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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • rjgcparjgcpa Posts: 11
    Have an '05 Murano with two issues. I often feel a vibration through the gas pedal. It occurrs intermittently but most often when the car is accelerating (like going up hills); occassionally even at a stand still. The other issue is every time I turn the engine off I hear a sound. The sound is like a car that adjust for a change in load. The old Lincoln's use to have a system that if you added extra weight to the trunk the suspension would compensate. My sound is something like that but in my case I haven't change the weight in the car (other than my removing myself). Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • roses5roses5 Posts: 1
    I own a 2003 Nissan Murano. I replaced the transfer case in October with 72K. The car went again and this time the transfer case and the transmission went. The car has 87K miles and at first they did not want to pay for the transfer case because the warrenty was up. They are now saying that they will pay if the rear transfer case goes. I thought the transfer case is one piece. I am so done with this car. I will never buy another Nissan again. Does anyone know if there is a class action suit?
  • completecomplete Posts: 4
    I'm glad I'm not the only unlucky one with bad transmission on the 2003 Nissan Murano. I have 70K miles and for the last month, I've had the same problem all others have reported, press the gas and the car doesn't move for a few seconds then jerks forward. Could be very dangerous when in traffic and trying to change lanes. In fact, I only discovered this problem when I was in stop and go traffic lately. I took it to the dealer, they charged me $105 to diagnose the problem. Acted like they've never heard of this problem. Called me back the next day saying they advice on replacing the "Valve Body", for $1750. I was upset that only a 5 year old car has transmission problem that requires this expensive repair. I did some research on the internet and found that I'm not alone. In fact, there has been a complaint filed to NHTSA in 2005. And another one filed in 2007. I filed mine today and have spoken to their rep. What she tells me is that not all complaints lead to investigation and not all investigation leads to recall. However, I believe more complaints of the same problem, the better chance that it will get noticed which will lead to investigation and I'm sure once they investigate, they will find that too many Murano owners had been screwed and this issue is a safety hazzard that should be recalled, and all previous owners who had to fork over thousands of dollars for repair should be reimbursed.

    So, please go ahead and file the complaint with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ) and they will assign you an ODI (Office of Defects Investigation) number. Mine is 10232062.

    The website to file the complaint with NHTSA is

    Also, other forums where people have posted exact same problems is

    Nissan has known this problem and they are not owning up to it. We need to all stick together and not let them get away with endangering the motorists and reaping millions of profit from all those costly repairs.
  • completecomplete Posts: 4
    Here is another place where people are reporting exact same problems thinking their situation is unique.
  • vanessaesqvanessaesq Posts: 10
    I was curious about the "leaky seals" portion of your post. I too have the exact same problems as you (you can go up and look at my post - I am suing Nissan here in NJ). When I took my car to Nissan to be "diagnosed" they also told me that the seals in the transmission were "leaking" and that this would cost an additional $700 to repair. Were you also told this in addition to replacement of the "valve body?" I was also told that the valve body needs replacement ($1700). I filed suit here in NJ and alleged consumer fraud. When I receive a filed copy of my complaint back, I intend to file a complaint with the NHTSA and attach a copy of the filed complaint. I agree with you that the problem is widespread and that Nissan needs to be made to own up. I decided based upon what I read from others who had actually replaced the valve body (only to have the transmission fail anyway) that my lawsuit would not ask for Nissan to pay for the repair of the valve body, but instead I am demanding replacement of the entire transmission or, in the alternative, for the court to compel Nissan to purchase the car back from me. We'll see what happens. Good luck to you.
  • completecomplete Posts: 4
    Actually, they didn't say anything about the leaky seals, just that my valve body needs to be replaced. No guarantee that it will fix the problem and no guarantee that I won't need to replace the transmission. Glad to hear you are taking them to court and would be very much interested in hearing the results that you can share with rest of us (don't settle for something where you can't disclose to others).

