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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • To jphog. I had a 2003-4 Murano with the CVT Trans also. Not a single problem. Traded on a 2006 and had to have the trans replaced. Same problem as you guys. Small hesitation at first then a longer lag and finally got dangerous. I also dealt with Nissan US # 1 and was treated wonderfully. I amd ordering a 2009 Murano next week. Don't know how you can really blame Nissan # 1 for the delay in getting your re-imbursment. You did state that the checks came from Nissa of North America. I would be pleased that Nissan in Vero did the work and filed the paper work instead of sending you back to Canada.
  • Most of us are complaining about Nissan for the simple reason that they fail to acknowledge this as a design defect and they do not stand-up for replacement of the transmission if you're out of warranty.

    When you call customer service, they act as though they've never heard of this problem before and offer no help in getting it resolved.

    This is clearly a safety issue and Nissan is a "no-show" on accepting responsibility. The fact that the problem appears to continue on later models speaks volumes on Nissan's commitment to safety.
  • moromoro Posts: 5
    There are many reasons for the " Blame" and it is NOT for the delay in the re-imbursement but for reasons too numerous to mention here. I am sure you would not be as pleased as you are If you knew the circumstanes that led up to the charges I incurred to get my Murano running like it should run .Would you really be pleased if you had a problem like I had and had to pay over ten thousand dollars for a repair that runs about five thousand dollars? Are you aware that dealers have the option of accepting warranty work from vehicles purchased in canada and that the dealer makes more profit If he does not put the repair through a warranty claim? If you say yes to this you would be a very pleasing customer. There are lots of dealers in Florida that would have done the repair under warranty . Vero Nissan # 1 is not Numero UNO on my dance card . I can go north or south about 20 miles and both the dealers accept warranty work. Enjoy your new Murano....its a nice vehicle...not like some dealers....
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    ....its a nice vehicle...not like some dealers....

    Please visit Dealer Ratings and Reviews and fill out a review (or three) there. Thanks!

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  • Sadsack,
    Why don't you READ what I said and don't assume things you shouldn't. My car was out of warranty. I would think that Nissan would stand behind the product they build and not act like nothing is happening out there. If you spent 10K on your Murano then maybe YOU :confuse: should get checked out.....Buy another one?? I don't think so, not after the way this company has treated it's customers on this problem. :lemon:
  • my moron-o went yesterday,still owe 4000, meineke said it would cost 8000.00 to replace, nissan fredericksburg said to much..they would do it for 7...gee thanks for the big savings....waiting for nissan reigonal person to call back with "options" :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • They'll act like they're trying to do something, but will call back later and say there's nothing they can do.

    I love the fact that they still act surprised when they hear of this problem; as though, you're the first person to call on it.
  • Hello.

    I came into this forum because I am interested in the CVT in the Murano. Seeing the problems you folks are having with this transmission bothers me. Clearly not as much as it does you folks, as I don't own one.

    I have a suggestion that could possibly correct this. I know how this is going to sound but hear me out and give it some thought. I get no compensation for posting this information. I am doing it because I think it has a possibility of helping with the problems you have reported. And do so at a very small price.

    This obviously will not fix something that is physically broken, so if that is the case in these transmission problems this will not help. Having said all that, let me pass on this information.

    Take a look at this web site..

    This one is the same stuff for transmissions..

    If this problem is caused by dirt and contamination interfering with operation, this stuff may help. I posed the question to the guy that makes this stuff before coming back here with this post. This is what he has to say...

    "Hello Jim the links would seem to indicate dirt,contaminants interfering with sensors. Since Auto-Rx can,t hurt anything i would scroll down (index) to transmissions. Follow application. Think this will solve problem. Go to an Oil Quick Change (Jiffy Lube-Shell ) and have them T-Tech the transmission (this will clean & remove all the contaminants from the torque converter also (garbage can of the transmission) and at the same time refill with clean fluid. don't let anyone use additional additives.Frank"

    The "links" he refers to are urls to the posts on this forum talking about the transmission problem you have described. #1, #5, and #64.

    Take a look and see if you think it might be worth a try. If it were me, I would give it a try. Anything before shelling out $5K to repair a 90K mi old transmission. But as I said I only offer this information in the spirit of helpfulness. I would hope that if you do try it that you would post your experience.

  • Jim,

    I can sort of corroborate your posting, that is... sort of.

    I bought a used '03 Murano in March of '07 and begin having the same type of hesitation in the tranny but it'd go away after the engine was shut down and restarted. (Please see my earlier post on this thread for a full description of the problem.) The tranny issue always showed up when I was in stop-n-go traffic (>1 hr at a time) and i was never really able to recreate it for the dealer.

    Anyways, I took the Murano in for service in October where they changed the transmission fluid. Since then, I haven't had the problem, and I live around LA, so I'm stuck in traffic a lot. The dealer did note that my transmission fluid level was low and that could've been why I had those instances of hesitation.

