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Chevy HHR Interior Problems



  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I am disappointed with people like you who would rather support a foreign company than the one they live in. Whether the Japanese cars that you are now going to buy are built in America or not, it is killing our economy and that money is going back to Japan.

    It's all about maintenance. The rotars, pads, etc., are shared by many companies and its generally maintenance issues or peoples driving habits that cause auto problems. I can give you more bad Japanese car experiences of people who have had them but I don't go on auto forums jumping on the Japanese bandwagon. I have worked for four Japanese auto companies in the past and wasn't anymore impressed than any other car maker. They all have glithes of something or another.

    Now that your done with General Motors/American autos than you shouldn't be hanging around here anymore. You can now check out the problems over at the Toyota forum.
  • lacolaco Posts: 28
    You can get good or bad in virtually any brand. I have a 2000 Toyota, which other than a bad rear wheel bearing when it had about 2000 miles on it has been perfect. I have a 1999 Ford product, which had some problems while it was still under warrantee, but has been trouble free since. I also have the 2007 HHR, which so far I have done nothing to, except routine oil and filter changes. Maybe I'm the exception, or maybe I don't drive them hard, but for whatever reason so far so good.
  • Hello fellow HHR'ers, I would just like to put my 2 cents worth in on our innovative car. First I hate to have to explain it is NOT a PT Cruiser, hahaha. But on a more serious not, I do enjoy the vehicle though it has a few short comings. Interior storage space is lacking, the lower windshield point cause me concern at traffic lights, and I am a taller guy and I wish I had 2 more inches of leg room. With all that said, I did buy the car, I did test drive before buying so these short comings are my choice to except. I want to say that the front wheel bearings are a sealed unit and not serviceable, and 51k is a bit premature but not totally out of the question. The radiator concern is actually the a/c evaporator because it is in front of the rad. There is a campaign to put a 4" shield on the lower section of it for protection. I can offer a possible solution for complete coverage but not done it to see how much trouble it would be to put in it. Window screen material should help with any concern, though, it will collect bugs and could eventually 'stop' up and become restricted so beware of any fix and keep an eye on it. All this said, I LOVE my HHR, and will drive it for quite some time. It is an 08 bought 8 months ago and I have almost 12k on it already. Happy Travels
  • lacolaco Posts: 28
    My 2007 HHR also made a ticking noise, probably for the first 3 or four months or so. I thought it sounded more like injectors ticking, but regardless it is no longer makeing that noise.
  • tyehltyehl Posts: 1
    My 2006 HHR now has water on the passenger floor boards due I think to heavy rain. Has anyone recev'd a correct answer to why this is occurring from any dealership so that I am well versed when I go in there to complain?
  • normbonormbo Posts: 1
    This was my 16th american car....but now i've learned my lesson. No more american cars. GM is going bankrupt because their quality just sucks, and management and the union are running the company into the ground.
    I paid too much for this car, and it's falling apart. I feel robbed.
    The head lights turn off when I make a right hand turn.
    The door handle does not open the drivers side door.
    The drivers door window does not roll down in cold weather.
    I had to take the car to a body shop to replace the head light. (I can replace all the other headlights myself). I got rear ended TWICE...I think it has to do with the rear lights not being normal. And Yet, I've never been in an auto accident before the HHR.
    The breaks ease up when the drum expands (at stop lights), and the car lunges forward (the drum is too small, but cute).
    The dealer tried twice to fix the wobble in the breaking, but now the warentee is up (and I dont want them to touch the car again).
    To replace the air filter, involves thirteen screws or things to disconnect, etc. What idiot designed such a fragile system not designed to last a few years. This is a disposable car.
    I could not find the air filter nor the oil filter anywhere but online the first year I owned this car....I"m truely pieved at every issue with this car anymore.

    I'm ready to buy a Toyota, or just take my 1983 Chevy C10 to the body shop, it'll be running when this car is dirt.

    Thanks GM, every day I go to the Banks (I work for them), and complain about the HHR, and deter people from buying any GM vehicle anymore........(I work for the banks, in a PROFITABLE division of the banking industry.). Sorry for the divorce gm....I cannot afford to buy new cars as often as you thought, and forcing me to buy a new car because this one is falling apart is about the rudest thing you've done to this old country boy...... My old GM's from the 80's are still on the road. Maybe you should restore a few of those and get them back on the road...the straight six was very reliable.
  • ...they thoroughly dry and then shampoo the area that was wet,

    I'd probably want them to pull the carpet and replace it if that would be an option, but not before they make sure there is not the possibility of rust starting to eat on the metal floor board.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sorry to hear about your problems. Luckily this is a rather isolated case and not wide spread.

    Reminds me of some of the Toyota and Nissan issues that I have heard. Have you been over to those forums lately?
  • Recall notice for certain 06, 07, 08 HHR's FOR:
    Reinforcement Latch Plate Bracket (Dash borad storage bin)
    To know if your vehicle qualifies for recall you need to know if you have a first-design storage bin of a second-design storage bin. The second-design storage bin includes latch pin holes on the left and right side of the latch. If you have the second-design storage bin then action IS required. A "reinforacement latch plate" is what is needed to be added to the bin latch. is the video to watch for the recall repair.

