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Hyundai Santa Fe Electrical Problems



  • We fixed it!!! Turned out the exhaust had burned through the towing harness. So the blinkers worked great when we were sitting but as soon as we were on the road and the exhust vibrated it would touch and short out the blinkers blowing the fuse.
  • I just bought a 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe and it is being so weird. When I turn on the car the radio turns on and it goes back and forth between radio and cd player so I turned it off. I turned the corner and went over a speed bump and the radio came on out of no where. Also when you roll down the passenger window and roll it back up the the driver side window will roll down by itself. I want to know if anyone has had this problem, what it was and how much it cost to get fixed?
  • I have a 2003 Hyundai Santa Fe. The illuminators on the climate control knobs are not working, so I can't see the knobs when driving at night. If I want to adjust the heat or air, I have to turn my overhead light on in order to see the knobs.
    Has anyone else heard of this problem or know how I can fix it?
  • I have a 2004 Sante Fe that I've only had for about 3 months now. I was driving and it out of no where shut down on me. After pulling over, I tried restarting it and it is turning over but not firing. I was told it was most likely the fuel pump so that was just replaced and it is still doing the same thing. Now I'm being told possibly the ECU? Anyone have similar issues or know what it could possibly be? Thanks for any replies :)
  • filas4mefilas4me Posts: 1
    Think we got a lemon!
    We bought our 2011 V6 AWD Sport in March 2011 and I have 12,000 km on it March 2 2012.
    4 times the battery has been dead when we go to start it.No reason we can find/light left on/door ajar.Anyway.It happened again on Wed. I put the charger on it and finally got it to start.
    I had lights flashing on the dash/chimes & bells going off.I shut it off and restarted.Each time I did this, less lights would come on or different lights would come on.By lights I mean the idiot lights on the dash. My check engine light was flashing but after another restart it went solid.
    I needed to go to town a 64 km round trip but my gas gauge was showing empty and range was blank.I had just filled up on Monday and had only driven maybe 150 km.There was a strong smell of gas. As I was driving, the engine light would flash intermittently.The gas gauge started to move up* but my range remained blank.I called my dealership and they towed it in.I am still waiting to hear what codes if any it gave them.All they have said is that I have several issues. This was said before they had it in the shop
  • I have a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe (which I really like). When I have my headlights on, all my brake lights come on, too (I have been pulled over by state patrol with a warning). When my headlights are off, everything is normal. Can I fix this myself? Thank you for the responses. :cry:
  • pouchkapouchka Posts: 1
    About 1 month ago my fuse for the Cig lighter and charge blew. Figured it's 9 years old and it's the first fuse to blow, so wasn't a big deal. Now it's blown again, should I be concerned it's something more serious? I use a TomTom GPS, but haven't noticed any problems until recently.
  • 1234693212346932 Posts: 31
    I have a 2003 santa fe gsl. today, the airbag idiot lite came on when I started the vehicle and stays on continuously, while operating the vehicle. can any one advise me on what the problem may be? thank you.
  • I have a 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe. The air conditioning works only intermittently. My regular mechanic replaced a faulty pressure relay switch but warned me that he didn't believe that would resolve the issue as during the diagnostic phase he noticed a current break somewhere near the control panel. I took the car to my local Hyundai dealer where they performed their own diagnostic test on the a/c and corresponding electric system, yet found found no problem. The dealer said they added a 1/4lb of freon and told me they were "confident they fixed the problem". Drove the car home with the a/c working, parked it for a couple of hours, got back in the car to go to the store and again the a/c stops working. The air blows cold for a bit then warm then back to cold. Any ideas? Anyone else having an issue with a/c?
  • randys42randys42 Posts: 5
    I have the same problem with my radio. It happens the most when the day is hot. The display may not work and station won't change but often when I'm listening to the radio, it switches to the CD player. I also get spurious characters on the display. The problem is getting worse. Now my gas gauge will suddenly go dead and drop to E and the fuel light comes on. Then it will go back to where it should be.