    It sounds too simple of a cure for the problems that people are having with their transmissions, but so far, it's worked for me. That's why I've been hesitant to post about my finding because I'm not sure if the fluid flush was a real solution or not. But since you threw out your suggestion to all the posters here, I figured I'd put in my two cents as well.
  • Thanks, used... I'm sure your experience will be useful information to anyone with this problem. At least I would think it would be worth it to try a $70 flush procedure on the off chance it could help. If an important sensor is clogged it could very well be the cause of this problem.

    I would be interested to hear from any other folks that have this problem and give the flush treatment a try. Whether it is simply a fluid change, the "T-Tech" flush, or the Auto-RX treatment. I would like to hear about it as a bystander and potential Murano owner, so I would think current owners with potentially problematic transmissions would as well.

  • Wow after reading all these complaints about the transmission I feel right at home. I had an accident in my 2003 Murano and at the accident scene they told me I could drive it but it wouldn't reverse. Well no way was I driving that car so it was towed and to make a long story short two months later I am still waiting for my car. Last call they said it needed new transmission but can't say whether accident caused. They said it's still under warranty so not to worry. Now a week later I get a call and they got rebuilt transmission in and seems to be running fine but because when they pulled out old tranny it had two different fluids in it and warranty doesn't apply now. It apparently had a green fluid and a red one. Does this make sense to anyone? Waiting to hear back from Geico now but it's looking like it's coming down on me. Never had problems before accident and I think company that Geico paid to get it fixed may have added fluid but no one will admit to this. Would putting a different transmission fluid in the car cause the transmission to fail?
  • Jess,
    The CVT transmission does have a special fluid and a very expensive fluid that is used. I was told when I purchased my Murano to be very careful not to put the wrong type of transmission fluid in it. Sounds to me like they are looking for any excuse not to cover it. typical with these people...... :mad:
  • My month old 07 Murano, with 1400 miles on it, stalled and sputtered off the freeway today on my way to work. I would turn it off and on, and it would go for 2 or 3 seconds, then lose all power and stall again. Had to leave it at the local Burger King and get picked up to get to work! I had it towed to a dealership, where they diagnosed it with "crank sensor failure" and replaced it. I got home just fine, and I hope to never have this problem again...
  • My '01 Passat stalled by the side of the road three times. It behaved as if I just shut it off. After some extensive discussions with the VW tech we decided the crank position sensor was the problem. I had the sensor replaced and have not had another problem since. I bet your Murano will be fine too.

  • I was ready to go to battle with Nissan after my 2004 started having the same problem with the hesitation. To make a long story short the air hose was not secure and I was not getting the right mix of fuel and air. The second time I called the Nissan dealership the first thing they asked was had I checked my air hose and sure enough that was the problem. Maybe it is a common problem with Muranos. It is worth a try.
  • I own a 2004 Nissan Murano. The CVT failed at 125,000 miles, NO HELP FROM NISSAN! At 205,000 miles its failing again. I' m not going to dump another $5,000 int6o this car. Is Nissan doing anything to make good on this problem.
  • wominerawominera Posts: 1
    God, this problem has got me so MAD I bought a 2003 murano 6 months ago with only 65,000 miles, we need it a good reliable vehicle, couple of months after this CVT problem has started at 71,000 miles, I'm so angry at Nissan for not recognizing that they own this transmission problem.

    HAS ANYBODY STARTED A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT? if somebody has count me in. if not feel free to e-mail at so we can start this. :mad:
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 39,971
    I think class actions are better suited (ha!) for small amounts. I'm not sure what amount is too small, but most bar associations will hook you up with a cheap or free initial consultation and you can talk to a local lawyer and see if it's worth the time and effort to chase your local dealer and/or Nissan. Or your local Consumer Protection Agency may have an auto division that could give you some advice.

    You might get some satisfactory resolution faster that way, instead of waiting a few years and winding up with a $500 coupon off your next purchase of a Nissan. (link and link)

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  • majicmanmajicman Posts: 40
    Have any of you had your transmission flushed or seen my earlier post..
    majicman, "2003 Nissan Murano CVT (Transmission)" #73, 9 Feb 2008 5:53 pm
    I dont' know if the Auto-Rx stuff will help but if I was looking at a $5k bill for fixing my car I would certainly consider trying it.
  • allykatallykat Posts: 3
    I purchased a 2003 Nissan Murano last summer. What a mistake I thought I was getting a a highly rated safe car. My 17 year old daughter was almost killed last week due to a stall in an intersection. Same problem after coming to a stop the car didnt want to go. This car only has 62,000 miles on it. Nissan customer service acted like they had never heard of this problem. I am so glad I found this web sight I will tell everyone I know about this problem and report it. I have an extended warranty through an outside company they are coming to dealership to decide if they are going to cover it. If they wont I will trade it in and never buy Nissan again. They do recalls on seat belts, but not on this a life or death problem with the transmission. This is so frustrating they know of the problem but wont face up to it.
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