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Nissan Murano CVT Transmission



  • I, also, am having problems with my Nissan Murano Transmission. I have been talking to my technician for the past year about all of the road noise in my car. We thought I needed new tires, so I bought new tires. This didn't seem to fix the problem so we replaced both front hub assemblies. When the noise was still there he looked at the transmission to determine that the transfer case is going bad. I'm in sales and put about 30,000 miles a year on my car. So I'm now up to 132,000 miles on my car. I went to Nissan and asked them if they might do anything to help me out with the car and was offered $4500 on a trade in on a new car. I spent just under $30,000 on the car 3 years ago. This is quite a depreciation - it told me they wanted nothing to do with it. Claimed they had never heard of this type of problem before - must have been somethign I'd done to the car - continuing to talk about the reliability of Nissan cars in general. I'm not quite seeing it!!!! I havent' decided what to do yet. The dealer told me I'd be best to unload the car as quickly as possible since it will depreciate down to $2000 if it doesn't drive at all. I have never been so disappointed in my life!! How could I ever purchase another Nissan in my life?
  • Dsfinger, I am sorry to hear that you are another Murano rip off victim. We were told the same thing, that it was just road noise, the smell they said was "road tar", until the warranty expired. Then they suddenly diagnosed the problems exactly. Even when we had replaced the transfer case with a new part, and they said our Murano was good as new, they wouldn't take it in on trade at all. The transmission immediately failed (funny they said they had checked that out completely). Since your apparently stuck with it, buy your parts yourself from Nissan West in N.C.. We bought the same brand new Nissan parts from them for less than half the price shipping included than our "friendly" Nissan dealership was trying to charge us. We are putting in a warrantied (6 month) used transmission tomorrow, and hope we can find a dealer that will take it on trade for an honestly good vehicle from an honest company. If Nissan won't stand behind this known defective vehicle under warranty, the least they can do is offer the victims a decent trade, but they know that none of us would sell these cars privately and thus victimize others, so they have us just where they want us. Well, I have shown these cracked in half parts, and these inflated dealership repair bills and estimates to a couple dozen Nissan shoppers the past few months and am proud to say that 100% of them have selected NOT TO BUY ANY NISSAN VEHICLES EVER. I think if we all did this, Nissan will find it would have been cheaper to do the right thing and finally recall these vehicles for repairs. Keep your cracked in half transfer cases folks, you don't have to say a thing, just show them off and see the jaws drop on perspective Nissan buyers. They all say the same thing too "that piece of junk came out of your Murano?"
  • Just signed over $790 to Nissan service in Central NY ( Rapp Nisan).VDC and slip light came on.. On icy roads I felt that it was not handling well so I gripped the wheel and drove carefully. Took it in. They said it was caused by an alignment problem. They could do an alignment. They came back to say that the lower rear control arm was bent and that had caused the mis-alignment which caused the VDC slip light to come on. They did not have the part-they could overnight it for extra (it was Friday)-so, I had to pay for a 3 day rental car. I had paid about $2000 extra for the so-called wrap service contract (on the certified low milage used car) which was supposed to cover nearly everything (and the control arms are listed as covered on their brochure). They told me that the control arm is not covered because it is bent. They said it could have been bent in an accident or pot hole. Since I have owned the car, it has not been in an accident and I have not driven over anything beyond what is usual-mostly highway driving. The 1-800 Nissan warranty place says the final word on coverage comes from the service place. The area that may be bent (subtle) was clearly bent for a long time since there is rust on the spots. The car now drives as it had been a day before the light came on. The day the light came on was icy so it seemed not to be handling well. Now I wonder if they replaced the control arm for no reason-that the bend, if it is such, had nothing to do with the slip and VDC lights and I wonder if I was taken for a ride.
  • I'm sorry. I know that feeling in the pit of your stomach after the work has been done while you question the big bill that goes along with it. I know three different mechanics that have come from the corporate environment and have left because of the pressure to encourage people to do more work on people's cars then is really necessary. I don't know what to say. I'm staring at a $4800-$5000 bill to get my transmission replaced, I just spent $700 on new hub assemblies, I need a new set of tires and now I'm hearing a huge creaking sound on the right front of my car - sounds like bending metal. Who knows what this new problem is. I guess I'll have to stop by the mechanic today. And on top of it all, my leather seats are cracking in about 8 different places. It's hard thinking about the fact that a $30,000 car is only good for 130,000 miles! I've never had this experience before! So I feel your pain!
  • Unfortunately I think I know exactly what it is, the transfer case, they can crack in half like eggs in a grocery sack, $3500.00+ for repair at least. IF YOUR CAR IS IN RUNNING CONDITION IMMEDIATELY TRY TO GET RID OF IT!!!!! I didn't have time my car is back in again. The Nissan dealer gave me a written estimate saying the transmission had failed (it hasn't run right since 55,000 miles just getting worse[see my other posts]) so I found a certified used transmission and had it put in at a transmission shop $3750.00, AND GUESS WHAT??? IT STILL DIDN'T FIX WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS CAR!!!! Besides not admitting a obvious known and customer/independant mechanics (and even former Nissan mechanics I have spoken with) documented design flaw, and charging outlandish amounts to customers for repairs, their own techs apparently can't even diagnose what is wrong with their own vehicles. I HAVE HAD IT! Bought a Mercury SUV today (of course I had no trade, because I still have $12,000 to pay on that rotten Murano piece of ______ (insert what you've named yours here) and no dealer was even interested), also spoke with two more people today that were considering Nissan purchases and inquired about my satifaction with my Murano experience, they noticed I haven't been driving it FOR SIX MONTHS. Proud to say that I showed them the repair bills (that I carry with me now) and they will never buy ANY NISSAN product. Does Nissan really think that ignoring this isn't going to cost them more than what it has cost all of us? Please, these failures are extremely dangerous in traffic as well as a financial nightmare for owners, please file your complaints with the NHTSA so they will help us all. I'm not spending another nickel on that Murano (beside my $400.00 a month in payments and insurance for the next three and a half years) until the Nissan techs actually follow the recommended NISSAN procedures for accurately diagnosing a problem. Yeah, got my hands on an official Nissan Murano shop repair manual and I :mad: read it, don't think they have yet.
