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Chevy HHR Interior Problems

2007 HHR LT....Driving in heavy rain floor board front and rear on driver side soaked thru and thru. Took to 3 days and I was told all is fixed. 15 min. down the hywy in a rain storm and floor again soaked really bad. Taking in to dealer in the morning. Have any others experienced this problem?


  • I had the same problem - although mine started on the passenger side and eventually spread right across the car.

    Eventually there was so much water that it caused the heating system to fail by freezing and cracking the components - on one of the coldest mornings this winter!!

    It turned out that the windshield seal was faulty or defective.

    If they haven't fixed it yet, when they do, make sure they thoroughly dry and then shampoo the area that was wet, so you don't get a musty smell in future. Fortunately, my dealer agreed to detail the entire car for the inconvenience.

    Good Luck! :sick:
  • My husband and I are having the same problem out of our 2006 HHR, we bought it new in May '06 and today it has less than 9k miles. However, we're getting ready to send it in again for floorboard leak incident #3 and the dealership is now trying to con us into trading up for a newer model.

    We love the car, but why in the world can't these people do their job and keep their word on repairs? It's only a band-aid job every time they "fix" it, because no more than two rains later and the carpet on the driver's side is flooded again.

    They tell us it was a clogged drain tube from the sunroof, and that all cars with sunroofs have to come in for maintenance to have them flushed out constantly. I find it funny that this is the first time I have heard of this, and I know numerous other people who have sunroofs in their autos and never had it done and theirs never leaked.

    I smell a little B.S. from a lazy mechanic because the last leak and "flush" was 3.5 weeks ago, the HHR has been driven 5 times since the "flush" for less than 5 miles per drive and we're seeing that leak again this morning.

    I know we're not the only ones having this problem with our HHR, I have found complaints about this are all over the net. Shouldn't GM be concerned enough for a recall?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I have heard of the drain tube issues with some cars but I don't recall hearing it about the HHR. The windshield seal has been a known issue. Manufactures generally don't recall auto's for non-safety issues, unfortunately. There has to be some kind of service memo about the windshield/wet carpet fiasco.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    After retiring from the Fed on June 1st & having taken the summer off to paint/landscape my 2 houses....& since my wife refuses to quit her RN career, I'm interviewing & expecting to go back to work soon. To reward myself I'm contemplating buying either a Mazdaspeed 3, HHR SS or one of the no longer to be produced (but still on the lots) Cobalt SS SC. I've noticed that on both the SS SCs and the HHRs that if you get get down and look....the radiator is completeley exposed....I assume for cooling purposes. I remember someone on this site complain that a rock scored a direct hit on their HHR's radiator & it wasn't covered under waranty...local salesman also said one of his customers had exact same experience. Anyone know of an aftermarket fix to fit a screen or something to keep this from happening? My wife's 2006 HHR has been lucky so far.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,185
    There are for sure options for this. Just do a google search for chevy hhr grille (or lower grille) and you will find many places that have them, ebay also an option to find one.
  • smogdungsmogdung Posts: 349
    Good idea, thanks.
  • I just took my car today for the service of the leak somewhere in the passenger side. It's been raining here in NY last week that the inside was soaking wet. I have to put towels to absord the water. I love this car but with this problem, it freaks me out. What if after the warranty, I will have the same problem?? How much would I pay to fix it?? They need to recall the car. :mad:
  • I also have the water leakage problem with my 2006 HHR. I really liked my car until this and today it is at the dealship garage for the third time. The water comes in from under the driver's side door area and soaks the whole floor. The first time I brought it in they said they couldn't find any leak. The second time I got two different accounts; one employee said they found leaks on the drivers side window, and another employee said they couldn't find any leaks so they sent it to a glass repair business who did a pressure test and found leaks in the bottom of the windshield, which they fixed. Regardless, the car continues to leak. I am very disappointed and think the manufacturer should acknowledge this design error and make amends. :cry:
  • WOW I wish I would of found this site long ago...I own a 2006 HHR that I bought brand new a year and a half ago. Right away I had problem with this leak that I've read about on here. I would get in the car after a good rain and the whole floor would be flooded, after 3 times to the dealer they finally figured it out and said they would replace the carpet but never did. I also at that time had to have the latch replaced on the rear hatch...Last week I had a problem getting the key out of the ignition. I couldn't get the gear shifter in place and the key wouldn't shut off so the battery died which lead to a tow to the dealer. Do to a long commute everyday I have 51K miles on the car so warranty expired and that cost $500.
    Over Thanksgiving i started hearing this loud noise from the tire area and just found out yesterday that i will have to spend $1000 to replace the front 2 wheel bearing hubs. So in all I have spent $1500 in 2 weeks to fix these problems and learned that I will never buy a GM product again!!! :mad:
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    34K a year certainly exceeds the normal driving range that most due.......wouldnt think that front hubs would wear in 51K.....seems the first this was mentioned....perhaps a new dealer service department might be in order....

    04 Chevy Malibu Maxx here with 112K on it....and not one problem....other than normal wear and tear items.....
  • Hello,

    I just purchased a 08 hhr, I have noticed that when I shut my engine off there is a fast ticking sound coming from the exaust, it almost sounds like something is running. The ticking sound slows down and after about 5 minutes it is gone. Any opinions would be great.

    John T
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,185
    Most likely its just the exhaust cooling off (contracting
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Its a common exhaust noise.
  • I have a 2008 HHR, and also get the same ticking sound. It's nothing to worry about it will take a few months of driving for the exhaust to stop making this noise. I also have a 2007 Pontiac G6 that did the same thing for about three months. You shouldn't have to worry.
  • tim08hhr1tim08hhr1 Posts: 7
    The is a TSB out for this.

    They will put a guard infront of the radiator. Take your HHR into the dealership and have them order this asap if you don't have the guard.
  • bigdog08bigdog08 Posts: 3
    I bought my 2006 HHR in June '06.... 47K miles now, just had to replace both front wheel bearings also...Haven't bought a GM product in 10 years, so bought all the hype about "vast improvements in quality"... like you, not again!!!
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Well who did the first brake job? The likely calprit is the person who did you brake service not General Motors. While the brakes are being done the front bearings are normally repacked or replaced. So at it turns out it wasn't likely the General's fault now was it. Recommended wheel bearing service on most vehicles is 30,000 miles.

    Would you feel the same way if this happened to your Japanese car? Would you go on a forum and say that's the last Toyota I will buy? I doubt it.
  • bigdog08bigdog08 Posts: 3
    Funny you mentioned Toyota... My wife and step-son both drive Toyotas, one with 46k and the other with 69k, not a problem with either one. Yea, it's the last GM I will buy.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I see, when your Toyota's brakes were done they replaced/repacted the bearings. But when the HHR's was done they didn't. Because of that you blame it on the manufacture? Pretty sad.

    My neighbors Corolla Matrix has trouble with her headlights. Usually only one works but if you beat on the other it will pop on. Better get rid of that car right away, right?
  • bigdog08bigdog08 Posts: 3
    Give it up, Poncho... First of all, the brakes on both Toyotas have been looked at by Christian Bros. Automotive twice, and nothing has been necessary except pads on mky stepson's car. As far as the HHR... I have replaced my left front headlight four times, yes four (I have all the receipts), and the service department at the dealership had the car for three days, not able to find the cause... On my favorite AM station (Ranger games, news, talk...) I get interference from my power steering. The dearlership said they found the problem and rewired, but to no avail... still get interference. Just curious, why are you so defensive of this car? Maybe you help build it???
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