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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • jbhog330jbhog330 Posts: 14
    Nissan will NEVER own up to this problem because it would cost them millions of dollars to settle this. I will never buy another Nissan product and everyone I talk to about this vehicle I explain the "We didn't know that" attitude of the dealers. This car company is a bunch of rip off artists in disquise. Who can afford the extremely high replacement cost of a transmission in these economic times. Enough of my ranting.....Can you imagine what would have happened if your daughter was injured because of this defect? I've reported this to the NTSB and nothing has happened yet. Are they waiting for someone to die??? Good luck with your problem, I guess I am bitter to these crooks!! :mad:
  • balanceokbalanceok Posts: 11
    On the recommendation of our local dealer, we tried another option to replacing the transmission. We replaced the seals and serviced the transmission with a synthetic transmission fluid. He said they had seen good results with this, so I gave it a try. The cost was about $1200.

    So far so good. We've not had the hesitation in the transmission since this was done. Here's hopinjg it holds.

    On the bad side, they also replaced the air filter and failed to properly attach the housing for the filter. As a result, the engine was getting too much air and my car died on the way to getting onto a ship for a 7-day cruise. Fortunately, the CA dealer knew what the problem was and fixed it for us so we made our ship. Apparently, this is a common mistake made when servicing Muranos.
  • Thankyou so mutch for Posting a posabal sulotian. I think your car will be fine now. I think that peapol are not getting there trans flushed. I bet it tells you that in the owners Manuall to haha lol. It is like if you dont change your oial your engian will go early rite guys Lets all all flush the trans I think Nissan put out a bulitan out on this. and For the guy WHo's daughter ws almost Kiled. cause his car hesatated and would not go. Nissan has a recall or a bulitan out on the tmc sumthing to do with the trans a mojjawalle controler that controles the trans. Look at Nissan should have your answers guys. I am glad his daughter is ok and was not Killed. and In responce to the other guy saying Nissan is not good. They are good there is good and bad dealers. You just have a bad dealer. There is menny Peaple who love thease cars grate cars when probbly Mantaned. and the air filter thing is the dealers rushing and not taking a few mor minits to put it back on no big deal Make shore they put it on good before you leave. and get all servases done on your marano. And one mor thing you never bye the first year of a new cars run no matter new or used sum advice And also Only bye Nissan sirtafied cars just off leese they come with a 7 year or 100000 Mile worantee what ever comes first the 7 years or the 100000 MIles so I think that is a grate deal. And the 2004 Marano to the New one now are grate. Thankyou for reading my posting Hope I was able to help everyone out. And sorry about my spelling. Have a verry good day guys Marco.
  • Hey Guys it is Not the cvt it might be a Preeshore Sencore or the tmc trans controle mogawalle. Hope I was able to Help you guys out it manally only has to do with the 2003 marano sorry about the spelling have a real grate day guys marco.
  • nkranznkranz Posts: 1
    I just found this site and have had the same issues. I paid the Nissan Dealership in Burnsville MN $6,000 to fix the transmission after the all wheel drive warning light failed to appear and I was driving over the suggested 50 mph. Now I am detecting this odor like hot metal burning and they are suggesting that the transmission needs to be examined again. Nissan appears to take no responsibility for considering these issues part of faulty design.
  • steverstever YooperlandPosts: 40,003
    I just had my Nissan (Quest) transmission fluid "changed" and I specifically told the garage owner not to flush the fluid, neither power flushing nor flushing with the car idling. I have so many miles on my tranny (124k), I didn't want to get anything stirred up at all. Maybe the CVT is different but I'm leery unless someone can point to it in the owner's manual.

    Oh yeah, my engine seems to be purring along nicely on my 7,500 (or longer) oil change intervals.

    (btw, have you ever tried Dragon or one of the other speech to text dictation programs?).

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  • oompah1003oompah1003 Posts: 6
    Has anyone had an update on this recently? I am having the same problems with my 2003 Murano SL. I am getting no power when stuck in traffic and then it kicks in. It started at around 85000 miles. Has there been a determination on the problem? Also anything on nissan making good on it? Has anyone brought this issue up with their states consumer affairs? Seems like it should be a recall with a safety issue like this.
  • mlibovemlibove Posts: 1
    I was told today that the problem with my 2003 Murano CVT was electronic and specifically related to the valve body. Not being a mechanic I do not understand much of what they are talking about. What I do know is that five weeks ago the dealer replaced two seals on the trans for about $1,700. Now the exact same symptoms are back, i.e.; hesitation when moving from a dead stop or accelerating at slow speeds. It does not seem to happen once the car is at highway speeds.

    Now they are suggesting that the entire transmission be replaced with a rebuilt for about $3,500 (for parts only). They have not quoted a labor charge yet. The dealer claims that they replaced the seals a few weeks ago because the trans was leaking oil. That made sense to me. However, now the service advisor is saying that the seals are the easiest thing for them to get to, which is also why they changed them. Then he said that if the replacement of the seals did not do the job they would look deeper for something my expense of course.

