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Honda Fit Suspension/Steering Questions



  • So my wife had the same problem as everyone else. We have a 07 Fit that is out of warranty. She was idling at a stop light and the steering locked up. She had to go straight instead of turning and could have gotten in an accident. So we called our Honda Dealership and they told us to bring it in to have a $50 diagnostic exam. We insisted that we not pay for it since it is a safety issue. We argued with the service manager, but he eventually agreed to do a complementary diagnostic check. He was very rude at first and even made my wife cry. So, that Monday, I took the car in and they ran a diagnostic check. I spoke with the service manager in person and I told him about the bulletin (#09-043), and our complaint to the Highway Safety Commission. He didn't have to duplicate the problem, probably because of the bulletin, and told me that two codes came up having to do with the Electronic Power Steering. He then told me that he would get on the phone with Honda Corporate and "go to bat for me." After about a half hour of waiting, he brought me into his office and said that Honda would take care of the part and half of the labor. He said that as a courtesy, he would take care of the rest of the labor. So, absolutely no charge to me! It took two days for the part to arrive and they gave me a loner car until we got our Fit back. It took some time and some courage, but you can get this part fixed if you stick to your guns about it being a safety issue. :)
  • wjbalikowjbaliko Posts: 10
    Hs anyone gotten the Quick shifter option with their
    manual transmission?

    I'm familiar with a short shifter on a BMW.
    If the Fit has a truly short shifter it will improve
    the shifting dramatically.

    Anyone have any comments?
    Thanks guys
  • I'm going through this same situation now with my 07 fit and the way it looks Honda isn't willing to do anything. I've owned six Honda's and can't figure out why on my latest one that's a little over three years old they don't want to take care of someone who has a safety related problem such as this.
  • Hello Fitgotfixed or any one lese,

    My wifes 2007 Honda Fit sport has the exact same issue with the power steering suddenly becomes stiff and turns on the EPS indicator while turning. We have brought this car to the deale 3 times, btut they could not fix the problem or come up with some other TSB articles r. The last time we left the car on and towed it to the dealer to see the proff becasue it very hard to duplicate. They want us to pay over $300 for goodwill repair cost. I have talked to Honda Corp and been given a case# and case mgr will be in touch soon. Any othter suggestions or comments anyone have to help me?
  • kkesskkess Posts: 3
    I am having the same Power Steering issues I've seen with my Honda Fit. Many have talked about the bulletin 09-043 but I can't seem to find that TSB anywhere online? Does any one have the link to the TSB so I can bring this to the dealer?

    I'm hoping to prevent some of the battle of having them fix this issue that should in my opinion be covered..

    Thanks so much,
  • raikouraikou Posts: 1
    Hi there, I heard your question and wanted to help. If you look at your Fit's clearance between the wheel and the fender, you'll notice there isn't much "travel" as in you wheels dont have much space to move up. FYI, dont get new shocks, the newer a shock is the stiffer, which means more butt pain in your case. Use stock or soft shocks. You might be able to raise your ride height a bit too with some tuning and that would give you a little more comfort. However, by raising it even 1cm you'll want to get Mugen Sway Bars for the front and back. This HARD sway bar will decrease the car's natural rolling tendency especially when it's raised.
    I hope this will be helpful to you and reply if you have more questions about it.^^
  • almichalmich Posts: 11
    I am thinking about getting the Honda Fit after frustrations with the EPS on my 2010 Corolla. At high speeds, my Corolla wanders slightly from side the side and it really bothers me.