    Come on, people. Please file you complaint to NHTSA.
  • Just filed my complaint! Hopefully everyone else does as well, the more complaints the quicker we may get resolution.
  • completecomplete Posts: 4
    That's the idea. I can't believe there were only 2 before me, even though so many people have complained about it here. Keep it coming.
  • murano2murano2 Posts: 1
    Where do you stand with this issue? I just found out today that i will need at least a valve body @ roughly $1500. This is best case scenario, worst being a new transmission which will run around $5500. If Nissan knew about this, it should have been a recall. I have a 2003 Nissan Murano with 95K miles on it. My problems started in March, and this past Sunday, i pressed the accelerator all the way to the bottom, only with no response almost causing me an accident, once it eventually lurched forward. I will email you separately with my info once i hear back on this post.

  • vanessaesqvanessaesq Posts: 10
    I just filed my complaint in the Monmouth County Superior Court here in NJ. I will serve it and begin the discovery process with Nissan. I totally agree with you; the situation with this car is reprehensible. I was just talking to a family friend who had an '03 Murano with the same problem. It is so widespread that it is unbelievable. I made Nissan very well aware that I was a litigation attorney when I filed my complaint with their customer service problem, and I am in the same boat as anyone else - they refused to contribute one dime toward the repair of the car and don't seem to care that I intended to sue them. For them, a large corporation, it is a matter of economics - some bean counter somewhere figured out that it would be cheaper to let the warranties run out and to take the gamble that the people it affected would not take legal action. If some do, it's cheaper to pay them off than to do a recall on a transmission problem. They will not voluntarily do that. I am disgusted with the whole thing, but I intend to prosecute my suit and see where it takes me. You can e-mail me your information if you'd like (
  • amgibbsamgibbs Posts: 2
    Wow I am so glad I found this forumn. Back in May I had this horrible squealing sound that started after we had the brakes changed. We took and had a diagnostic run and was told it was the transmission, I about died. We had only had the car less than 3 years. It is a 2005 That I had bought at the end of June of 2005. So I took the car to Nissan, they charged me $100+ to tell me the exact same thing and then told me they would not cover it under warranty and it would cost me $4,500 to replace the transmission. It has "Internal transmission failure". So I contacted Nissan headquarters whatever it is and finally going back and forth for 2 months they told me a week ago that they were NOT going to cover or help pay for the replacement.

    Their reason: I don't get my car serviced by Nissan. WTH? I'm sorry I don't pay $60 for you to change my oil, but yet I have all my receipts. They could care less about their customers. So I have filed complaints on BBB and now the website listed at the start of this post which I am hoping can make someone open their eyes and realize what is wrong here.

    They need to suck it up and take ownership, this is obviously a huge issue and instead of just dismissing their customer's off they should be trying to determine the problem.

    So now we have 1 car because who can afford to drop $5,000 on the spot on a car that is still a baby and we paid over $30k for in the first place.

  • amgibbsamgibbs Posts: 2
    May I also add that on this website: There are complaints on JUST the powertrain/auto transmission:

    51 complaints on 2003 models
    18 on 2004 models
    7 on 2005 models
    3 on 2006 models
    4 on 2007 models

    I also emailed that Office of defects investigation directly and asked them how many complaints it takes in order for them to Officially investigate. Everything I read is the same issues..

    I would continue to spread the word at how big of an issue this is and hopefully we can all get some resolution. :confuse:
  • m0mzillam0mzilla Posts: 10
    OMG - I have been sick to my stomach all week thinking I was the most unlucky person in the world and my Murano was the only one with this problem! Without ANY warning or dash lights, my car just lurched forward pulling into my driveway and then I couldn't drive it again. Towed it to my mechanic who said it was the transmission and no one can work on this model other than the dealership. I even called a transmission specialist who said Nissan won't release any repair details so no one else can work on it. No one even gave me an option for valve replacement. They can't even tell me what's wrong or why my tranmission failed! Just "We think it's your transmission" and it's a $5k repair. Ugh. I JUST bought this car last year and 30k miles ago. I still have a $400 per month payment and when I inquired about a trade-in/upgrade, I was offered $9,500 for it. I could really just cry. I have literally no options. I guess I'm just going to repair it and then get rid of it. Should have bought the Lexus version. Had I found this forum when I was buying it, I would have at least purchased the extended warrantee!
  • daveciidavecii Posts: 1
    My 2003 Murano SL AWD transfer case completely failed at 72,000 miles. I took the car in a few weeks prior to the failure, and Regal Nissan in Huntsville, AL said it was "tire noise", and not to worry unless the CVT lights came on. When the transfer case completely failed, they finally discovered a cracked housing resulting in a $3,300 repair. Both Regal and Nissan's customer service refused to do anything about it.