  • Where do I start? I purchased my used 2003 Nissan Murano in August 2005. It was my first vehicle to purchase on my own. I was so proud. I did a lot of research on the vehicle before purchasing and had no reservations when I finally found a Murano in my price range. I had only minor issues with the vehicle - nothing my trusty warranty didn't cover. Warranty expired several months ago once I hit the 100,000 mile marker. That's when the first real problem occurred. Problem No. 1 -On the way home in my normal heavily congested commute, the car wouldn't accelerate and lurched several times until I "LURCHED" into my garage safe and sound. Started the car the next morning - no problems. Occurred again on my way home while in traffic. The problem was consistant with each commute home. Problem no. 2 - Turned my car on to go to work and was awakened by a screaming/whining noise coming from the engine. The noise whined louder with every touch to the accelerator and finally dissipated after about 10 - 15 minutes on the highway. The RPM's were all over the board and the car acted as if it was gripping on to its last bit of life. VERY SCARY!! How could this all of a sudden happen after having this vehicle with no major issues for a little over 3 years? Fearing the worst I took it to the Nissan Dealership where I purchased the vehicle. So the nissan mechanic calls and says, (drum roll please) "It is an Internal Transmission Issue and we've done a lot of searching and we've found a new transmission for a little over $5,000. I'm sorry I don't have a better explanation for the problem. Nissan doesn't sale parts in order to offer any repairs for failed transmissions. Unfortunately the only option is to replace the transmission." I obviously cannot front $5000 for a new transmission. I owe a little under $9000 and not having a whole lot of "car buying" experience, I am searching for any advice and help on this issue. Oh by the way, service repair agent explained they were placing the variable transmission in most - if not ALL - future nissan vehicles. Sound a little fishy to anyone else? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. :sick:
  • I, also, find it strange that the problems with these transmissions were never reported by Consumer Reports. How can it be that so many people have had problems with this transmission and Consumer Reports would never have reported it? How has Nissan been able to avoid "AVOIDING" the problem for so long. In the meantime, this hidden problem has cost consumer many thousands of dollars. I am fortunate. I need to have my transmission replaced but my car is just really noisy. I'm not having the lunging problems that you are. My car is extremely loud, does not drive smoothly at all, and now needs to have the front axel replaced (after just spending $650 on both front hub assemblies). This cost of the part alone is around $700. This cost is iin addition to the $5,000 that the mechanic quoted me on the cost of the new transmission that I need. My mechanic has recommended that I just dump the car. He doesn't want me to spend any more money on it because it is just turning into a "Money Pit". It's virtually falling apart around me and it's got 130,000 miles on it. The funny thing is that I don't consider 130k to be such a huge number. Certainly it's a lot of miles but not for all of the extensive problems that I've been having. I've been told by my mechanic and I've been told by the sales manager at a local Nissan Dealership that I should just get rid of the car. I don't really have a recommendation. My mechanic said that the problem is this: for Nissan to admit the problem is for Nissan to have to replace the transmissions in every car sold between 2003 and 2005 - irregardless of the mileage. It would cost them a lot of money. Can we find someone to initiate a class action suit? I don't know anything about all of this but it would seem like there was something that could be done. It just seems so unfair. I will probably lose $7-8000 on this car. I've never had car problems with another car like this before. It's just ridiculous.
  • Ok I'm hoping someone can help me with this problem I'm having with our 04 Murano SL FWD...In cold weather the car hesitates while accelerating. It only does it for 5-10 min. then everything is ok...I took it to the dealer cuz it's still in it's powertrain warranty. Well after paying $112 for a diagnostic test (which I don't think they should be charging if the car is under warranty) they told me I needed a mass airflow sensor which I don't understand as no check engine light as ever came on. Also the car lurches if u don't take off smoothly from a stop...What should I do about this? No one seems to want to do anything but charge useless diag fees and I don't want a $5000 tranny replacement when the warranty ends. Thanks in advance for any help with this guys.
  • An alignment issue definately could cause a problem with the vdc system. That system uses input from the steering angle sensor to determine what the driver wants the vehicle to do. If the system sees that the steering wheel is turned all the time due to the alignment being out of specification it will go into a failsafe condition and disable the vdc system. That is why you get the light on the dash. Control arms do not bend on their own. Something caused it to bend. Most likely a large pot hole. It is very common in the central new york area. As far as your extended warranty coverages, damaged parts are not covered. You should have called your insurance company. Insurance is for damage. As far as rust on the part. The control arm on the murano is painted so a bend would cause the paint to crack and fall off. Bare metal on salt covered roads rusts very quickly