    It sounds like similar problem with slightly different symptoms. It doesn't show up in their diagnostics which makes no sense. It's probably just a bad board.
  • Probably a bad serpentine belt, one that has hardened over time. Not just a bad belt though, replace the belt tensioner too or the problem will come back in a short while.
  • Hi all,I bought a 2007 SF from USA and brought it here in Iraq,and since there are no dealerships in here so I am totally depending on u in this,a few days ago I noticed that my car stopped beeping the self check warning when I turn the switch to ON position(U know the routine self check before ignition)and also the AIRBAG light was on,is it related to the disappearance of the self test check beeping issue?what can I do about it?thanks for any help wish u can aid me in this :)
  • azrn222azrn222 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Santa Fe about a year ago it starting have problems where the A/C would start turning on and off repeatedly (always when the A/C was in the off position) and the clock and radio would also turn on and off and the temperature gauge would drop all the way down. After a few times of this happening, when the center console would go crazy it started acting like it was either losing power or not getting gas and would just die while driving or backing out of my driveway. I had it looked at and a code said there was a bad sensor. At that time there were 2 sensors that were replaced, a belt, temp. gauge, spark plugs and oil change. Did not fix the problem. Started getting worse, started jerking while I was driving and would just die (always when the center console goes crazy). Had it looked at 2 more times by 2 different shops no one could find the problem. Got to the point that it would only go 5 MPH. Different shop changed the fuel pump didn't help, changed the brain didn't help, change 2 cavalier converters now drives normal speed but the center console problems are still there and still acts like it is not getting power or gas and dies (again always when the center console goes crazy). I would like to say that I am a female who does not know anything about cars and so my terminology is really poor. Any advise would be great. I have already spent alot of money trying to get it fixed and at every shop I have asked that they check the wiring in the center console but they all assure me that is not the problem.
  • Definitely the alternator-dig deep
  • I have an 07 and had the same problem and it was a bad cell in the battery, I had it replaced and all is good. I know it's not an '11 model but something to think about.
  • lagetalageta Posts: 1
    having trouble with the dash/park/brake lights continuosly blowing the for a little while after replacing the fuse and then bang just goes again and again and again. Have had mechanic look over it time and time again with no real answer to fix the problem
  • seeingred5seeingred5 Posts: 1
    edited January 2013
    i have a 07 santa fe. when I hit the brakes i loose my headlights. when you have at work at 5 am that is not good. Does anyone have any solutions? I have replaced the altanator and that did no good. I still have the same problems.
    also my fuel gauge has not worked for 2 1/2 years. Have to figure miles as to not run out of gas. Can wiggle the battery cable and the fuel gauge works until you let go of it. have tightened as much as i can. my check engine light never goes off. it has been on for 2 years. Can't afford to take an almost new suv to the shop every time a dummy light comes on. I will never own another.
  • kreuzerkreuzer Posts: 117
    and have a couple of bulbs burned out on my heating/A/C control panel. How difficult is it to replace these? One bulb is needed for the temperature dial and the other is for the defrost button. Any help would be appreciated.
  • salt53salt53 Posts: 1
    History: The car started running rough then cleared up. I thought I might have got some bad gas or something. The car was sputtering and lurching and had hardly any power. No engine light came on. Ok, a few minutes later it cleared up. It happened again two days later, still no engine code.

    Two weeks later as my nephew was taking my niece's children to school the car starts doing it again. Then failed to start at all after he turned off the car. (This is after a new tank of gas is put in.) This time he pulled the car to the side of the road and called me. I have the car towed home. We get it off the tow truck and it runs just enough to get it into the driveway and dies, again with hardly any power. Engine light is on. I put the reader on it and it comes up with P0350. Bad primary or secondary coil. A few months prior to this event I got a misfire code on cylinder 3 so, I replaced both coils. (I figure its like headlights, one goes out, replace both).

    Here is a weird thing. While trying to start the engine. 5 second burst. I get no spark to the spark plugs. However, when we turn the power off the coils discharge to the closest ground sometimes the valve cover, sometimes to the spark plug. ???

    Actions to date:

    Tested the coils with ohm/volt meter. Both coils check out. the book calls for a resistance between 17-23K (thousand) ohms. Both coils are at 16.4 K ohms. Spark plug wires are positive for conductivity. New plugs.

    Replaced the crankshaft timing sensor and the positioning plate that is on the crankshaft. (the notch in the crankshaft positioning plate that fits over the woodruff key was so worn, that it was allowing the plate to rotate between 7 and 15 degrees and, was also flopping side to side so that it could possibly hit the sensor)
    Replaced timing belt
    had a mechanic come over and test the ignition pulse to the fuel injector
    Had the ECU repaired. They found a bad ignition pulse driver in the ECU.
    Put the ECU back into the car. Didn't need to re-flash the ECU because the pulse driver was all that was replaced.

    Ok, with all that done we checked the ignition timing again this time with the meter. I get a reading of 4.65 volts from the crankshaft and camshaft however, not at the same time. I was trying not to have to disassemble the car to verify that the initial repair was good. I was wondering shouldn't both the crankshaft and the camshaft be firing a signal at the same time? It appears to be about 45 degrees from the crankshaft to the camshaft pulses.

    I did the dls-assembly back down to the crankshaft again.
    Put the engine at TDC (Top Dead Center) found the front balance pulley timing was off by about 100 degrees (could this be causing no spark?).

    There are two camshaft timing marks (they are aligned to the valve cover markings) visual inspection of the cams confirm that they are in fact correct,
    There is a timing mark on the crankshaft positioning plate and there is 1 one the crankshaft. Both of those are aligned together with the timing mark on the block.
    The rear balance timing mark is correct to the block.

    Ok, with all that said I am about to re-assemble the engine. I put the front balance pulley on the timing mark. Re-did the belts. and just about to button this puppy back up. Did I miss anything? Or are there other actions I need to check? And does anyone happen to know why this may have initially started in the first place??
  • limagolflimagolf Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, my lights deam when I hit the brakes. It has been in the shop 5 times replacing battery, battery cables, altanator and things only got worse. I have no idea what to do. 2007 santa fe
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