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Toyota RAV4 Extended Warranty



  • just wanting to know if you received the papers ok and if everything was on the up and up. thanks
  • I have just purchased a 2009 Rav4 Limited with the 4 cylinder 2.5L. They are offering me an extra 100,000km/4 years of total protection for $2,500... should I take the offer?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,110
    You may also want have a look at the Extended Warranties discussion in our Smart Shopper section.

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  • I would check out Midwest Superstore They are a Toyota dealer in Huchinson ks
    they are alot less in your case lotssss
    I got mine there paid $814.00 7/100k Platinum zero deductible
  • I spoke with some woman from Mid West Superstore yesterday [02-02-2010]
    and I received a quote over $900.00 for 75, 000mi with zero deducible; yet, when I made my initial call in November the quote was much cheaper. Would mine sharing with me the name of your rep.? I am most interested in purchasing extended warranty insurance from a Toyota dealership; however, the quote I received yesterday has me re-thinking the warranty.
  • bobwileybobwiley Posts: 241
    Folks--remember, when you buy a Toyota Extended Warranty on a new car, the warranty expiration date is the number of years you buy retroactive to the "in service" date of the vehicle. So if you bought a 7 year 100K mile warranty--in effect you're only getting 4 years--the first 3 years are "free" from Toyota. Wait until the car is about out of the mfg's warranty and then price the Toyota Extended Warranty remembering even though you buy the 7 yr 100K warranty you'll only really have 4 years. Still paying $900 for 4 years of warranty is a GREAT deal, I just got a 5 yr 60K mile extended warranty for my wifes 08 RAV4 Limited from our credit union for $1,000--it is Bumper 2 Bumper and started at 35K miles and goes to 85K miles or until 3 Feb 2015. If it were a Toyota Warranty it would have gone back to 8 Nov 07 when we bought the car. Good hunting!! :) :)
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