    As far as being taken for a ride. Are the lights still off? You stated that the vehicle drives as it did before the lights came on. It sounds like they did their job.
  • Anything on the litigation of this? Let us know of any updates. Thanks
  • Like many of you, in spite of maintaining my 2003 Murano faithfully, the transmission failed to the tune of $5000. The transmission had been noisy for a while and failed abruptly. I had to fix it as the car was worthless otherwise (not that it's worth much now anyway). Like everybody else in this forum, the dealer claimed that they had not heard of transmission failures with the Murano. Likely story! They replaced the transmission with a rebuilt one, which failed immediately. All together, my car was in the shop for 2 weeks, but at least after the replaced transmission failed, I got a loaner car. The warranty on the replaced transmission is 1 year or 12000 miles.
  • jess5138jess5138 Posts: 7
    My 2003 has 53400 miles on it. I had to replace transmission around 45000. It is now in my driveway because I can't afford to fix it again. It needs Valve cover gasket, oil cooler o ring, drive belt bracket w idler pulley and a new thermostate also rear brake pads. Took to my Nissan dealership and got $1819.42. Of course $455. was for the 60000 mile checkup and something called EFI for another $140.00. so without all the extra crap I am still at $1213.32. So can't afford this and trying to decide if i just want to park and buy something cheaper until I get the Murano paid off or keep bumming rides....
  • sman615sman615 Posts: 1
    Vanessa have you considered a class action lawsuit instead?
  • jgraminskijgraminski Posts: 6
    Can anyone tell me how to turn off the auto lock feature on an 09? I've read the directions and cannot get it to deactive.
  • kardlarkardlar Posts: 5
    It happened last year for the first time, in the middle of Death Valley! Accelerated and nothing happened for a few seconds before it eventually lurched forward. Made for a very stressful trip out of the desert, not knowing what was going on. The problem disappeared after stopping for gas, and I persuaded myself that I must have filled the vehicle with the wrong gas. That was around the 100k mark (2003 model). Almost a year later to the day, the problem is back - the car is with the dealer at the moment, and they are quoting $5500 for a new transmission. That's how I ended up here. I've made my complaint on the 'nhtsa' site and will happily work with others to get Nissan to fess up.

    Nissan ate the cost of actually replacing the whole engine on my vehicle at around the 75k mark, so it's been far from troublefree, but I really like the car in principal.
  • wkp0000wkp0000 Posts: 6
    My problem was the same as others discussed here about loss of power,rpm dropping , no acceleration.

    My mech. replace the mass air flow sensor last summer and running ok since.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    they are quoting $5500 for a new transmission

    On what basis did they recommend replacing your transmission? What diagnosis did they perform?

    tidester, host
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  • kardlarkardlar Posts: 5
    They said the 'valve body' needed replacing, at $2000, but that doing that was just a 'bandaid' as the transmission would need replacing anyway soon, which includes a valve body anyway, so the $2000 would be wasted. The diagnosis was based on the service code - the service engine light had been on, but had disappeared. They gave me a copy of the 'NTB05-084A' technical services bulletin quoted elsewhere in this thread. I told them I would just live with it for now.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    $2,000 for a valve body seems VERY expensive - even including labor. I would try to get a second opinion on the matter.

    tidester, host
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  • moparman44moparman44 Posts: 2
    i was a a light and there was no power and it seems to do in the heat any way took it to the Nissan dealer and 1800 for a new valve body. so i call my uncle and he is a mechanic he says to change the trans fluid w/ full synthetic and replace filter and see if the problem is still there. can i get some input on maybe other options or what to do.
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