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Hyundai Santa Fe Electrical Problems



  • im new to this forum and sitting here reading a lot of conditions that should be easy to fix what ive seen on your make / model witj the rain stalling condition is that the crankshaft position sensor rund by front exhaust manifold and when the heat and steam from road water get up there the sensor craps out you loose ckp siginal so the ecm stops driving the injectors and spark sometimes it sets a p0335 code but not always
  • utiuti Posts: 1
    2.4 santa-fe, 2004 model. My inbuilded stereo Cd/radio player failed to come on, no power to the set. I took it to my electronic technician who fixed the problem but now a new problem developed thereafter. The parking light is permanently on even when the ignition is off and key out of ignition. I have to constantly unplug the battery terminal when I park to aviod draining the battery. This is really giving me great concern.

    Is there a connection between car stereo and parking light?

    If not what may be the course of this kind of problem?

    How can I fix this kind problem? I do not want to rush to an electrician again without doing some findings.

    Please, information from any body is appreciated.
  • Just received my new 2009 Santa Fe Limited this evening. Notice that when vehicle is unoccupied and no key or anything in the ignition that the driver side auto light sensor blinks. The passenger side does not. Is this normal? The auto light sensor on the light bar is not engaged.

    Think I found the answer. It appears it has to do with alarming the vehicle. The driver side sensor is the alarm and the passenger side is the automatic light sensor. Anyone wish to confirm my thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Lil Doc,
    I have a 2009 Santa Fe SE and mine does the same thing as yours when the alarm is activated. Only the driver side blinks red. Hope this helps. :)
  • I have a 2004 Santa Fe and I also had a problem when I went through a big puddle.At the time my car had 27,000 miles. I changed the serpentine belt and the problem went away. To make sure I drove through some puddles the next time it rained and it drove perfect.
  • 2008 Santa Fe... tonight the dashboard lights and tail lights would not go on when the headlights turned on until you turned on the left turn signal. Turn off the left turn signal, they turn off with it. Weird. Taking it to the dealer in the morning. The dash lights being off is annoying, but the tail lights being off isn't safe (and will get me a ticket).
  • I have an 06 Santa Fe and this has started happening for me too. Did you find an answer to the starter problem?
  • We haven't found our much...just something is draining the battery...we jump the car and it works fine....can't figure what is drainign it....brought in to get checked and they say they can't mimic the problem and there for can't fix it...the computer shows no problems....something is draining the battery on occasion and we don't know why. I noticed it last night....went into the garage to get something and the vehicle was almost making a humming noise.....started it up and then turned it off and the sound went away. my wife and I are finished with Hyundia...we are in the process of trying to trade it in.
  • I have a 2003 Santa Fe and had the same thing happen. The engine stops running while driving down the road and the car just stops. This is very dangerous! I towed it to a mechanic and they figured out it was the ecu 10 amp fuse, but not why. I got the car back for the holidays knowing it could happen again and it happened 3 more times. Every time you replace the fuse and it starts right up. It's been in the shop again for over a week now and they still don't know what's making it blow.
  • So if you replace the sensor what's to keep it from happening again?
  • I have the same problem does anyone know whats wrong? this may happen to us at the wrong place at the wrong time.. approx how much were you driving when you cross those puddles?
  • jpmvmijpmvmi Posts: 1
    You are not alone. I have a 2001 Santa Fe. The dash lights and entire tail light group operate off of the same bus. The bus is located on the back side of your fuse panel above your left knee when you are sitting in the drivers seat. I have replaced this bus 3 times only to have the same issue return. The old busses that I have removed have blueing on the buss prongs. Your problem will increase in occurrences if you turn the heat on in the winter and direct your heat to the floor boards. If you get any responses please share with me!

    I have tried to locate a buss that has an increased rating but without any luck!
  • my sante fe is a 2008 and I have a similar but more longer standing problem. Just three months after buy ing the vehicle the check engine light went on and then shortly after that the esc off light came on and would not go out. In addition once the latter had occurred I hd no brake lights and no cruise control set. The dealership replaced a relay switich but this happenend again and again the swtich had to be replaced. Over the last 13 months this occured 6 more times and becuase the vehicle is illegal to srive and damgerous in this condition I asked for a different vehicle. The dealer has told me that Hyundai will not do anything and he has offered me a new 2010 Sante Fe for an additional $16,000 dollars. Needless to say I am not thrilled and am contemplating legal action. Any help out there?
  • I have a 2005 Santa Fe and a few months ago the ABS & AWD lights came on. My mechanic could not find anything on the computer. Last week it wouldn't start without a jump, but the others lights no longer come on. I heard that humming too. Think it's time to trade. But then, what car doesn't come clogged with computers and electrical systems? Any ideas for a more reliable vehicle? It's not like I can afford to keep buying cars...
  • I went to a different mechanic (not via the dealer) and they found a ground problem with the fuel pump....stated it would probably cost 1500 for a new computer brain in the vehicle....instead we put a toggle switch inside the vehicle and the fuel pump on that toggle switch....cost me less than 100 bucks...and the vehicle seems to work now. not sure if this helps or not
  • I have a 2005 Sante Fe as well and I am having the same issues, car won;t start, took it a Hyunda Dealer and they said they couldn't find anything as well. They want me to leave the truck with them to see if they can duplicate the problem. I replaced the alterntor twice thinking that was the problem, does anyone know what the problem could be Thanks
  • like i said problem was found to be an issue with the ground, fuel pump. as the mechanic stated....the brain wasn't alway telling the fuel pump to shut off (never had a flooding problem) the fuel pump would drain the car battery over time. they fixed the problem by putting the fuel pump on its own circuit with its own on/off switch. works like a charm now
  • valsdadvalsdad Posts: 1
    Head lights will not dim. They stay on bright. Took it to a mechanic and he said it's probably the multi-function switch. Turn signals and head lights are all on the same switch. It's a 2003 Santa Fe. Has anyone had this problem and what did it take to fix it?
    Thanks for any help
  • bkertzbkertz Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Santa Fe with the dash light issue (please be aware that your tail lights are also affected). I've had this problem on and off for years. I took it in to the dealer back when it was still under warranty and they couldn't reproduce it. I've also taken it to other shops and no one has been able to isolate the problem. I will say that the problem seems random. Sometimes the lights come on and stay on. Sometimes the lights flicker on and off. Sometimes they stay off. After a little of my own investigation and problem solving, I might have isolated the problem. I know that when the problem occurs, adjusting the tilt steering wheel at the "right" level will cause the lights to come back on. I also noticed that when the weather is very cold, it happens more often. This would leave me to believe that perhaps the wiring harness is a bit too short and gets pulled on causing a loose connection. The cold weather may be causing the wires to shrink a bit suggesting the short wiring harness theory may be correct. I am by no means a mechanic, but I am very frustrated with the issue. This is what I have determined with my own experiences. Hopefully this will lead someone with the mechanical/electrical know-how to truly resolve this problem. Any thoughts?
  • losdog30losdog30 Posts: 1
    I've replaced the fuse and it keeps blowing. Not sure what would cause this any ideas? :(
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