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Dodge Stratus Engine Problems



  • jodi28jodi28 Posts: 1
    My mom has a 2000 dodge stratus se and she had a rattle also - it was diagnosed as a "brick like" in her catalytic converter.
  • The cat on my 97 rattles too, remember the Catalytic convertor on OBD2 cars(96 and newer) is federal warranty 8 yrs/80K miles,so if yours is rattling,and under warranty,get it fixed free! It will onlyget worse,and plug up,reducing power,and mileage,or it will throw rear 02 sensor codes,which will keep you from passing emissions inspections,and keep that check eng light on.
  • I have a 02 Stratus R/t with 90,000 miles only. It ran fine 'till one day i was driving it and it seemed like it does'nt have any power. After then, the car won't start anymore. I have sparks, ignition, the motor cranks over by hand, the injector sprays some fuel but not sure if the pressure is enough. I don't know how to check the fuel pressure i can't fine a place to tap a guage. It never been overheated, any suggestons? Thanks
  • sadiebsadieb Posts: 1
    I got a 97 Dodge Stratus it over heated put a now water pump in it and wrote start
    I need the timeimg marks and maybe not hooked everthing back up the way its so post to be and need to now how to hook up a water pump step be step
  • I have a 99 stratus and the battery light is constantly coming on. The lights and dash are flickering bad but only with the vent control on floor. I am thinking it is the defrost switch but i am not a mechanic. Any ideas?
  • Sounds like the A/C compressor cycling

  • Definitely an electrical problem which could mean alternator failure, loose drive belts, failing voltage regulator. Best course of action: Go to a autoparts store like Advance of AutoZone and have the guys do an electrical diagnostic test on your vehicle. Most of these stores will do the test for Free.

  • While driving my 2001 Dodge Stratus 2.2 Z series, the engine shut off and will not start. It does turn over but does not start. Help?

    Paul :confuse:
  • why does Dodge build a disposable engine? My timing belt broke and when I went to my local garage he told me that I had what he called an interference engine and that when a timing belt goes out that it causes engine damage,so depending on the damage it may be cheaper to junk the car,I cannot believe they build something like this,without anybody warning me that the belt should be replaced say every 50,000 miles?
  • jae4jae4 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Dodge Stratus ES with the 2.5 ltr V-6. I have the same problem but at low and high speeds. I recently changed the input sensor on the transmission. I haven't had the problem since, but I am not sure that the problem is fixed. Were you able to find a fix to this problem?

  • mike_c1mike_c1 Posts: 1
    Your posting is over a year old, did you ever get an answer? I'm just learing about these websites and not sure if I'm doing this correctly. I'm having the same problem with the stalling but not quite as bad a you had.

  • mine ended up being a couple of things....i had a belt snap shortly after and then we flushed the transmission and now everything is perfect...and it has 120,000 miles on it
  • ryan128ryan128 Posts: 1
    My 97 stratus ran ok... It seemed to be missing a little but besides that it was fine. All the fluids were kept up with... I drove it to a friends house and it went fine... I stayed for maybe 10 mins and went outside to start it up.... turned the key and nothing happened.... lights dont dim when i try to start... it doesnt crank at all... and I already replaced the starter relay.... Im about to go check the connection to the starter... anyone have any idea whats up?
  • jan125jan125 Posts: 3
    Just read the 3/2008 post from Syndeegirl re: wild acceleration. Hope you've found the problem. If not, check the ignition (right where you put the key in). Many people have had this problem when they have too much weight on the ignition.....TOO MANY KEYS, ETC., ON THE KEY RING. It sounds crazy but it's true. I heard it on Car Talk (radio) and then confirmed it by hearing it from over 10 people who'd experienced it. Do you have a lot of keys on your ring? Take them off. Use a single key on a ring all by itself.
  • cheeze74cheeze74 Posts: 30
    I have a 2000 stratus with the 4 cylinder engine. Recently the engine wouldn't start and ended up being the crankshaft position sensor. After I replaced it the engine started fine. About 3weeks now and it died again. Checked sensor as I have a slight oil leak that is getting on the sensor a little. Sensor is testing fine. Checked for spark and got it on one of the plugs I tested. Seems there is no or low fuel pressure as I pressed the valve on the fuel rail and didn't get any fuel to come out. After reading the Haynes manual it states that if the ECM isn't getting the necessary inputs, Crankshaft sensor,cam sensor etc. then the fuel pump will shut down one second after trying to start the engine. Any suggestions? Am going to try to borrow a scanner from a co-worker if possible to see if there are any codes set in the computer. Not sure what to do next. BTW the timing belt has already been replaced and is in good shape.
  • One sure fire way to know that your timing needs to be done is that the revs will go up. You can sit in idle sounding like you're going at least 10mph and feel it want to go when you are sitting at a light and the only thing holding you back is your foot on the brake. It's a thing that I learned from my Toyota....and a car's time is a rule of thumb on when to change as that Toyota went over 150,000 miles when I should have changed the timing belt at every 60,000 miles. I baught my Dodge and let go of the Toy, but I think that timing is the same issue of how to know when to change or adjust it...the high reving of the engine is a sign that the time is off. :shades:
  • ncmichncmich Posts: 3
    Check the cooling fan. It probably is not running. The 2 main causes are:
    1. Blown Fuse: There is a fuse for it in the compartment under the hood on the driver's side of the car.
    2. Bad motor on cooling fan: If the fuse is blown, the motor could be bad and will continue blowing new fuses. You may try using jumper wires to the fan from the battery for a short period of time to see if it runs. If not, the problem is identified.
  • TPS OR MAP sensor? you tell me whats wrong. Acting like its not getting gas. was the first problem. would turn over but not start. No fuel filter in line, just in the tank w/fuel pump. Replaced fuel pump. Car will start not but at about 3500 rpm it starts choking in a way will not go above 3500rpm. code reader says MAF/MAP sensor throttle position correlation at load and MAP/BARO circuit high imput. However first after we replaced fuel pump said fuel too lean. What do i need all sensors are about $170. cant take it back if its the wrong one. Already pd $200 for a fuel pump that wasn't bad............HELP
  • i recently bought a 2000 dodge stratus es from a previous owner and it drove fine on the way home. it sat at home for about a month and i tried to turn it back on and it trys but wont start. does anyone have any ideas?
  • I had a similar problem with my son's stratus and it turned out to be the crank position sensor. It is located toward the bottom of the engine between the firewall and engine. Has one bolt holding it in place.
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