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Volkswagen GTI Transmission Problems



  • They just quoted me $640.00 for the 40K service on my GTI's DSG......I asked what "What The Hell" they do to it for $640...

    They said the fluid is expensive???? and the Labor is also?????

    They are not replacing any parts so this is pure bull.
  • goosegoose Posts: 77
    In my area there is at least one garage that specializes in VW/European cars. They have better service and pricing than dealer.
  • hozhoz Posts: 3
    I checked with a dealer and an indie VW garage and they both quoted $350.
  • i have a 08 GTI/DSG and i had the mechatronic unit replaced its the computer that controls the shifting and when it goes bad u get hard shifting and lagging and a jerking under power most dealers wont test it because they haft to call the tech line and run a lot of test and only tech line can approve the repair of the mechatronic unit and the reason the DSG service is so much is the oil required for the DGS is $24 a quart and it hold 9 quarts and most labor rates around me are $107 a hour
  • Okay I bin there. I have a 07 GTI. I have my clutch go (32200miles) it was not covered it fell under the ware and tare. but after the clutch was fixed the master cylinder was also bad. also part of the clutch but that was covered. there has bin a lot more go wrong with the car from the start of the clutch problem.
  • hjk236hjk236 Posts: 4
    So, 2012 vw golf 2.5 came out recently. I am planning to buy 2011 model, hoping for some good discount deals. Should I buy them now while they are in stock or should I wait for the price to drop more?
  • I just locked up a 2012 VW Golf 2.5 4 door. The big update to the 2012 model that I wanted was an adjustable center armrest (With the "convenience package"). Got a great deal at more than $1,000 less than MSRP on a 2012, which was fantastic.

    The 2012 was hard to come by though, and the dealer I went through basically had to negotiate with another dealership to get one off the boat before it even reached the U.S. Anyway, if you can get a deal similar to mine I don't see a reason to get the '11 over the '12. Look up the Zag car buying service, it really helped get me a great price. I had access to it through my USAA membership.
  • 2007 Volkswagen GTI w/less than 50,000 road miles. Transmission has failed -mechanic said a part in the transmission failed and 2 of wheels were bent inside. My husband loves this car and takes excellent care of all of our cars, my 1998 Toyota has 250,000 miles with no problems. The Volkswagen was a salesmen car and we feel we were sold a damage vehicle. They have had our car for over 2 weeks and still isn't fixed. What would you recommed as we have never abused our cars and are on a fixed income and it has become quite expensive.?
  • Hey bro honestly i have a 2008 GTI Coupe 23 psi boost exhaust and chipped thats all and I have the same exact problems as you but i had it at 38,000 miles. Now I went to the mechanic since my warranty expired he said i was running on no transmission fluid. He also claimed that i need a new clutch. now as if for shifting when i go slow my car is fine when im speeding at like 60 or 70 my car tends to go from 6th gear to neutral by itself it pops back all on its own. If i were you I'd much more rather you go to a Foreign Transmission Specialist because these cars run amazing once they are all fixed up.
  • My car was bought from a dealer and my transmission has failed also. So i highly down you have been sold a damaged vehicle i have a 2008 GTI Coupe and now I need a new clutch and Transmission. My mechanic said I was running on no transmission fluid therefore i think maybe you should get that checked out to see if its leaking or something.
  • ks55ks55 Posts: 8
    640 is a rip off. period. If you want to keep your prior insurance you can do so. Period. .....if you want to keep your prior Doctor you can do so .period.........D]oh ooh sorry I am OD ing on Obama care bull sht.
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