    I do not have a recall number, however, below my recall notice instalation pictures are the same numbers. Which are, 2200758

    Keep you H safe, cheers.
  • I have a 2007 HHR . After a flash flood there would be water on the floor on the passager side front & back ..Floor board. this is from the out side rubber window seal. the rubberseal is no longer sealed to the window to keep water out of the door. The water splashes in side the door covering the speaker& elec window moter .the water comes between the door & inside panile witch comes inside on the floor. Some water does go out the drain at the bottom of the door. if you have this problem please call chevy and let them know.Small rain you will never know this is going on. MI shifter -hand brake-window motor-the metale door brace all have RUST ON THEM. this has come from the factory like this. THE RUBBER SEALS ON THE OUT SIDE OF YOUR WINDOWS ARE NO GOOD. CHEVY said that i was past my 36 th miles SORRY NO FIX. they have no complants about this problem. please call them we need a recall on this. ( I found this water leak out my self ) I only have 57 thousand miles. GOOD LUCK
  • I have a 2006 LT HHR with 61,000 miles.I bought it used with 30,000 miles.The dealer,Register Chevrolet repaired a few things under warranty with fast and friendly service.Last week the driver's side inside door handle broke.No problem I thought,I will stop by my friendly dealer,buy the handle and replace it. Wrong.The handle is not available without buying the complete door panel for $366.00 plus tax.I removed the handle and repaired it with thin metal strips ,screws and epoxy It is much stronger than before and the repair is not seen because it is behind the door panel.The handle is poorly designed.This is just one example why GM is in deep trouble.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Most people will likely take the simple repair kit that comes in the mail instead of going to the dealer.
  • Following is a modified post from another HHR owner. I just copied it and made some changes. Hope you don't mind.

    I've bought nothing but Chevys my whole driving life, around 10 different cars....but now I've learned my lesson. I never bought foreign cars mainly so I didn't have to worry about poor quality, now my fellow Americans have betrayed us. GM is going bankrupt because their quality just sucks, since they no long have AMERICAN MADE, AMERICAN QUALITY involved in manufacturing.
    I paid too much for this car, and it's falling apart. I feel robbed.
    The head lights turn off when I make a right hand turn. DIDO****
    The door handle does not open the drivers side door. NOT YET***
    The drivers door window does not roll down in cold weather. DIDO****
    The breaks ease up (at stop lights), and the car lunges forward.). DIDO****
    IN ADDITION: Funny (not really), but as soon as my 36,000 wrty was up that's when I started having problems:
    My heater blower stopped, IN THE DEAD OF WINTER, had the fan replaced TWICE, still not working, now my mechanics says motor needs replaced, said there was rust near the motor, car is leaking somewhere.
    Car left me stranded 60 miles from home, wouldn't start, wouldn't jump. Had it towed home, had to put a new starter in it.
    Now, I can't get the key to the lock position and the remote start does not work. And my engine light has come on.
    AND BIGGEST THING: I am driving down the road, 35 MPH in heavy traffic, 4 lanes and the car, SHUTS OFF!!! - MESSAGE- ENGINE POWER REDUCER - the power to the car did not reduce - it terminated. Real safe, huh?!
    Since the warranty is up, I am now driving a piece of junk, while I am saving money to have everything worked on, one at a time.
    And you know the Chevy Dealer does not give you crap as a trade. I tried that too.

    Thanks GM, every month when I make an almost $300 payment, I get upset all over again. I cannot afford to buy new cars as often as you think, and forcing me to buy a new car because this one is falling apart is about the rudest thing you've done to this old country girl......
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sounds like you have no idea why the American automakers are having problems that could lead to bankruptsy.

    It's unfortunate that you have been having problems but GM's issues are not related to quality. In fact there quality is as good as anyone and Toyota actually is the one with quality issues if you have read the news for the last 2-years.

    They are more American made than any Japanese company that you are now drawn to. What do you think Toyota's domestic content is? It's only about 49%, GM even with their 5% Aveo is still at around 70%. Supporting foreign companies definately contributed to the demise of the American auto makers along with the insurance and other high dollar benefits and unions that the Japanese automakers who assemble here don't have to worry about because the chose states with no unions and higher a high percentage of part-time workers.

    Take a look over at the Japanese forums and you will see the misery there. There is really no difference. People come here to vent and talk about their problems. It's as simple as that.
  • Yes, all cars have issues at times but in many cases it is the abuse we have subjected them to in the beginning that have resulted in the final end problems. I love my Chevy, will continue to buy American made. Properly administered maintenance and repairs make a car reliable. When corners are cut to same money on repairs then some of the resulting problems can occur. I am not saying some of the electrical concerns are all maintenance problems but how they are addressed for repair may be.
  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    The A/C component mounted in front of the radiator is the condenser, not evaporator. The evaporator is buried inside the dash.
  • SheBear,

    I am new Chevy HHR owner as of December.

    My cars brakes i have noticed recently do this as well:

    The breaks ease up (at stop lights), and the car lunges forward

    Any help in what you did to fix it?

    See my other post too:
  • bzerobbzerob Posts: 1
    My 2006 had that issue within a month of new purchase. Filled my driver footwell with an inch of water in a good rain. It was a sealing issue with the windshild. My local Chevy dealer took care of it and no water leakage problem since.
  • msjhyde56msjhyde56 Posts: 1
    Thanks for the information. My HHR started ticking today and I was worried what is going on . Whew!
    Thanks again, ;)
  • I had the same thing happen to me. When I went to the dealership, I found that the interior door panel cost $383.00. I tired to purchase an American car and this happens. Why would this vechile be designed this way? I think there shoudl be a recall on that door panel.
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