    I have not told them to go ahead with the repair yet. The car has about 136,000 miles on it and until now has not given me any trouble. But, I think that Nissan must take some responsibility for this problem as having read the string of emails on the subject it is obvious that I am not the only one. Any lawyers out there who own one of these cars?
  • jbhog330jbhog330 Posts: 14
    It sounds to me like Nissan is really raking you over the coals... Nissan is aware of the problem with the transmission failures and to charge you $1700.00 to replace seals that they know are NOT going to fix the problem, I would have a BIG problem with that!! If I were you, I would not let the Nissan dealer touch your car any further. They obviously want to rip you off big time!! Nissan does not rebuild the transmissions at the dealers, they buy rebuilt ones. AAMCO had informed me of this. The Nissan dealer will GAFF you on the labor so I would suggest taking it to a local AAMCO dealer to repair. They have the same warranty as the dealer. Nissan will NOT take any responsibility for this failure, that is why I would NEVER in a million years buy another one. Nissan Motors are thieves!! :mad:
  • Hey guys first off your cars have high miles you guys are nuts. and change flewid with santhitic flewid told in a pryer posting lets stop going on and on read the postings pleas. and also look at Nissan under Maranno go to 2003 pritty shore there is a fix have not time to look now will look next week for you guys. thankyou Marco.
  • allykatallykat Posts: 3
    First of all my car has only 60,000 miles on it. Second of all, if you work for Nissan your sure not a good spokesperson for them. Thirdly, Nissan diagnosed that I needed a new transmission. Don't comment about things you don't know. Nissan didn't pay, but my warranty company did. Thank goodness since it was $9,100 for the work. I reported it with Nissan complaints maybe down the road they will do a recall before someone is killed.
  • first off I dont work for Nissan. and there is no nead to be nasty and be a wise guy if you no what I mean. just trying to Help you guys out. I am not a spokes person for nissan. I am Just telling it like it is I have sum inside information I have done sum digging you no guys resirtch. pleas look at Nissan Under Maranno 2003 the 2004 and up marannos are fine. and they charged you $9000 to put in a new trans they ripped you off big time. it is good you had the worintee. Not every nissan dealer is like this coman I no the cvt is a bit mor Money then your convinshinal 5 speed trans but every Nissan dealer is indapendantally owned so they have no controle over what they do. That is the way it is with most auto manufactors. Put in sintitick trans flewid. best to do this your selfe if you no about cars flush and refill the trans with sintatick flewid. amko will ripe you off also. Pritty shore they are changing the trans for no reason. They just have to replace the tcm trans controle Mojuwall Thankyou for reading Hope I am able to help sum of you guys out Thanks for reading my posting Marco.
  • shdelashdela Posts: 1
    On May 29,2008, I went to the dealership to address one problem (with my car). Before I left, the mechanic found a new problem with my transmission. Keep in mind that none of my sensor light ever came on to indicate that there was a problem with my SUV. The mechanic told me that there was leaking fluid from my transmission case. I was in total disbelief about this situation. The next day I drove it to a Auto Zone. He plug a device to check the Sensor(CK ENG LITE), a code for the "Cam Shaft Sensor", which is affilate with the Timing System. He told me not to drive the car, because I could blow the engine. Now my car is just sitting in the driveway. I can't drive it because the (VDC,SLIP, & CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS ON).
  • vanessaesqvanessaesq Posts: 10
    Hello Everyone:

    Someone asked whether there was an attorney out there who owns a 2003 Murano with this problem? Well, I am it! I have the same problem everyone else has. In October of 2007, when the car had about 75,000 miles on it, I was waiting in bumper to bumper traffic when I tried to accelerate and the car did not respond then about five seconds later, it lurched forward. It did this until I got to my destination. After turning the car off and then restarting, I drove home with no problem. I took it to my mechanic and he thought it was the fuel injector. He cleaned it, and it seemed fine, until about five weeks ago it did it again. I made an appointment to take it back to get looked at, then for whatever reason at work, I googled "2003 Murano, failure to accelerate in traffic" and up popped numerous websites, including this one, that gave me the first indication that it was a defect in the transmission. I filed a claim with Nissan North America, then took it to a dealer to be diagnosed, and it is the valve body in the transmission. It is a defective part that Nissan has known about since at least November of 2004 (and I suspect well before that). I obtained a copy of the repair bulletin that was sent by Nissan to its dealers in early 2005 and it describes the problem exactly and indicates that the valve body needs to be replaced. I was quoted an estimate of $1700 to do this. I have had various discussions with Nissan regarding the fact that I am a litigation attorney and that I fully intend to sue them here in NJ if they do not pay to fix my car. In spite of the fact that they do not consider it a "safety problem" worthy of recall (it's more like they don't want to pay the $ to recall all those cars), I think it is most definitely a safety problem. I have spoken with a transmission mechanic who states that that part should not fail at that mileage and that it is an early failure.