    If your MO starts making noise in the front end, watch out.

    I will never buy another Nissan. There is no excuse for their failure to take responsibility.
  • wkp0000wkp0000 Posts: 6
    On Friday July 25, 2008, my 2003 Nissan Murano suddenly would not go forward at stop lights before a 10 to 20 second delay. Even while on the interstate pumping the accelerator would not increase spead without a delay of a few seconds. I thought I was going to have to have the car towed, but was able to get my crippled car to a mechanic; who later that day informed me the cost would be approximately $800 to make the repairs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    WK Perry
  • The only "help" I can give you is to tell you that you are lucky in the fact that you only have to pay half of what we had to pay to get the stupid car fixed!

    Its been a while, so I don't remember exactly what they had to fix...sorry I am not much help! :confuse:
  • whansenwhansen Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Murano, and as soon as I drove it across the border into Mexico where I now live, the warranty died. In 2005 I had to buy a new alternator for about $400 USD and now it's in the shop again for a new transmission. The car died on the way home, and just wouldn't move. The technician tried to pull it apart, but after two days, he told me that it would be cheaper to replace the whole transmission. The good news for me is that Nissan has a transmission factory here in Mexico, and the whole thing will cost $2,100 USD. The install cost is another $400.
    Not bad when compared to what some of you are paying. Oh, did I mention that I only have 40,000 miles on this car? Or that my next car would be a Honda?

    wayne hansen
    Puerto Vallarta
  • WK Perry

    I posted a while back about this "delayed acceleration problem" that lots of people seem to be having (Post #4). I also posted a while back that I got my transmission fluid changed and that seemed to help (Post #74).

    Well, I was wrong. Several weeks ago, the problem returned and I was able to limp it over to the dealer who was able to diagnose it as a throttle body chamber issue. Keep in mind that I told them about this issue before, when I got my transmission fluid changed, and they acted like they had never heard of such a problem. But as soon as I brought it in and they took it for a spin around the lot, they knew exactly what it was! Like they were experts at fixing it! Go figure! Fortunately, for me, it was still under warranty and I only paid the $50 deductible.

    So far, the Murano's problem hasn't returned, and I've driven it around LA traffic many times. I will keep the news group updated if the Murano problem returns.
  • cde1cde1 Posts: 2
    All, I am 1.5 years in to a 3 year lease. I will greatly exceed the mileage limit and plan on purchasing the lease out. For at least the past 10k miles (vehicle has 30k miles currently) I have heard a clicking noise that I attributed to either the transmission or suspension. When accelerating or taking my foot off of the accelerator, that shift in momentum, or shift in weight dispersement, (or changing gears) creates a "click-click". I have not had any issues with acceleration and am not aware of any leaks. With no change in vehicle performance and only a clicking noise I have not contacted Nissan. Are any of you familiar with this clicking noise? Is it possible that it will lead to larger issues? Will Nissan address a clicking noise as an issue?


  • amatistaamatista Posts: 15
    I've had more than my share of issues with my six month old 2007 Murano (crank sensor failure at 1,000 miles, valve body replacement and subsequent crank sensor failure at 7,000 miles) that I've whipped up one doozy of a letter to send off to someone in Nissan. Any suggestions on who I should address it and mail it to? Its purpose is to basically "address" some of their atrocious customer service practices (awakening me at 11 pm AND midnight to provide updates on my vehicle, and refusing to get my vehicle and I off of the freeway) and to tell them basically that they stink and I'll take all future business elsewhere....
    Thanks in advance!
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