    I was wondering if anybody experience this wandering issue with the Honda Fit.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    The steering in my '09 Fit Sport is quite direct and precise. It feels a little artificial, but it works quite well. The only "wandering" I encounter is when I'm driving in a crosswind, and it's not the steering that is at fault for that one--it's the combination of light weight and large sail area.
  • I just leased a 2010 Fit Sport automatic and I haven't noticed much in the way of wandering... The steering seems reasonably accurate although steering feel leaves a little to be desired imo, of course, I was driving an Accord V6 prior to this with hydraulic steering so I may be biased ;)
  • almichalmich Posts: 11
    Thanks for the reply. With my 2010 Corolla S, it feels like I am driving in a crosswind whenever I am over 60 MPH. It is driving me a little nuts and I really do not enjoy driving my car at all. I wish I had my 1996 Honda Accord back.
  • bluefitbluefit Posts: 2
    Regarding your message, "At high speeds, my Corolla wanders slightly from side the side and it really bothers me."---I LOVE my 2010 Honda Fit but it does the SAME THING--it wanders from side to side, just a little bit, at high speeds. Almost feels like the pavement is grooved and the car is catching in the grooves and you have to correct it, when in fact the pavement isn't grooved at all. This is why I signed on to this forum, to see if anyone else is experiencing this problem and to find out why its happening. Is anyone else experiencing this with their Honda Fit?

    Also, I get a strange "floating" sensation in my Honda Fit. At first I thought it was because I hadn't experienced a new car's suspension in forever (the car I had before this was VERY old) but my husband noticed the same thing! The "floating" feeling and weaving ever-so-slightly from side to side at high speeds sort of go together. Anyone out there know what I mean?? I really do LOVE my Fit though, but want to know if this is something that should be fixed.
  • I am experiencing the same problem in my 2010 Honda Accord 4-Cylinder. I don't even like to drive it because of this. I had a 2004 and a 2007 Accord and neither of these vehicles did this. I am wondering the same thing that maybe something is wrong with the suspension. Maybe they use the same suspension on the Accord as they do on the Fit.

    Let me know if you find anything out regarding this issue.
  • Its been several weeks since I posted that message about my brand new little Honda Fit 'floating' slightly from side to side at high speeds, and I'm not experiencing that so much any more. I don't know if that's because I"ve gotten used to it, or if I've 'broken it in' somehow. But I can now say absolutely unequivocally that I adore my little 2010 Honda Fit. Its a great little car.
  • If you own a 2007 or 2008 Honda Fit and have experienced power steering failure, I implore you to contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with your story so that we can get Honda or the government to issue a recall of the Electronic Power Steering Control Unit in our cars.

    My power steering has been going out intermittently since the car was brand new. My dealer didn't do anything but clear the error codes and tell me Honda had not issued any bulletins or recalls about it. In the past week, my steering has gone out 4 times!! I checked the NHTSA website and found only 3 complaints, not including mine, which will be posted soon. Again, if you're experiencing power steering failure contact both Honda and NHTSA about it so a recall can be issued.
  • Here is a link to the elusive Honda Service Bulletin related to the Power Steering Failure problem (09-043)

    Notice how they say, "steering feels heavier than normal." Well, yeah, the power assist has failed!!
  • Stop driving your car! You are putting your life at risk. Waiting for honda to fix the problem is not worth your life. I feel your pain, and luckily our dealer took care of the problem even out of warranty. But even if you have to pay it's not work serious bodily harm.
  • Don't worry, the car will be fixed this week. My point is for people who have or are having this problem to report it to the NHTSA so that Honda has to acknowledge that there is a serious problem with this component.
  • Has anyone noticed that the steering is off when others are sitting in your Fit? And also I've had to have the steering realigned three freaking times now and the car only has 50k miles on it.
  • When my car had a bad eps unit the steering would often go dead if i let the car idle for extended periods of time. It did get replaced by the way at about 70k and Honda picked up most of the tab. It was around $1100.00 total and i think i paid around $200.00 of it. Getting them to pay wasn't an easy thing as i spent three weeks without a car while it sat at the dealer and i sat on the phone with Honda and the dealer and listened to lies and all sorts of BS. Most customers would have just written a check and walked away.

    Good Luck Folks
  • fitmomfitmom Posts: 2
    My 2009 Honda Fit is having the same problem - intermitent loss of power steering! It happens just driving around town and on the highway. The dashboard steering light turns on and complete loss of power steering for about 2-5 seconds then pops back on. Just took to my dealer and they are having trouble figuring out what is wrong - they say they have never heard of this problem before.

    Talk about DANGEROUS! I am heading over to the NHTSA website to post a complaint!
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