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Dodge Stratus Engine Problems



  • sos13sos13 Posts: 1
    edited March 2012
    Will not stay in idle long enough to switch into gear before dying. Used to do this on first start up of day but now doing it even after warmed up.
  • mizjakiomizjakio Posts: 1
    take the front pin out and drop it through the bottom....
  • I have a 1999 Stratus as a standby but lately the engine cuts out without any apparent cause. I've replaced the fuel pump, the computer and a couple of sensors but after I drive it for a half hour, it just stops and I have to wait an hour before it will restart again. It seems like something happens when the motor gets warmed up, but it doesn't overheat, either. A lot of people seem to have this same problem but who has the solution.
  • it might be cam position sensor, had that similar problem on another car and that fix it
  • fuel pump is working, spark plugs are getting fire, and i put #1 piston in tdc and lined up the marks on the cam pulleys, cant figure it out
  • need to check your exhaust converter if it is stopped up it will give that reading on the codes
  • ronsuper1ronsuper1 Posts: 1
    Just replaced timing belt on a 2003 DOHC Sedan, Timing is dead on, have spark and compression but cranks like no spark plugs are in it. How do I find out if this is an interference engine?
  • Next time it happens go put there and take the disturber cap off and blow it with a blow dryer and blow down in the place where the disturber is put it back together and see of it will start. Sorry about the spelling
  • I have same issue with my 99 stratus. Just cuts out like someone shut off fuel no spit or sputter just dead . but it will idle all day long.but when you put in gear and need power it will just shut off.. aAll I did so far was change fuel filter and air filter..

  • oh and few weeks before I had shop put new timming belt on..sorry.. but I can drive then when it does it I sit fore while then it starts back up and I can go..till it does it again..

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