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Toyota Avalon Extended Warranty Questions



  • I have purchased several extended warranties. The two below I have liked:

    1. "The Choice" - Grade: A. Paid for every expense I had on my Honda Civic (had a $2K transmission replacement - no hassles, some other minor stuff). They first quoted me $1,400, finally got it for $950. 800-839-7940

    2. Warranty Finance Company (or SPD). Grade: B. Honda Odyssey. Quoted me $1,900 - got it for $1,235. They have fixed my electrical problems (power windows), but NOT my LCD clock. (don't have the phone number handy at the moment)

    WARNING: You MUST meet all the "requirements" of any extended warranty - like changing your oil every 3 months or 3K miles (more than the car manual demands), KEEP all reciepts to prove your maintenance. If you miss an oil change (or standard 30K/60K/90K maintenance), you LOSE THE WARRANTY. And lastly - some of these plans are transferable, some are not.

    Suggestion: Join Consumer's Reports online. $12. They have LOTS of info. (NOT Consumer's Digest).
  • The warranties that you mention are third-party warranties and many have too many escape clauses for the issuer (insurance company) The manufacturer's warranty is more clear-cut and can be had for comparable costs to the ones you mentioned (or better) if you shop them. There are some references on this site. I bought an 8 year/75000 mile Toyota Platinum level warranty"> for my 2007 Avalon Limited for less than $700 from a Kansas based dealer. I verified its authenticity at my local dealer and it was exactly as represented. Good Luck</b :) :)
  • I just bought a 7 year/75k Toyota Platinum warranty from JR, @ Molle Toyota in Kansas City. Price was $655. He beat everybody else I called by $100.

    My local dealer wanted $1375 and told me thought that was a 'fair' price - what did I want to pay?

    I got quotes from the following (2007 Avalon Limited, with 33k miles)....

    6 yr-75k / 7 year-75k

    Andy Mohr Toyota
    Avon, IN

    Troy @ Toyota of Greenfield, MA

    Acton Toyota, Littleton, MA

    Crown Toyota, Lawrence, KS

    Molle Toyota, Kansas City

    Thanks JR!
  • Good for you! As I had indicated, you MUST shop for a good price on these warranties. My careless neighbor spent $2500 for a Gold level warranty on a Camry 7/75k. I had told him to return it and shop but he ignored my advice. Now he is kicking his own rear-end for his foolish ways. :)
  • nan48nan48 Posts: 350
    Is that Marietta GA. If so welcome neighbor.I am talking to a man in Kansas. I am thinking about buying an extended warranty from him. So your warranty is alright, no problems? Any additional information will help. Thanks,
  • djc1djc1 Posts: 13
    I need to purchase a Toyota backed extended warranty for my new Avalon. What Toyota dealer is giving the best deal. My dealer wanted too much money for an extended warranty.

  • popsavalonpopsavalon Posts: 231
    edited January 2011
    Dennis, just review the posts in this topic for the past 2-3 months for your answer. There are several dealerships out there who are giving very good prices on extended warranties. The Midwest Toyota Super store in Hutchison, Kansas, is where I bought mine. Ask for Jerry.
  • Jerry is good. All documentation arrived as promised at substantial savings.
  • There has been a lot of conversation on this board about Toyota extended warranties, good, bad, where to buy, etc.

    When I purchased my 2007 Avalon, my local dealer wanted over $1500 for an extended warranty, so I purchased my 7-75 warranty from the Midwest Toyota Super Store in Hutchison, Kansas for $604. And yes, I did deal with "Jerry".

    This past week the CD player died in my vehicle (48K miles). I took it to my local dealer and the radio/CD unit was replaced under the extended warranty at no charge. The Service Manager said it would have cost me around $1300 to replace the unit without the Toyota Platinum Warranty.

    I have always had my doubts about extended warranties, but with the complexity of today's vehicles, almost any repair will exceed the warranty cost.
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    Most consumer advocates still suggest the Extended Warranty on an otherwise dependable make of car is a waste of money, especially if you trade every three or four years as many owners end up doing. I have always agreed with that... but if you look at the newer models and all the electronics, my opinion is shifting a little. Even though no Honda, Toyota or Nissan we have ever owned would have used the warranty, one Nav screen failure, or a CD repair... there's your warranty money back, plus more, as you point out. If I were replacing my '07 Limited today with a '12 w/Nav... I would probably buy the EW, first time ever.....
  • nimiminimimi Posts: 249
    . . . except you couldn't buy a 2012 Avalon NOW because they have yet to start producing that model year!
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    edited October 2011
    True....but sooner or later.... And check out the latest Consumer Reports for a full analysis and comparison of the current Avalon to the Genesis and TL. Interesting reading, all are good cars... different, yes.... but the mag likes 'em all.
  • avalon2013avalon2013 Posts: 1
    edited November 2013

    I recently purchased 2013 avalon hybrid, is it worth to have extended warranty & care plus program?
  • finfin atlantaPosts: 588
    The popular answer is "no"... you have a good nameplate to begin, it will not have a covered failure within 100k miles. Consumer Reports says they are a waste of money and my extended family with many quality cars proves the magazine correct over the last 20 years. My three Avalons were all perfect, no warranty would have been worth the money.

    Now, if you really worry.. buy the peace of mind, enjoy life and the Avalon, no reason not to. But figure the price is money you will never see again. A lesser nameplate on the car may be a different story but Toyota and others such as Honda and Nissan are made to last a long time and be trouble free.

    The most likely trouble spot of the future for all cars, my opinion, will be electronics as these parts tend to fail due to time, not mileage. And every year there are more electronic controls than the year before. Some current models are similar to a small plane but without the reliability.... again, you have a personal choice here, do what you are comfortable with and enjoy !!
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