Still running perfectly with not a single problem with the CVT, or the Transfer Case, or any other component of the vehicle, even though we have had it on long highway trips on I5 in 100+ degree temperatures or freezing snow and ice at Lake Tahoe, plus lots of suburb/city traffic mileage and skiing trips in the Sierras. Also have used it for towing trailers (moving kids furniture to new apartments/etc). I love the CVT, even though I've been a dedicated manual shift driver for several decades. I especially like how smoothly it adjusts on steep grades in the mountains where the automatic shift transmission on our previous minivan would "hunt" for the right gear. And the AWD has been great for bypassing CalTrans Chain Control and for actual use on snow packed roads in the mountains.

    I know a few folks have had problems with the CVT, but my experience has been great. Anyone purchasing a new or used vehicle should rely on either Consumer Reports or JD Powers reliablilty statistics, rather than ad hoc comments on message boards to determine the reliability of a vehicle. Both Consumer Reports and JD Powers, at the time I purchased the Murano, showed the drivetrain reliability was average to above average for the Murano.
    I think now (though I haven't looked at it for a year or two) both show the 2007 and earlier Muranos as only "average" reliability for drivetrain/transmission (which is pretty good these days compared to "average" transmission reliability of a decade or more ago) and above average for 2009 and newer models (there was no 2008 model year, the 2009s were introduced in early 2008).

    Like my last two primary family cars (a 1996 Dodge Minivan and a 1989 Nissan Maxima) I expect this Murano to last for well over 200,000 miles or more.

    I will say my negative experiences have all been with the Service Department of the Nissan dealer I purchased the car from. They really try to upsell every scheduled maintenance, even one time claiming they did not know what the factory recommended service was (that is in the Warranty/Maintenance book that came with the car) and insisted only on presenting their $700 "premium service" for the 30,000 mile service interval (when the factory service really only called for an oil/filter change and a bunch of inspections). Watch out for those guys and insist on only the service called for in the maintenance booklet. I've never done anything but the minimum maintenance schedules on any of my cars, including the Dodge minivan that was still running great at 240,000 miles when I sold it, or the Maxima that had 220,000 miles when I sold it. The Service department at a dealership is a key profit center for a dealership, and makes that profit by selling services that the manufacturer does not require to maintain the warranty.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,981
    edited March 2013
    Watch out for those guys and insist on only the service called for in the maintenance booklet.

    Please visit Dealer Ratings and Reviews, drill down to your Murano dealer and write up a service review.

    Dealers hire reputation management companies and employ people on staff who read reviews and many dealers actually try to improve how they do business once their customers clue them in.


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  • cbin6381cbin6381 Posts: 2
    Received estimate on a valve body issue that Nissan has known about since 2006 ($2050). Was told that may not fix the issue. Transmission replacement may be needed ($5000+). I WILL NOT pay $2050 for a chance at fixing an issue they have known about for several years. Nissan Corp will not assist with the repair because it is out of warranty (by ~3400) and because of the age of the vehicle. Issue: I had been taking the car to the dealer for ~ a year and the issue was just diagnosed. The vehicle was under warranty when the issue began. What difference does it make how old the vehicle is? STAND BEHIND YOUR PRODUCTS! This "WAS" my 2nd Nissan. There will not be a 3rd. 1st was a Pulsar. I got 17 years & 217,000 miles out of it. Was hoping for 20 years & at least 250,000 miles out of this one since I paid a lot more. I will be contacting every organization in hopes that Nissan will be forced to recall all vehicles. Unhappy Nissan owner!
  • They knew about it when they saw your car before. They just didn't tell you. The same problem I have had. Please post what you find here and share. They need to recall and fix all the problems.
  • cryl8rcryl8r Posts: 1
    Good afternoon:

    This is the exact problem I have with my 2004 Murano. You mentioned the pressure sensor on or in the CVT. Was it expensive either way? Can you tell me who verified that is was the pressure sensor causing the problem, a very dangerous problem I might add.

  • cbin6381cbin6381 Posts: 2
    I posted a message on the Nissan Corp Facebook page letting them know how unhappy I am. When the transmission finally quits, I have already decided my new car will not be another Nissan.
  • jetwrenchjetwrench Posts: 10
    I thought I did my due diligence before buying an 03' Muro in 2009 w/ 71k on it. I later discovered about the premature CVT failures. I called Nissan NA to ask about recalls that may not have been done to the car. They ran down a list of recalls that were done, premature Alternator failure, Seatbelt jams, Fuel tank puncture protectors(installed with cheap plastic clip that break & leave them flapping under car), & OBTW, that the CVT had been replaced at 17k miles!! I felt sick! Was it going to fail again? Is it a ticking time bomb?

    NOTE: The Part Number on the CVT ends in (RE) if it has been replaced if you are wondering if yours may have been.

    I kept the car after reading about Nissan doubling the CVT warranty on this forum!(thank you Edmunds!!) I called Nissan & gave them my VIN# & had my warranty letter sent to me.

    This car was plagued with issues I've read about on this & others forums;

    Visors broke & flop down in your face. $300+ea. to replace(no recall).
    Windows mysteriously go down w/o touching the remote(no recall).
    HVAC system had a mind of its own, would do uncommanded strange things all by itself!(no recall).
    NEVER was able to program the garage door opener feature.
    Fuel door solenoid failed, had to damage the door to get it open to put gas in the car!(no recall).

    I recently unloaded this POS @ 119,000k miles!! Goodbye & good riddance!!
    My first & last Nissan!!!
    I recently bought a 2012 Chevy Captiva(formally Saturn Vue) from Hertz Rent-to-Buy & LOVE IT!!!

    I was EXTREMELY lucky that I didn't have to shell out thousands of dollars as many people did.
    My heart goes out to all of the CVT & Transaxle early failure VICTIMS that Nissan has harmed financially & emotionally!!
  • murano4murano4 Posts: 1
    please somebody help me.
    i have been walking for a month because my 2003 Murano 2WD transmission is broken. i can't find this transmission here in Mongolia.
    how can i find used transmission?
  • chiki1chiki1 Posts: 2
    where did you take it? I might be having the same problem in my 04 murano,55k+.from san jose,ca.thanks
  • chiki1chiki1 Posts: 2
    I think I have the same problem cvt? month ago star to hear this cracking noise left front side and wonder if it is the cvt> called the # showed on the letter (same u got) told me to check an air hose also that is recalled I guess and take to dealer..'ll see what happen......any advise? thanks from san jose,ca...04 murano,55k.
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