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Chevrolet Camaro Electrical Problems



  • lvj01lvj01 Posts: 1
    had car jacked up to listen where noise was comeing from helper put car in park wheels were turning locked ignition switch installed new one but cant get to start with key turns over with remote starter switch hooked to starter everything comes on with key but starter is there another safety switch somwhere or a netural safety on trany ? <img src=" :cry:
  • mltylermltyler Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. I've been told there's a relay under the dash, but no one has showed me where it is. Mine is so sensitive now that when the radio is on, just trying to roll down the drivers window will kill the windows and the radio. If I pound on the dash right over the radio, it will come back on. Does anybody know where and what needs fixed or replaced????
  • i have the same problem with my 99 camaro, did you ever figure out what caused this i have look and taken the car in and they find nothing wrong. if u could email me if u know anything that would help me out or what to look for....

  • Start of day. Engine starts and runs fine. Drive 5 minutes to school. 1 hour later, try to start car. Cranks and cranks. Will not turn over. (Lights: key-in-ignition-position: all lights turn off but check guages remains on. Low trac light comes on. When car is going to start [I noted this too]: key-in-ignition position: (same: all lights turn off but check guages. Car starts: Check guages and engine light go off. [(!) and (P) go with low trac).
    If I sit there and turn it, it might start in 2 minutes. It might not start for 30 minutes. It will crank and crank.
    I go and wait 30 or 40 minutes. Come back. Starts just fine. It might make it home. Sometimes it does. Sometimes:
    I drive to the intersection and it dies at the red light. It will not restart. Push it off the road. Try to start it. No. Wait 40 minutes, come back. Starts, drives home fine. But when I am going to park it, 3-pointing, it stalls out again. I sense it is stalling out. I give it some gass. It seems to cough a bit, like it's sort of fighting stalling, but dies. The next day it will start again. Bit dangerous when it stalls coasting on the road or highway though.

    If anyone has experienced this. Please let me know.
    I took it to the shop, but they diagnosed me with a dead battery (after initially telling me their batt/alternator test My battery and alternator were good.) Then that I had a drain of 7Amps to my stereo when the car is off, which was their final diagnosis, though I told them the car does not run out of juice overnight.

    I have done tests on power with a voltmeter, seems within specs there.
    Could a parasitic drain do this? Without draining the battery dry overnight?

    Fuel: Can hear the pump, also there is a squirt-tester under the hood. Always has lots of spray. Even when car is just cranking and not starting.

    As for fuel and air, I don't know really how to test these, or if they could cause this sort of problem.

    What could cause an intermittent stall and intermittent not-start, seemingly based on nothing but time. It seems unlikely it is a overheating issue, because 30 minutes and not starting in Penticton makes the engine pretty cool already. And sometiems it restarts after driving a long distance in summer just fine. Also, sometime if I just turn it, then turn it, then turn it, it suddenly starts. But not usually.

    It does not seem to die when it has gas on it. Basically when my foot is off the gas.

  • i have a 1989 camaro iroc z and it starts fine but after running for a while and than when u try to restar5t it u get nothing not even a crank? it has an alarm not sure if it can be that or tranny park switch or ignition switch? any body out there have any answers?
  • Could be the alternator is causing problems with keeping the vehicle started. However, I don't suspect this. You keep saying that it cranks but doesn't turn over. If the starter is engaged and actually spinning, the car is turning over. It just isn't started and running by itself. I would blame a fuel or air problem personally, but in order to check this you are going to have to get a fuel pressure gauge and test the fuel pressure. You also need to make sure the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) is clear and not clogged. BEFORE you do any of this, pull codes on the car and see what the computer says, I can promise you that you will find you have some. You have OBD-II on that car, use it. ;) Let us know.
  • ang15ang15 Posts: 1
    started out acting like battery was dead would just click could pump the clutch a few times and would start was told neautral safety switch had it ajusted but now still does same thing and at times wont start untill roll it off it has jumped off once maybe twice but other then that got to roll it off then will start few times after that then have to do same thing to get it to start
  • hpe700hpe700 Posts: 1
    the problem is the thrmo switch in the motor for the window, try to clean the inside of the motor and grease the motor bearings-and spray silicon spray lube in the felt of the window tract this should help if not you will have to replace the motor for the window
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