    I am going to file a lawsuit against Nissan North America here in NJ for breach of the implied warranty. I am including a count for Consumer Fraud. My theory is that they knew about this problem in as early as 2004, but never notified the consumers of the problem or the potential for it, so as to permit them to avail themselves of the remedy of possibly taking out an extended warranty, or having their cars evaluated to see if the problem could be detected while the car was still in warranty. That to me is fraud. In NJ, a complaint that includes a count for Consumer Fraud must be forwarded to the Attorney General's office. I intend to do that, along with copies of all your internet postings attesting to the widespread nature of this problem. Under NJ law, if I am successful in prosecuting the Consumer Fraud complaint, I will get treble (triple) my damages, plus I will also ask for my attorney's fees (to get paid for my time).

    If anyone is at all interested in e-mailing me your detailed story re: your 2003 Murano with your name and address, I will include it as an Exhibit in my complaint (my e-mail is I fully intend to litigate this with Nissan until such time as a jury tells me that I have no case. At some point, these corporations have to take responsibility for the products they put on the market, and in particular, products such as a car, which can cause catastrophic injury when they contain a defect such as this. Thanks and good luck to everyone with this same problem. This is my third new Nissan, and my last.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    That to me is fraud.

    To prove that it was fraud you would have to show that they knew about the problem when they sold you the vehicle. Your conjecture implies they didn't know about it until more than a year later.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • vanessaesqvanessaesq Posts: 10
    Tidester: I disagree with the statement that to prove fraud I have to show they knew about the problem when they sold me the car. The NJ Consumer Fraud Statute provides the following constitutes fraud:

    "The act, use or employment by any person of any unconscionable commercial practice, deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise, misrepresentation, or the knowing, concealment, suppression, or omission of any material fact with intent that others rely upon such concealment, suppression or omission, in connection with the sale or advertisement of any merchandise or real estate, or with the subsequent performance of such person as aforesaid, whether or not any person has in fact been misled, deceived or damaged thereby, is declared to be an unlawful practice; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall apply to the owner or publisher of newspapers, magazines, publications or printed matter wherein such advertisement appears, or to the owner or operator of a radio or television station which disseminates such advertisement when the owner, publisher, or operator has no knowledge of the intent, design or purpose of the advertiser"

    The statute states that the fraud can attach to Nissan's subsequent performance associated with the sale of my car. My argument is that Nissan's obligation to me does not end with the express warranty. There is an implied warranty that attaches to that sale as well, which means that Nissan warrants that they are selling me a car whose systems are fit for the purpose for which they are intended. If they receive subsequent knowledge after selling me the car that the transmission in that car contains a defective or misdesigned part, and especially when that knowledge comes to their attention during a time when the vehicle was in warranty, then they commit fraud when they fail to advise me of this fact. It is a purposeful concealment of a material fact concerning not only the performance of the car, but the safety as well. That is my theory of liability.

    Secondly, in the fifteen years that I have practiced law, I have yet to be involved in litigation with a corporation whose "knowledge" of a particular fact comports with the date on an "issued memorandum." In other words, once I get involved in litigating this case with Nissan and I do a document demand requesting each and every document generated by Nissan that in any way pertains to this particular problem, you can bet that there will be ample evidence to demonstrate Nissan's knowledge of the problem WELL BEFORE November of 2004.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    I think we can agree that it is an "unlawful practice" and may be "concealment" after the fact. My understanding is that fraud or intent to defraud occur before the fact. In any case, good luck with your case!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • vanessaesqvanessaesq Posts: 10
    Thanks, Tidester.
  • krpaplhamkrpaplham Posts: 2
    Apparently they did not fix the issue with the transmission in 2004 as my 2004 Murano with 80,000 miles was diagnosed with the same problem this AM. Pretty much the same estimated costs "if" the whole transmission does not need to be replaced. I barely avoided a bad accident when the engine failed to rev when starting to merge into traffic, then suddenly did rev a second or two later. Between the delay and the surprise of no forward movement it was a close call with on coming traffic.
    Having read through the many complaints posted here and having experienced the very real danger from this equipment failure, I would certainly be interested in a legal means of compensation since Nissan is adamant that this is not a manufacturer issue. Assuming what is posted on this site is just a small percentage of actual occurences there should be a large group out there to support litigation.
  • swagner2swagner2 Posts: 1
    I'm so glad I found this website. I too purchased a 2003 Nissan Murano and have been advised that I have a "seal leak" that will involve removal of the entire transmission which will cost close to $4000. I'm just sick. In addition, at the same time I purchased my '03 Murano, a girl I worked with also purchased an '03 Murano. And, low and behold her transmission simply dropped out on her while she was driving. Her estimate was around $5000. I now will not own another Nissan and will soon be trading off the one I have. I too believe that Nissan knows full well of the defective vehicles but will take absolutely no responsibility for them. I will certainly share my experiences with everyone I know.
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